hi5 copying over facebook?

I visited my hi5 profile after about 10 days, and I was surprised to see another new feature added!

This time, hi5 had introduced Instant Messaging (Chat) on its pages, nice…

But, I am asking myself, how much more will hi5 copy the features added on facebook?

The 2 social networking web sites are fighting since the creation of facebook, which made hi5 lose a place in the ranking of social networking web sites.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Following the trend for success

Over the last months, many features have been introduced in Hi5, which were already on facebook.

As someone rightly said about reinventing the wheel, hi5 has gone in the same direction as facebook to keep its members.

Hi5 is not the only one, Facebook even sued a german company, which operated a web site 99% similar to facebook, except in color, which was pink instead of blue!

Common features

Some of the features which are present on both sites are :

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My last words…

I agree that hi5 was created first, and had a lot of success, but facebook has took over a bit fast… However, lots of people say (sometimes complain?) that facebook is a too additive…

Your views are welcomed!

6 thoughts on “hi5 copying over facebook?

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  1. It’s nothing new that social sites copy features so as to keep up with the competition… just like Emtel & Orange… LOL πŸ˜›

    Facebook addictive? Dunno.
    What I dislike about social networks is people having 2971 friends… 😦


  2. Well, I agree with carrotmadman, with the fact of having 2000+ friends but among them you might know only euh 100. Well even though you meet your “facebook” or “hi5” friends, that you are not familiar with, they will quite rarely extend their hand for friendship in reality.

    Bof, I heard many people complaining with the new Facebook Interface…


  3. Even i created a hi5 long ago.. its been ages since i’ve not checkd it… sincerely.. it was useless.. the main thing was “profile customization”.. and giving hot gurls hot comments.. lol.. pff.. waste of time.


  4. I created a hi5 account just to view the email of yusha before contacting her for the first time! Never used it else. Dnt even remember the username and password.

    Personally i think hi5 is for stupid teens!!! Sorry if i hurt any teen….i dnt care. its my opinion πŸ˜›


  5. @Kurt Avish: L’amour πŸ˜›

    @s4ndeep: I would like to add “HTML Customization” in hi5 profiles

    @riishii: The new interface lol, finally, everyone has got to accept it despite the number of groups against it.
    Completely true, some may seem friendly on internet, but in reality, you may fall upon another personality…

    @carrotmadman6: I have only 1,234 friends on facebook, and everyday I get on average 2-3 new friend requests, which I accept πŸ™‚
    Good way to promote my blog!
    All of them following web 2.0 trends


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