Trade fairs in Mauritius

Yashvin is back again with a new post….

As usual, lets head toward Wikipedia for the definition :

A trade fair (or trade show) is an exhibition organised so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent trends and opportunities.

Among the different type of trade fairs in Mauritius, we have

  • Fairs (Expos) where innovative and new products are exposed to the public
    (btw. euh I think Infotech is supposed to be in this category)
  • Salon de la Maison, Salon du jardin etc etc…

But today’s post will concern the series of “Indian trade fair 2008, Pakistan trade fair 2008, magavaganza trade fair, xxx trade fair and blabla trade fair.

During the whole year, you can hear those different adverts which announce the trade fair X where products have just been imported from Country X and Containers of products have just arrived in Mauritius for the expo.

Wide Variety of products, garments etc will be on sale (at incredible prices?)


Very often, transport facilities are provided for instance from Port Louis or Rosehill, and I think that they are free…

Entrance Fee

However, entrance to some of the trade fairs are usually paying, usually under Rs25.

The most common practice

But however, in many of those fairs, where you would expect to see those advertised products from Country X, you would be surprised to see that those fairs are full with

  • “Marchands Ambulants” which have their own stands.
  • “Workshop “
    I have seen that in the past where in a Country X Trade Fair, I spotted a salesgirl selling garments and it happened that the same girl sells the same things in Workshop, Port Louis.
    btw, Workshop is a “shopping mall, lol” near Air Mauritius Building, PL.

Whats the F*?

Perhaps you haven’t realised it yet, but by going to some of those trade fairs, you are not just going to buy mauritian articles, BUT also paying an entrance fee to shop in a fair where you get exactly the same thing on the streets or “shopping malls’ of Port Louis…

megalol !

Despite this, I believe that those trade fairs will still be going strong as they are providing a way of encouraging social life where family members generally find this as a sort of entertainment.

A special note to one of my blog readers (Avishna):

Hey, I know I wrote about “Trade Fairs In Mauritius”, but it does not necessarily apply to every trade fair in the island.

And what about you?

Is this considered as a form of “publicité mensongère”?

Do you visit those trade fairs and perhaps you might share your experience…

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22 thoughts on “Trade fairs in Mauritius

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  1. “”A special note to one of my blog readers (Avishna):

    Hey, I know I wrote about “Trade Fairs In Mauritius”, but it does not necessarily apply to every trade fair in the island.””

    WLOL…yashvin is in blogging war with avishna?? 😀

    Else I dnt go to these fairs anymore…for me they are just a “operation netoiyage” de ban magazin la… they organise this and then “people who are still stupid” goes there…and woww “we will get goods from other countries there” – Just happy donkeys….and finally the end abt 2 weeks later is……..”eh guet sa marchand la li p van sa lartic ki nou ti aste dan fair la!!”

    bt the truth is that……its not the roadside saleman who has bought it at the fair to sell on the street…but instead you people bought smthng which you cna get on the street of port loui easily and cheaper.

    Kurt Avishs last blog post..Interview of Student Right – SU Elections 08


  2. At first, when the trade fairs were being organised at Mer Rouge, there were indeed international products & you could usually get some good deals there, especially on Indian products. 🙂

    But since the last 5 years, in each trade fair, you see the same old faces… 😛

    Ah, InfoTech sucks as well… should be renamed to C&C InfoTech. LOL 😀

    Btw, CommentLuv not working for me… It shows old posts for me… 😦

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Akamai caching websites in Mauritius!


  3. “A special note to one of my blog readers (Avishna):

    Hey, I know I wrote about “Trade Fairs In Mauritius”, but it does not necessarily apply to every trade fair in the island.”

    What the hell is happening..Every blogger is using disclaimers now..

    ^_^ pa ale dan trade fair mwa..acoz pou les raison ki ton dire..^_^

    Tushals last blog post..MyT! !


  4. @Tushal: lol, dont worry, its a friendly war between Avishna n myself.
    btw, despite we flame each other, we are very good friends, real i mean 😛

    @Carrot: Its strange :S
    Seems its only with you, koz tushal’s last post is correctly displayed, even Avish’s comments are ok.
    Got to look for the solution, koz I generally relies on the commentLuv and also to my rss feeds for latest post.
    Sometimes I am not able to check out the post when I get them into the rss since am at work, but as for the commentLuv, I see them everytime a new comment is added. More practical…and it also encourages bloggers to leave comments so that their links are displayed.

    Do you think its because of feedBurner?


  5. trade fair?! indian trade fair sipa koi enkor! i’ve got only two words to describe it – ‘ it sucks’.

    each year m parents gagn billet gratuit pou go n omg,it never changes. bon kpv ale fer 1 letour pou perdi imp letemp. selman narien pa changer. chak fw mem figir,mem articles. pffff. almost nothing imported.

    of course,pa p dir tou trade fairs la. m p pinpoint only ban soi disant indian ocean trade fair ki ena mostly goods frm mauritius mem. ban truc bazar or like u said yashvin,things frm workshop.


  6. The latest trade fair got publicity on TV news. Most of the products are on sale in regular shops or supermarkets so why would it especially interest members of the public. For example Sarjua had a stand there but you can get the products in supermarkets or at the special shop at Caudan Waterfront….. So why pay an entrance fee?? Unless they are giving away the products..


  7. [re=25650]amishi[/re]: haha, am happy that am not the only one gone to workshop, koz there are good things there!

    [re=25653]Tushal[/re]: grrr, mo pu dir askimet block to comments kidding lol!

    [re=25651]carrotmadman6[/re]: seems from ur last comment it doesnt work yet, thnks for the link, am going to update it right now…
    On croise les doights!

    [re=25654]Mike[/re]: lol! If they gave away free products, I would be going there everytime, like all mauritians of course 😛 haha

    After all, we are all mauritians!
    psst : except you mike but seems that you have been contaminated too!


  8. yashhhhhvinnnnnn! hahahaha. m pane buy narien dan workshop! hahahahahahaha. inever buy things there. mo koner kot li truver selman n ine deja fer letour laba! 😛 agree wid u selman,things pa mal there. enfin si to bizin kitchoz urgently in a good price. lol.


  9. @ kurt Avish

    there was never a war btw Yashvin n mi. infact am honnored that he mentioned me in his posts :$.

    ban trade fairs morice la ….. i wonder why they bother to organise this?? dan la rue port louis ena plis choix for cheap and unnecessary products.

    now ban fairs ki organise swami vivekananda la,its kinda ok infact c nice par eg salon de la maison ( si tu construit ta maison u get ideas) , infotech?? euh huh no comment.

    next trade fair mo croire c shoprite (ousa in fini ena, mo in blier) mai ntouka pu lanner sire pu ena trade fairs ki pu organise tous les semaines.

    tradefairly yours,

    Avishna 😀


  10. Most Trade Fairs are ripoffs !!!! While these trade fairs are advertised on Radios and/or TV, traders at these fairs DO NOT HESITATE to sell Pirated/Copied stuff (Pirated CDs/DVDs and Illegal copies of GARMENTS labelled with International brands). They sure get a very high percentage of profit in doing so.

    That’s Mauritius !!! No respect for laws… The authorities do not do a single thing to stop this…. I would prefer buy higher priced MAURITIAN products than ripoffs..


  11. At the beginning Trade Fairs really had foreigners selling their awesome unique goods…Then Mauritian merchants started to manifest saying the foreigners were stealing their clients..that they are running losses in theri business because of the trade fairs from foreigners…

    That is why nowadays it’s only Mauritians who are selling their goods at the same if not higher prices 😦

    You are right Yashvin, c publicité mensongère.!!!!

    Au fait slogan ti bizin:

    Trade fair bane marsant Moris ki pu vane zot bane l’article au nom de L’inde, Pakistan, la Chine Egypt etc…! Vine en foule pu ki bane ‘baize’ (sorry pour le language) bien bien meme! En plis pena discount narien! Pas blier ou gagne naver gratuit pu ale labas!

    Trade Fair XYZ Mer Rouge / Trianon / Game, c ene lokazion pou passe pu ‘couyon’ (again sorry pour le language)!

    Au fait si ou rate lokazion la, ou tjur kapav gagne bane l’article la dans tel magasin: X, Y, Z, ou soi dans la rue Port Louis….


  12. one very important thing i would like to point out! everytime theres is a tradefair! These #$%^&*() claim that its the FIRST to be organised!!!! yay!!! LE premier ozz a l’ile maurice!! and next month they say the same thing!! and on! and on!! pff… this really piss me off!! go and look for another line my friend!! how can it be The First to Be Organised in MRU everytime????? BULLSHIT!!


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