Trou aux Biches BBQ Party + Rakhi

BBQ Party

Yesterday, we had a Farewell BBQ Party @ Trou aux Biches, organised by Ingrid (Reunionaise) & Floria (Française), who were both working at DCDM Consulting as trainees for the last months. Since they will be flying away, they held this party, supported by the Underground Committee, comme dab koi 😛

About 30 DCDMCians managed to be present for this event which ended early in the morning, dont know the exact end time, since I got back home at 2am, tired & sleepy!

Au menu pour la soirée, we had a great BBQ by our chef cuisinier Krishna, a live classical concert by the friends of Floria & Om(sitting on the floor with his guitar) and a big dance party, with myself on the mix.

Unfortunately, I would be getting the high definition pics later on Monday, so for now, these are the few ones shot with my mobile…

More pics coming later on facebook…

Great time indeed!

Raksha Bandhan

Today, the hindu community will be celebrating the Raksha Bhandhan (aka Rakhi).

Raksha Bandhan (the bond of protection in Hindi) is a Hindu festival, which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters.

Later on today, Varsha, Neha & Deepa will be tying a rakhi, or holy thread and in return, I (The elder brother) will have to offer a gift(or money?) to each of them and vows to look after them.

Thats all for today, catch u later…

lol, its already 1030am & haven’t took my bath yet nor brushed my teeth!!!

4 thoughts on “Trou aux Biches BBQ Party + Rakhi

Add yours

  1. ELooo baya
    kan mne truv sa lerla mne dir mo pu send tw li…

    You are so cute,
    and adorable..
    Can’t help
    forming a
    relationship with you…
    Accept me
    As your
    Dearest and
    Sweetest Behna
    Happy Raksha Bandhan 😛


  2. I wish ki rakhi vin tou les jours lol 😛
    tro bon sa…kumsa bhai in gat nu azrdi…
    hehe mo pu glaC avk mo new tihings 😀


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