Orange Sitara, the final…

Back to blogging after one week lol, I was completely out of subject, and preferred to hibernate during that period…

Before going into the main topic of today, just a few pics….

Supporting Bruno Julie.

Here, at DCDM Consulting, some of us changed our wallpapers to support Bruno Julie, our first mauritian olympics medallist…
The management even gave us some mins to watch the match…

Shot on the highway…

A vehicle with a trail moving around to promote La Vache Qui Rit…

It was really original and pleasing to see…
Thnks for Dou for taking this pic while I was driving…

Orange Sitara, the Final…

So, first of all, I didnt really know that the final was going to be today, despite the numerous adverts that have surely been broadcasted on the tv, which I didnt have the ‘opportunity’ to watch since I was back from home very late these last days.

I didn’t even watch the semi finals, since I was busy partying in Trou Aux Biches.

I was out in Port Louis today, doing some shoppings and on reaching home at around 4pm, I switched the tv, and discovered Orange Sitara, to my surprise…

Some of you have perhaps noticed my status on msn 😛

I was just in time to listen to the speech of the assistant Director General of the MBC, i suppose lol.

An important phrase which I still remember was something like:

There are lots of criticism on MBC, and I am very happy to know that there are people who criticise what we do. Simply because, this shows that we are being watched by them.

I truly believe that he takes all criticism positively, and that very good indeed since this will ensure that we get the best on our national television.

I won’t be writing much, just some pics taken at different instances, and some comments of course.

The Stage…

Hats off!

For once, the team has been able to design and set up a very pleasing stage(at least, good progress compared to the previous stages) for this final.


From what I have seen, there has been 3 rounds for the participants:

  1. Participants sing something of their choice
  2. Participants sing on a title chosen by the producer, Amber Mossae
  3. The judges ask the participants to sing on a random title given by the judges themselves.


There were 3 hosts this time;

  1. Richard Des Chambeaux
  2. The girl who took the place of our dear sanjana, lol!
  3. Someone from India, both judge and host at the same time.

Judges Panel

The members of the Jury were professional ones…

I dont really know their names, but one of them was the director of Sahara Television, the other one sang for “Om Shanti Om” and the last one, who was also the host.

In the picture above, the “Om Shanti Om singer” was commenting on the performance of Artee Bheekarry, and even sang a part to show as example…

Thats great, unlike the Mauritian Jury who never sang to show how the singers should have performed! Shame!

Shakil Madani on stage…

This guy is simply great!

I am sure, loads of people appreciate his superb and original tv adverts!

He completely changed the atmosphere for the few mins he was on the stage.

He picked out some random persons from the audience and did a small drama of how boys should propose to girls and vice versa.


To all of the candidates who reached the final, Bravo!

They are good ya, but remember, what most of us have been criticising since the beginning of Orange Sitara is mostly about the organisation of the ‘dance and singing competition

The performance of Girish Hurloll was once more appreciated by everyone, including the jury.

The whole audience even stood up to applaud this gifted guy.

A few comments on the images…

What should be improved

  • You have surely experienced the horrible sound set up at the beginning of the show, did you?
    Could not the team test the sound before going live? It was only then that they were using trial and error to check which audio set up was nicer.
  • Some background music would be really nice next time
  • Move the candidates room nearer to the stage, it was really awful to wait for them each time their name was called, even the jury members did commented on the time they took to appear on the stage

And the winner is…

Before announcing the winner (on this blog), I did not watch the final completely but nevertheless I could hear everything from the tv set in the living room.

Sure, I wont be the only one to blog about this final, but lets hope there will be a few only lol.

However, you can visit the blog of my sister(Dakshinee) who wrote another related post about Orange Sitara, on which she did include a few pics of us “Behind the Scenes“.

ya lol, even my sister started her blog a few weeks ago.

L’example vient d’en haut 😛

Check our her blog now at

Lets come back to our post…

In fact, the winner will be all mauritians if the national television produces high quality competitions which have not been “copy-paste” from international competitions.

“Zouais”, “Expression”, “Bat sega”, “Ti mambo” are indeed good examples of such local programs that are indeed interesting.

On the other hand, we have “Orange Sitara”, “La chasse aux tresors” which are exact replicas of famous international competitions, with the mauritian touch!

Orange Sitara has succeeded in reaching all mauritians across the island, through the visits to colleges, market place, live performances on the streets, BUT did they really had to make use of their stupid adverts, stupid concepts of making musicians sing live. These are only a few, which have put this local competition to shame to loads of mauritians.

I really believe that Amber Mossae, the producer of this whole series of hindi dance and singing competition like “Orange Sitara”, “hum tum” etc should review his concepts he had been trying to introduce in Orange Sitara.

Be Original man!

Do change your studio design team!!! They are outdated!

And the winner is….

To be updated later on…

Rakesh Roy and Devina won the first place, tie between them lol!!!

At the third position, we have [pas p kone name la, but its the guy who won hum tum competition]

4th place : Artee Bheekarry

5th place : Moonien (i think)

Public sms voting : Nataraj

Updated on 31 August 2008 at 9pm…

Special thanks to Amishi for the names of the winner and different runner ups…

Btw, the show ended at around midnight, thus a total of 8-9hrs show!!!

I dont really rely on MBC since the final of “Hum Tum” started at about 3-4pm and ended at nearly midnight!!!

Again, Orange Sitara started at around 330pm, and its already 10pm.

Got to catch up some sleep, so I will be updating the name of the winner when I get up tomorrow 😀

Bye dear readers!

27 thoughts on “Orange Sitara, the final…

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  1. Even more dull & boring Final

    The phrase quoted above

    “There are lots of criticism on MBC, and I am very happy to know that there are people who criticise what we do. Simply because, this shows that we are being watched by them.”

    it will good if they are happy only when they will start taking criticism seriously by trying to improve. they are simply happy because people are watching the shows!!!!!.. p gette show apres p prend nissa et p fer bouffon r zot!!

    That’s what they are happy about??…..


  2. Wai penkr fini mem..ena so minuit ladan laa!!! Ban dimun la mari plein in plein saa..fran tou!! Ban participants la 19:00 fini sanT e minuit resultat…
    mo chagrin sa ban musicians la mw…mari faib banla in faib saa..sirtou sa boug ki sante mere humsafar la 😛 r so tabla lin bizin KO la!!! lol…


  3. sa 3eme judge la, seki ti p fer host en mem temp, li ti 1 participant pou saregamapa 2005, li ti p chant mari bien, but fate was not with him.
    Niladhri kikchose.

    Concernant Shakil Madani, koz mo in truv li dan ban concert, mem zistoire li fer, fer 1 garcon propose 1 tifi. Mem zafer li ti fer at triolet.

    enfin, talent ki compte…e l’amitier ki compte!!! lol

    nice post dude!


  4. LOL… 9h marathon-show! Didn’t watch it coz I was still at UOM. 😛

    They really need to do something to reduce the size… it waaaaayyyyy too long! & there are some people who seemed to have infinite talk! 😐

    Congrats to the winners & I think it’s the first time ever that there was a tie! At least we got to see an unfamiliar face winning the comp this time!

    The guest artists/judges were great – that’s how judges should be – not MBC’s Jury-on-mute-mode! 😀

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..Checking UOM results – how hard can it be?


  5. hi, nice post,
    lor télé, jamé mone guet orange sitara,
    parét boring,

    mo trouve to post lor orange sitara pli nissa,
    mbc ti bizin guet toi pou fair zot pub,

    to blog bien lively,
    n lot cou bizin pran yashvin com n consultant,

    u r 2 goooooood,
    to blog mari dréssé.
    kip it up!:-)


  6. Ti mari top sa dernier jalog laa…mn ressi geT 23.45-00:00!! 🙂

    li dir cki in sorti 2eme laa…sa mem Virasha dir lin perdi par 0.5pts akz lin slip lor n note! B si kuman dir li pa ti fair sa ti erreur laa…ti pu ena 3 winnersss!!!! loool….


  7. Fouff ala li ti longue la sa final la, mone plin atane ki sanla ki winner.
    sa bane dimunes ceki ti laba la couma ine kapav reste assizer tous sa temps la do?? ti coumancer 15.00 , ki lhr sa ine fini?
    mo ti croire mo pou guet Asthitva mais malchance 😦 Enplus ena ine vine faire bouffon deja so bane reclame ki li faire mem mari bom.

    Enfin mo esperé sa bane dimunes kine gagner la zot vraiment meriter.


  8. lolz, mo croir bien ine arrive lere pou mbc arrete copier tv shows cumsa now…we are mauritian’s, let’s be original na….Mo sire ena bocou dimoune ki pou daccord ek moi. Bizin faire kitchose pou mbc gagne msg la (pas pense avoye sms, zot censure most of the negative ones)

    Et 1 ti note apart, bane ki ti ecoute bane publiciter about orange sitara on tv, ti ena 1 singer named Dilip Ramphull. Li ti dir program la bien bon etc…well he really thinks the exact opposite of what he said (li habite dans mo chemin em sa) :p well wel…


  9. sinon,
    bijay madou n bon directeur,
    li n professionel,
    li conne dirige sa mbc là,

    hat’s off to bijaye madou!!

    n negativité r mbc,
    c l’info,
    li tro politisé,

    apar sa,
    tou corek dan mbc!!

    apres orange sitara,
    let’s hav an orange juice!!


  10. I was sick so i went to bed after work. Didnt even had time to see the scrap happening on tv. I only woke up to see the part abt shakil madani. He is great coz my mum decided to put on the volum at that time….grrrrrrrrrrrwwwwww

    Tn ena patience pu guet sa program la?? 🙂

    Anyway…. i guess buku dimoun kin asize pu guet sa in gagne closs lor f*ss lol….3hr a ……kilheur in fin??? 9:30 mo cone li pa tienkor fini…

    Avishs last blog – The Review


  11. matelot, program ca
    ena bez la
    son pas bon, micro pas bon, 8 a 9 hrs temp, plis qui f ilmfare award ca
    loi bon fin ena ene program pou ban jeunes chanteur
    ban la zot objectif cetait faire publique mauricienknow of the takeover from orange.
    tant qui pou ena ban tete brulee dan …………………., b ca eme qualite prog nu pu gagner.


  12. thanks for the updated information on the winners of orange sitara. i was in ebene supermarket when i saw this pub on finals of orange sitara. to conner cuma mo eter donc mo pane cav reste trankil ek in bizin open my mouth. the supermarket was crowded to the power of 10 and i said ” ehta kisanla manque plan pu guette sa connerie la lor television, 3/4 dimounes p fer shopping. apres tou si to guet sa to prefere etre dan 1 la foule ki guet sa ban buffonerie la.” les gens ki ti autour moi in tender ek 1 madame in mem dir moi ” a coz p gagne orange sitara lor tv mo in vine fer shopping”

    negative points i have noted while i watched for 30 mins:

    -same publicity 3 times
    -tro boucoup temps mort kot p dir ban chanteurs la degazer vine lor stage
    -TOO LONG MAN – 10 zenfants gagne les temps nés avant la fin sa epizode la fioufsssssssss
    -pena zolie dimoune!




  13. God, what a pompous blog!

    Couldnt comment at all on the singers, ya? I wonder why’s that… Maybe you aint got a clue about music? Probably. I guessed that when you called Girish Hurloll a -what?- oh ya, a “gifted guy”! You probably meant a “blind guy”.

    Orange Sitara was certainly abysmal (i dont need to elaborate on that, you’ve already done it!) But you amazingly failed to mention how very good both winners were. Rakesh Roy Jhurry and Devina Baboobudjnauth are two excellent singers and should not be overlooked just because they happen to be too good to be in this contest! Hell, they could TEACH the so-called mentors!!

    So next time you blog about something, try to be a little more objective! But that doesnt mean you have to stick your head in the sand and refuse to budge, right? Dont criticise for the sake of criticising, is all i want to say.

    Cheers, Anikka!


  14. Rakesh Roy and Devina won the first place, tie between them lol!!!

    At the third position, we have [pas p kone name la, but its the guy who won hum tum competition]

    4th place : Artee Bheekarry

    5th place : Moonien (i think)

    Public sms voting : Nataraj
    Tn rate Virasha ladan!! Li fair 2nd! To gagne 2 winners e Virasha 2nd..lerla 3eme Ramdoo! 5eme la c Mooneram…


  15. @Anikka: Dear Anikka…

    You mentioned the following:
    Couldnt comment at all on the singers..[…]But you amazingly failed to mention how very good both winners were

    Perhaps you havent noticed the following line into my post, i quote:
    To all of the candidates who reached the final, Bravo!

    They are good ya, but remember, what most of us have been criticising since the beginning of Orange Sitara is mostly about the organisation of the ‘dance and singing competition

    Perhaps we have a misunderstanding here….
    People dont really blame or criticize the candidates, but instead, its at the organisation and concepts introduced in Orange Sitara that we see lacks and flaws…

    By “the gifted guy”, I didnt meant blind, despite he being one and a very good singer at the same time… You took it as blind.

    And just to point out: I didnt watch it completely, I was to bed at 10pm lol!

    I do appreciate your comment and opinion, just like all others left here on this blog.
    Have a nice day.



  16. Dear All,

    One crucial and fundamental thing that i have not heard any media talk of – even your blog Yashvin! THE PRIZE! We only saw them receiving envelopes… How about the prizes? What did they win? How much ORANGES they got?

    Surprisingly, Adi was completely forgotten during the whole program. and even the brand Orange as well. No one received their ORANGE PACKED GIFT (Mobile, etc)….

    The decor: It was just crap. It didnt have the futuristic traits of the MBC Studio…




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