Orange Sitara, the final…

The final of Orange Sitara is here! So, first of all, I didnt really know that the final was going to be today, despite the numerous adverts that have surely been broadcasted on the tv, which I didnt have the 'opportunity' to watch since I was back from home very late these last days.

MBC again & me cooking :-) lol

The National Television is again in my post, they don't even care for their image, be it in their home-made productions and even in their day to day broadcasts on the different channels. They give the impression that there is no one who ensures a quality service or review what they put live. A simple... Continue Reading →

TNT : Ki serti???

Voila ene grand mot ki ti comme-ci l'evolution ki siecle, ou plutot, our dear national broadcasting corporation made it appear as such. TNT, more than 1 year back, it was like if a gift(euh appx rs2000) sent from heaven but now am sure, many of us have strong desire to throw this away, at the... Continue Reading →

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