Nearly 20% price increase for Diesel !

The Automatic Pricing Mechanism had its meeting today to discuss the new prices for petroleum products which is calculated at a 3 months interval.

Bad, very bad for diesel-powered vehicle owners!

Lets the picture say everything!

Some months before, I also blogged about some illegal practices of filling stations of the island, which close up earlier that usual when the price of petroleums products have an increase…

Read more here…


Btw. the first guest article will be posted very soon…

I have already received it and will rework it so that to make it more interesting…

It will be about the Credit Crunch affecting America and its impact on Mauritius…

Dont worry, it will be more clear in the next post… Non technical stuff!

Thanks to Hans for taking some time to write about something which I was not even aware of!


Back to this article, how do you find the new price? 😛

Do you think that the APM should do this ‘pointage’ more often?

13 thoughts on “Nearly 20% price increase for Diesel !

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  1. Yay! The price of gas “essence” goes down…by not much but still.
    Funny thing is – if you want to stick to gas, there’s nothing much you can do to reduce your expenses aside from ranting. It’s fate.

    Shahs last blog post : Fat Boy Wasim Sings


  2. [re=25722]preetesh[/re]: bus pu gagne incentive depi govt.

    pa dakor, zot ine fer 1 lesprit ar diesel
    diesel kout pli bon marcher pu fer mo pa dakor li monter
    zot ine fer sa akose 1 tas dimoune ine shifter lor diesel
    mem loto peugeot ziska bmw diesel aster


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