Our PM dancing a sega at Le Morne

Note : This post is not meant to be funny, but just to show that, our Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam, is a mauritian just like any of us, and he did not hesitate to dance a sega live, at Le Morne during a cultural show following the inclusion of Le Morne in the UNESCO World Heritage List..

Read the official communique from the Govt Online Portal on the incusion of Le Morne…
This is the 2nd site of Mauritius in this list, the first being the Aappravasi Ghat, Port Louis…

To celebrate this ‘victory’ of Mauritius, a show was organised today (10th August 2008), which started by an official ceremony, followed by the show, hosted by Linzy Bacbotte.

At one instance, the prime minister was getting ready to leave Le Morne, and Linzy Bacbotte said:

“Hey monsieur premier ministre, kotte ou p aller?”

lol, she got down from the stage, ran towards the prime minister with her mike!

She kindy asked the prime minister to dance a sega, after which the Prime Minister, the Minister of Arts and Culture Mahen Gowreesoo, the Chairperson of the “Le Morne Trust Fund” and herself went back to the stage where all of them danced on a sega, sang live by Serge Lebrasse…

I dont think that you will be able to view this part of the event on the national television MBC, so, just in case, here is it, recorded with my mobile…(and with comments from mum, sister who didnt know that i was shooting that video)

Any ridiculous comments will be deleted… Thanks…

35 thoughts on “Our PM dancing a sega at Le Morne

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  1. Hmm, like you said mate, there is nothing wrong in it! If you are political figure doesn’t mean that you can’t dance the sega!


  2. yo frero to ena raison, li ossi 1 mauritian, li ena so droit danC kuma e kot li eter.

    pou so l’age li dance mari seryer selma.

    mais surement l’opposition pou luargue 1 rumeur lor so dance, comme macarena.

    enfin, trouV kuma li adore Linzy avek sa bizou la do lol

    ofe li mem li fine laisse nou television nationale projet so dance, which mean, he doesnt care what others gona say.


  3. [re=23329]Yashvin[/re]:

    wats wiv the free speech then..

    *%&$(£ u still blinded by it all

    and btw, if its just you and your friends opinions that get published, there’s no point to ur blogs

    respect and allow all replies young dude, be mature


  4. @Phwool: Dear, I mentioned that part to keep off some trolls from leaving any stupid messages…

    This would not affect those who write responsibly, with a valid name n email address, unlike others who invent name, email address and offending, silly words…
    Moderation of comments is indeed very important, u cant allow all replies…

    Thnks for pointing this out dude…


  5. mo ti conner to poo blog lor sa.. mo dire less mo fer ene letour lor to blog lol

    ouais nu premier minis mari conne danse sega 😛

    Eski in deja arriver dans le passer sa?? ene premier minis danser kumsa en publik?


  6. @cybermate: hehe, merci pu to visite alors… na mo pas croire ki ti ena sa avant, c ene premiere a maurice lol…

    @M : LOL! trop bon sane la, na pas tracas, mo pas ti pu considere sa as ridiculous 😛


  7. jt – I see no trouble with the way that the PM runs the island. At least we are better off when Paulo was around. 🙂

    yashvin – Navin is not the first Head of the Nation to dance in public.

    Nice post 😉


  8. hmm.. caC navin 😛 prend conte nou PM cool netz 🙂

    okie ene ti question.. le morne ine rentre dan UNESCO World Heritage List.

    mais mo pas tro conNE kiete sa.. eski ena kit avantage pou morice ?? really mo pas pe critik narnien.. mo ziste envi connE kiete sa 😛


  9. the prime minister can dance a sega yaar ..
    what if he is a political figure ..
    but our country still going on the wrong track!


  10. Haaaaaah I get you mate..
    gud job..

    I fink Nav dunt care anymore coz he too old to care now, he got everything outta life, he’s just gonna enjoy frm now on, despite wat others fink of him

    Afta all, he got wat he wanted.

    But hey, for his age, he dances much betta than old me… guess all those late night parties paid off….


  11. @Ashvin : lol, thnks… btw, not the first head to dance? does someone knows who else did dance earlier? In mauritius i mean…

    @Vicks : Euh, wi c bien zoli line rente dans la liste la, but i think c ene lhonneur pu morice ena so bane sites dans ene la liste internationale…
    ene zour kant to pu etabli dehors, to bane zenfants pu cpv lire dans zotte livre histoire, ki dans ile maurice ti ena site le morne and appravasi ghaat…


  12. Mo tir sapo r Navin Chandra Ramgoolam!!! Ene mari premiere sa, surtout en public (enfin apart Makarena). Pa ti pu atann ki Navin pu kass sa lerein la, ek mett 1 sapo lapaye, b mari seryer

    Bizin tir sapo r yashvin si, akoz mo croir bien 1 sel dimune dan moris ine filmer sa extrait la


  13. Bon korek.. Navin fin bien dançé, rien à dire, c pa ène premier fois parski li ti déza dance Macarena en 1997.. but what about Gowressoo?? Li osi li ti dançé.. Personne pan koz lor li? Pa bon zot ignore boug la.. LOL haha..


  14. Dear All,

    seeing a PM dancing is certainly now wrong. You just have to know that this forms part of Political Communication. In other words, Politicians imitate the popular culture in order to get these people to trust in his act and behaviour and to adopt his as one of theirs….

    Best Regards



  15. @yumn: Could you please give us some more information about this please? I am sure, u got more to say as a comms student…isnt it?
    So, was it something like illegal for what he did on the stage or was it only ethically incorrect?

    Thnks in advance…


  16. La démagogie (du grec demos « le peuple » et ago : « conduire ») est une notion politique et rhétorique désignant l’art de mener le peuple en s’attirant ses faveurs, notamment en utilisant un discours simpliste, occultant les nuances, utilisant son charisme et dénaturant la vérité…:D


  17. Well friends,
    I think this post was not about the country or watever… It was just about the dance of the PM at Le Morne… so i think u better talk about that… Coz the country and the government is another issue… So just do not try to change the direction of the post… 🙂

    #€|!0$s last blog post..Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


  18. It was funny. Hey, he is way better @ dancing sega than most Mauritians.
    I watched the show and was impressed by Linzy – she truly made the show more lively. Kudos to her.

    Regardless of whether or not it’s part of a scheme (so says the common crowd) to fool Mauritians (whateverrrr), I for one, enjoyed the show.

    @ Mel- did you enjoy the olympics ceremony? you sure did shut the frak up about tibet while watching, right? Le Morne show was entertaining and people enjoyed it. Shut the frak up about “pays couler etc.”

    Shahs last blog post..Contestants for Miss Mauritius 2K8


  19. bloody helllll lolllll i know i know am not meant to be laughing la mais uhum yashvin to clip la ine destress moi net lollll given that i have exams demain matin 😛 anyways navin dans la life net hihihihhihi


  20. @joyshan: Thks dude!

    I am happy to see that everyone here has enjoyed the clip and i got none (practically) comments to moderate or delete 😛
    Thnks to all!


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