Risk your life while stepping onto Pedestrial Crossings

Today, I will be blogging about “La gentillesse des chauffards” near Pedestrian Crossings and the dangerous spot in front of  Champs de Mars…

Did it ever happened to you that no driver stops their vehicle to allow you to cross the road on a pedestrian crossing???

Some of them ignore you even if you have already started to walk on the crossing…

Although it is one of the first things you learn in a driving school, it is very common to see many drivers do not respect the pedestrians, some of them even speed up when seeing people waiting at pedestrian crossings, in fear that they might be late by some seconds…

Its important to add here that, this is a breach to the law and a police officer can fine you if you dont stop at those pedestrian crossings…

LOL! Police officers!

Consider this particular spot in Port Louis, the Square Sir Edouard Nairac, at the entrance of Champ De Mars…

Its known as an “All way stop” (BIG thanks to my colleague Bernard for this word),

An all-way stop is an intersection system used […], where traffic approaching it from all directions is required to stop before proceeding through the intersection. Such intersections are most often found in the form of a 4-way stop, […]

A motorist approaching an all-way stop is always required to come to a full stop. After a full-stop has been made, all vehicles present at any point of the intersection have the right-of-way to proceed through the intersection in the order they have reached the intersection; if two or more vehicles arrive at the same time the driver on the left yields to the driver on the righ

For those who regularly go to bet for races at Champs De Mars, they might tell you how dangerous this particular spot can be… especially with the presence of a pre-primary school + another primary school, just at 10metres from this point…

Trying to cross the road at the pedestrian crossings can be “un parcours du combattant”.

You can only rely on responsible drivers who will stop their vehicles and allow you to cross the road safely…

Hundreds of children use those 3 pedestrian crossings daily, and still, NO POLICE OFFICER or ANY TRAFFIC LIGHTS to coordinate the flow of vehicles… A vehicle might have stopped to allow you cross the road, but at anytime, you can see another one coming from the opposite direction!!!

Its a real shame for the authorities if they haven’t done anything yet to care for the safety of the pedestrians.

Just take a look at those pics below, some of them are self explanatory.

On the 2nd picture:

The ‘tractor’ is in the middle of the intersection, the white van is turning to its left, the 4×4 is turning to its right, where is the sense of PRIORITY???

Some irresponsible drivers…

What would it cost for the authorities (Police and Municipality) to put a police officer on that intersection during peak times where the small children go to school, and leave for their house???

What about installing traffic lights??? It is that costly for this strategic point???
I am sure that thousands of vehicles must be passing this point everyday.

Lets hope that the above authorities will not simply place some speed breakers (humps)  just like in various places where someone gets killed on a particular spot…

Any comments on your behalf???

19 thoughts on “Risk your life while stepping onto Pedestrial Crossings

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  1. hahaha..mwa mo ti pe ale blog lor transport 2d..mais mo ena pou complete a some hmwrk first..mais pe trouver ki pou bsn postpone my blogging for 2 more days..

    well well yash.lor sa last line la..LOL..wai vrai sa..comment ena 1 accident.ala la..banla met humps lor chemin! to koner..ena sm authorities ki lazy..zot ena nek pou get their lazy arse off their chair and do their job correctly..

    eh..to envi gete racing?everyD ena sa lor chemin entre bus 21 goodlands ek 227 goodlands..time c environ 13.15 a 13.30..both bus mit at ssrn hospital..ek le course larguer..

    sois..prnd bus at morcellement en direction ssrn hospital..bus la faire plis ki 90km/h! ! !si to in asist dan bord..si to pa traP..to tomber..

    crossing..pa bsn ale loin..{sauf dan la ville}quan to lor crossing..90% machine ki paC pa aret..pli vilain..si 1 bus pe vini..ek twa to in arive half way..bus la faire beeep beeep..ek to obliger run pou ale lor other side.else to mort enplace! !

    mais comment toujour..its useless to wait for the authorities to react..


  2. @ Tushal
    taa, 2nd day uni em tne fini commence gagne dvoir?
    aftr 1week pa pu truv to boute toa sitn to pu busy 😛

    yaps…damn true…bn chauffeurs la irresponsables!!
    zot pa meme respectE code de la route despite tusa bn communikE ki paC on tv e radio….


  3. True. I blame drivers for they sure don’t know how to abide to the rules. Today, an a$$hole almost crashed into my brand new car. The guy saw me coming, and yet he didn’t stop before the white line! WTF?! His side lights were not even turned on. Arrggh!!!!

    Police officers should be stationed there. However, a yearly review of driving licenses is in order for every holder of a driving license, on the island.


  4. Moi, pli responsible ki moi pena sa, enkor kan mo dan my own car, mo gagne zurer r ban drivers behind me akoz mem si pena dimun lor cross here, mo ralenti tultan akoz moi mo esperer tiabon ena dimun pu cross…

    b moi mo fer sa just pour la courtoisie e mo fer sa enkor plis, si ban kolege tifi in fek fini….

    sa c moi 😛


  5. Pa fin éna la mort dan sa sectèr la samem li enkor pareil.. Banla pu fer le necessaire du moment ki ène dimun pu perdi so lavi laba..

    Par contre si zot get la haut cot la poste coline moneron.. Laba fin éna la mort é dé suite zot in met hump.. La osi enkor éna accident mem..

    Alors problème la pa vine lor dos d’âne, robot, etc sa… Si tou chauffeurs vin responsables, pa pu éna problème!

    Mé malheureusement, dan maurice.. La police mem p boire p conduire.. é alors ki Mbc p fer campagne pu conscientise dimun pu respecté code de la route, so prop employé(haut cadre) pa fin respecté code de la route ek p conduire en état d’ivresse.. D’où vient l’exemple?

    Alors c vraiment ène perte de temps pu al koz lor sa ban zafer la.. Mo pensé municipalité Port Louis in bizin fini gayn ène request pu fer met robot la ba.. Apré tou ki sa pu changé si enkor éna chauffards?


  6. Gotta say Mauritian traffic is pretty chaos 🙂

    I feared for my life when I was walking around the streets, but even moreso when I was driving 😀 But after a few days I somehow managed to find order in the chaos (managed to drive over 800km there without crashing the car…).

    Also many local drivers made maniac passings in dangerous places where you couldn’t see at all if there’s car coming the other line or not and also speed limits didn’t seem to have any effect on local drivers.


  7. hey au fait hier eme mwa ek Avish ti p traverse lor crosiing meme reduit ca .. kot la bank mcb … au fait pas ti ena aukun loto .. avish ti devant mwa pu traverser .. un couyon dans so loto pas conner kuma vin devant nu .. he stoped lor crossing la eme … Avish and I waited we thought he was goin to ask for an information …

    Imbecile la .. li dire avish lot kan traverser get 2 koter chemin … au fait li ki ti bisin areter kan line trouver nu p traverser..

    yushas last blog post..My lost purse again


  8. And yea moi i was so busy looking at yusha…(she tro top hier 🙂 ) that i even forgot to reply that sh*t of driver as I SHOULD HAVE replied ….

    C vrai sa ena dimoun zot coment dir zako in gagne banane zingeli kan zot dan zot loto….zot pense jamai zot pou marcher zot! And I feel so relieve when sometime i heard that some careless drivers or arrogant or drunk drivers got SMASHED up in an accident ar colon electrik!!

    Avishs last blog post..Nomad Engineers = Nomadic Useless!!!


  9. ive been to china
    and now am in madagascar
    mauritian roads are SAFE!!! seki to p trouver la ici ek dans la chine li ti boucou boucou boucou pire
    mais still mo pou daccord r toi ki municipalite bizin fr smtg abt it
    mo penser
    maurice si dans kelke temps ban chemine pou ressembler ban chemin dans mada ou la chine..tank ki pwena plus vehicle..li pou inevitable..
    dude ene zour to tass dans embouteillage ici ou la chine
    toi pou trouve ban embouteillage dans maurice very relaxing
    ici kan to condire..to ena ene mari stress lor toi
    si to pena soffer to pou fini par vinn fou o volant..


  10. Yashvin,

    You just seen the tip of the iceberg. A very small/negligible percentage of mauritian drivers who show civism and abide to road legislations.

    I think there’s a problem with both Mauritian drivers and Mauritian authorities who fail to stop/reprimand the drivers.


    While we pay taxes of all kinds on our cars, the authorities never improve our road infrastructures, let alone repair them. How many times in a year do we have to do car revisions (on wheels, suspensions, broken exhaust pipes) because the state of most of our roads are far below the basics. We’re just paying taxes to pay the salaries our elected politicians. Period.

    Though you may feel I’m talking off -topic, mind you .. we need a minimum level of service from the state. If the government vote for the introduction of CCTV in key places (near schools and on high ways), they sure will get a massive count of law infringement and get Return On Investment (ROI) very rapidly.

    All we need is will power (and also non-corrupted and truly democrat politicians)

    2. It is proved that fines work (when of course, they are applied frequently). The case of non-civilized Mauritian drivers will drop drastically with more severe, applied and sustained laws.

    I am not relieved at all that drivers in China or in Madagascar are worst than us, I’ve been on some roads in South Africa and Botswana where drivers (on average) would easily put us to shame. They showed so much “civism”. No need to talk about Drivers (I’ve seen in some places in Europe) who systematically stop every time there’s a pedestrian anywhere near a zebra crossing.

    As people on this blog rightly said, Road humps are NOT a solution. They cost the state Rs20,000 per installation and rarely achieve their purpose. I don’t know who they came up with such an amount but it was published once on 5-plus some years ago. I will try to find that newspaper again. Moreoever Road Humps are most of the time not according to standards. They differ in size and shape a bit everywhere. Everybody’s think of Palma road right?
    I’ve seen for some time that some people do not care about road humps.. i think they don’t even care about their car.. so why should they care about you…us.. Some guys just drive at high speeds on these humps.. even if their cars systematically scratches the latter.

    That was my 50 cents… even if it was sooo long…



  11. Eyy…vrai sa!! Morice so banes chemin p vine dangereux!! Et avec sa banes chauffeurs ki pren zot pour d as o volant!! Kot mwa ena ene pedestrian crossing [Fek meter]… Never..NeVeR once ene chauffeur ine deja stop pu laiss nu traverC..o contraire!! Zot encoler!! zot tromper!! Banes bus la surtout!!



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