Nomad wants to meet me, again…

Unexpected call !

In the evening today, i got a call from Nomad from Mr A.V.First of all he presented himself as the person in charge of communications and said that he wanted to discuss about the articles on my blog related to Nomad…

He politely stated that I had the rights to express my views on Nomad since we live in a democracy but however Nomad has improved a lot, especially since the advert “New Improved Nomad”.

Together with the marketing manager, he wanted to meet me so that they can discuss about the issues related to Nomad.

A year ago(April 2007), I had another meeting with the Nomad director of that time.

He was very friendly and we discussed about the issues i reported. The outcome was positive as he had well exposed the problems his company faced. Lets hope that this time, the result of this meeting will be beneficial for all of the users of nomad….
[Read more here]

I totally agreed with this meeting with Nomad since it would be a nice opportunity for them

  1. To show that their product has improved a lot.
  2. To move forward the factors which did not enable them to provide such a ‘better service’ earlier.
  3. To show their progress in this field
  4. To explain how they manage to give a ‘better service’ now
  5. & perhaps to conduct a survey to see if really, they have reached the expectation of their customers and why do they STILL have unhappy users, looking for a platform to discuss.

It is important to note that my blog is such a platform which allows users to express their views, bad/good experience and unhappiness regarding to their subscription to this product.

Nomad has definitely been and is still an advantage to many users, specially students who can’t yet afford an adsl/high reliable internet connection at their place.

But the questions that we must ask ourselves:

Does paying less means that we have to encounter speed/connection problems,billing issues, among others?

As told to me by Mr A.V, it may be true that Nomad has really changed, but why do people still complain about their speed/connection problems?

Any specific questions/issues you want be to discuss with them on your behalf?

Hoping that this meeting will be able to move things a bit and clearing up issues that has been solved meanwhile, and why not study the particular cases of the subscribers?

53 thoughts on “Nomad wants to meet me, again…

Add yours

  1. Ask him why it took me nearly 5 minutes to load this very page.
    Ask him why my bandwidth is right now below 1KBps even though I have subscribed to a 128kbps connection?
    Ask him why should I login each time to connect? Why should customers take an extra step to connect to the network, why not keep it simple?
    Ask him why kiddies on IRC get to reveal my name and address from my IP address? What about privacy policy?
    Ask him why is it so difficult to get support when there is a breakdown?

    Nomad improved but that was a few months back but now it sucks! It sucks bigtime!

    Why not deliver what people pay you for? I had big expectations with the then called network plus but it ended as a flop. Nomad is no exception. Sad but true.


  2. Hey that’s a nice opportunity for the users to suggest good ways to improve the nomad service. Keep us updated… And do give us a report about the meeting… 🙂


  3. Ask them why
    (1) Their phone line is still not free;
    (2) Why do they put that jingle everytime (If they cannot answer, just leave the damn phone, there’s no need to put that jingle and let the cusatomer pay for it),
    (3)Why do they reset connection everytime (Now we have to login everytime and connection gets reset evey two hours, can’t download);
    (4) Torrent still does not work;


  4. Heh non mwa am positive using nomad,am satisfied with my 64 kbps rabbit modem..i agree i dont use it for big file download, i prefer do it elsewhere. Earlier, there were some problems but now i find the service ok. I admit at times i get slower connection, but there are also times i get much higher connection((71kbps))…so i got nothing to complain about nomad. If you are to choose for a 24h, 7/7 connection at the cheapest price..NOMAD is the best for that…no matter how much you people gonna criticize… (n)


  5. I think ALL users want the login system to be removed… 😎

    Otherwise, you can tell him that… Orange sucks as well. 😛

    Your mob pumps out the radiation as well! LOL 😉


  6. @ Varun
    You are getting 71kbps with a 64kbps connection???? I have been getting 13bytes per sec with a 128kbps connection…
    Something is wrong here..


  7. Whatever happens, I have bad memories of nomad..and there is no way I will return to that.Anyway,Varun you’re the only person who told me that he loves his nomad connection..*-)*-)


  8. @ carrotmadman

    I know that my mobile pumps out radiation as well.

    Nomad has a greater power level and it stays to the max power level as long as it is on.

    Elsewhere in the world, people have protested against installation of wimax networks(malaysia).

    What I want to say is that they should provide guidelines and safety warnings about the use of it (navini does it…but u have to check the website).

    Any nomad is a bit better just becoz many people have quit. If all of them take nomad again…then I’ll see how improved the shit is.

    And for this login crap…its time for them to remove it.

    U can’t stay 24/7 online if the login crap disconnects you.

    Nomad is not a cheap solution if you use it as a single user (U need to consider the calls u make to there crap customer service…they always put you on hold for at least 5 min).

    If noamd was not present, all ADSL prices would have gone down…they objected to price reduction (Why didn’t they reduce their prices?)


  9. Varun,

    I spot some exaggeration in your comment.

    I can’t understand HOW ON EARTH 71kbps instead of 64kbps be considered as MUCH HIGHER connection.

    That’s… lol.. 7 KILOBITS more.


  10. To Lash,
    1stly u got a nice name!
    Hmm…it was the last test i performed which gave me that result!..

    I think if you guys got problem, check all sources of problems possible..even your AC current connection and all that..smallest things count a lot for the best nomad connection… well that’s the best you can get for such a price!

    I got many bad memories of Nomad…but that was in the past..zoure zot ene geT problem solved!


  11. lol
    si avek myt nu ti p deja gaigne problem, ki fer zone choose nomad?????

    aster mo gaigne zafer nek avek zoranze.. mem ki hier internet ti down vers les 10.30 pm parla.. ek pas dire zot.. customer care pas exister sa ler la lol. hehe


  12. well when i was using nomad, the only spot where i could get 15kbps was in my toilet because it was in line of sight with the emission center. So i tried a balloon and when it goes higher than 110 metres off the surface of the earth, i dont get at all. otherwise at around 50-60 metres off the surface, i got my highest speed, 74 kbps!!!

    problem kan cyclone etc, bizin amene li enbas. Alors pou banne saki p rode ene bon connection ek LOIN ek sa radiation la, install li lor ene pied coco/palmist. Pas pied mangue akoze li trop touffer ek feuillages. L’idee c’est mette li en hauteur kot pena nanrien barre so line of sight.

    Garantie gagne bon signal. Yashvin koner li, li temoin. Mais akoze problem mousse jaune etc, mo ti bizin fixer li lor toit lakaz 2 letages lahaut. Mais lerla, sans problem! p koze par experience la… lol


  13. pou speed pas bizin dire nanier li encore embas 3KBps

    En May 1 bouge in telephone li dire li pou avoye 1 technician ou bien li meme ti pou vini fini arrive 26 june pas trouve li

    Aster mone aret telephone cc trop boucoup cas aller ek connection dans baize meme fini 3 mois pas encore paye nomad. pas pou payer aussi tanque connection pas vine bon

    la infotech pe vini la. Nomad couma toujour pou faire fausse pub lor so lapin

    mone coumance note mo bane problems

    cannot communicate with dns server

    22 may thursday 8:00 am customer cannot be found

    31 may 8:15 pm server cannot be found

    4 june 4:41 pm
    NAS Rejected The Request. Reason – IP Pool is not properly configured

    05 june 7.56 am
    bts 21 not found- modem reset to bts 252, 201
    ip changed to

    05 june getting connection timed out for all sites

    6 june get bts 21, ip return back:

    07 june connection resetting – cannot find server. Must reset modem to obtain connection again

    10 june 2:05 pm
    server not found bts 21 dead

    ip change to

    got 3 gateway at the same time

    19 june 7:00 am
    server not found

    21 june 1:51 pm
    connection timed out

    22 june 20:41
    connection timed out

    23 june 9:50 am
    connection timed out

    25 june 8:00 pm
    request rejected when login


  14. @h–>you’re taking the same steps as me..When I had nomad, I had log books of every single error that I received.I think that I should forward Yashwin a copy of those logs.Nomad is aware of that log book.That helped me to cancel my contract with nomad without facing any difficulties.
    Always keep track of your errors and difficulties with nomad.:):)..Later on I will post a small small bit of my log.


  15. Yep, a friend of mine gets around 80-90kbps with his 64kbps connection… 😮
    No putting on trees btw… I guess he lives right under the antenna! 😛

    Except that when he’s mass-downloading, they start to cap him! 😀


  16. During the day my speed as well as for a friend starts to decrease.Below 150kbps:|:|we both have +15gb of data usage for this month..After midnight the speed is above 290kbps! !*-)*-)strange

    Talking about myT 256kbps.

    Mass downloading with nomad?:o…5gb?LoL


  17. @Tushal

    Non, 100mb mem… my friend “tries” to download 24/24.. but obviously with a 64k Nomad connection, it doesn’t take long to become mad! 😛

    I’ve done 19GB this month with my 128k! I’m trying to max out before they FUP me! 😉

    The only problem with my connection is at night (6pm-11pm). My browsing speed is like 64kbps!!! Thank god, there are download managers! :S


  18. I was using nomad before I could afford a connection with MT.
    Just before I get my nomad removed, there were some days I needed to log in.

    I did not know the reason for this log in system but here are some deductions.
    1. All the modems that are at the stand should normally be activated and ready to use, else you would have to wait 1 or 2 days before using your modem when you bring it home

    2. The nomad agent have a stock of modem that they need to sell, but it is difficult to know how many new customers there will be in a day. They can sell 10 for a day but also only 2. So the agent are given a stock that can last for 1 days or in worst case some months

    3. Since the modems are activated, they can use it while they still have others in stock. In worse cases, they lease the modem for their own benefits.

    The only difference between the real members and those false members is the member id. So that’s why I think the log in system is in place.

    The best system would have been to check the modem id and ban the modem id that has not been registered yet. Of course all those done at the modem synchronization stage so that no user input should be involved. But I don’t think this is actually possible. I did not use my modem for 3 months and I before that I informed them about that. They told me that I should write a letter in order not to pay for those 3 months. But however I paid for those 3 months because I did not left my modem on their stand for the duration of those 3 months. They told me that it was impossible to know if I have used or not their modem during those 3 months. I was thinking of this as a commercial reason given to me, but with that login system I much thinking about their inability to know which modem is connected or not.


  19. I (my mum) have unsubscribed with nomad which actually boasts its newly improved service and I have made some reflections:
    (1) A month has passed and I have still not obtained my refund.
    (2) The nomad 64k is not fast enough. As some friends rightly said, “bon marcher coute cher”. A rational prospective internet subscriber will definitely spend a few bucks more for services like MyT.
    (3) My mum had a bad time on the phone when she announced to somebody (too bad that she didn’t ask his/her name) at Nomad that she would like to unsubscribe.
    (4) Now that I use Myt, my connection is more stable (I live in p.louis and I had problems regarding signal reception with the rabbit). I can download files which would be virtually impossible with nomad.
    (5) I am not an Orange promoter but the ladies are always nice on the phone if I ever need to call them (mum erased and forgot the password ). Since this incident, I have never needed to ask for support again.
    (6) It appears that when I used to be a nomad subscriber, I was connected via a proxy. Now, I
    can change my ip address whenever I need to download one file after the other via rapidshare or similar sites since MyT and Orange adsl provide users with dynamic ips.

    I hope that nomad will improve because I like when there is some competition although I know that the Orange monopoly is not going to end soon, not with the ICTA and those government policies around. My last reflection is that I have faced so many difficulties with nomad that I had a trauma such that even if nomad improves in the long-run, my subconscious part will deter me from subscribing to it again. Once more, thanks for your interesting blog Yash.


  20. Yusuf » my pleasure, and am sure that the persons concerned read this blog as much as you! 😀

    They should take this as positive because i provide a platform for them to know about the lots of problems they seem to forget or ignore!

    Cheers and move forward for progress!


  21. Ena dimoune ici ki pe gagne problem pou load page quand zot servi nomad. Faire 8 jours pas pe capave load page lexpress:(


  22. hello, since 3 weeks im having prob with my 64kb, of course its nomad. I cant download well, each time its disconnected n i shud restart n now its becoming boring. Also each time i call customers care he or she told me give my serial number n then telling me to disconect n turn off my computer n restart after 10 mins. The problems remains n still having it.


  23. Hi Vik. I am using nomad64 too and am not getting the problem you are saying.

    If you say its from 3 weeks then this is not normal. Maybe the problem is with your modem itself. And one hint: when u call nomad customer care…no need to be gentle with them!!!! Si twena pou zour zot…zour zot bien! lerla zot pou prend toi conte 🙂

    How many time did you call nomoad for this problem?? i advise you to first phone them and tell then to giv you another modem. then exchange it at their point of sale…

    if after changin the modem the problem is still here…then…time to change services…lol 🙂

    Avishs last blog post..Our Polito-Actors In Mauritius!!!


  24. Heh vik, as u can notice i am the only satisfied user of nomad(see well above in the list of comments).
    I also have a 64 nomad connection. Use a download manager if ur download stops and u got to restart again. And ya, for the best nomad connection, ensure your adaptor is a good one, i met with many problems earlier me too but today i can firmly say it’s working well. Contact them and ask for a technician if you are still in doubt.


  25. hello zotToU …i’m new here.,i have nomad 64 kb et couma zot tou ici moi si mo pe gagne mari problem pou browse internet…Nomad la couma dir letemps kan li envi li pou conecter et kan li envi li pou deconnecter moi lor internet …par exemple yesterday mone format mo hard disc ek mone leave my pc ON ene la nuit pou download windows updates ET GRAMATIN KAN MON ALUME lecran li simply pa fine download ACAUZ SA Mother Fu**ing loging page la finn log moi out dans la nuit. NOMAD POU BIZIN PAYE MO BILL CEB SA MOIS LA.

    mo PA truv ki nomad fine improve AVEC SA LOGIN PAGE LA MOI au fait li pli ralenti mo connection IT KEEPS ON REFRESHING SAK 5 MINUTE pa kapav download avec sa paz la..

    la depi gramatin mo pa pe capav open about 80% webpages ki mo usually browse mone phone nomad plis ki 4 fois ek mo pe touzour gagne problem meme la…zot customer service pa fouti resoud mo problem. ZOT BIZIN PAYE MO BILL TELEPHONE….sa modem la fer 2eme ki mone ale sanzer depi ki mo servi nomad.


  26. Thanks you for ur advice friends, I’m cancelling my nomad this month n i think i ll go for MY.T but not yet sure.


  27. nomad was working fine for me until last month. With the login page, nothing works as before…
    Even with my 512K….
    Torrent is not working.

    I have downgraded to 64k and if there is no improvement, I will cancel my account.

    To Nomad Representatives: I have subscribed to MTML and so far, everything that I cannot do with nomad, I can do with MTML.
    And for more info, many of my collegues have also cancelled their nomad subscription in favour of MTML


  28. Since a few days my Nomad Booster (Venturi) was no longer working. I phoned Nomad this morning they say that this service is no longer available. So now this gives me more problems to connect to Europe on a banking server using HTTPS. Even with my 512K subscription I am slowing to a crawl. You better believe it when I say I miss my super cable modem connection back in Belgium!! Time for me to check around at Infotech for a solution!


  29. Well for me nothing has improved today. I still cannot connect to a HTTPS site in Belgium, it takes more than 20mins for the page to download on the browser and then of course time-out before you can connect. Looking at the Wimax signal its bouncing all the time. It goes from full bars on (S) signal quality down to 2 bars. Which is knocking out my downloads. So I guess its time to take advice and look at other IPs at Infotech.
    Most frustrating because this was working ok before Nomad Booster (Venturi) service was taken off.


  30. Tried again to connect to the HTTPS website in Belgium this morning and after many tries got a connection but very slow. The frustrating thing is that these SSL connections time-out with a slow connection and you need to repeat your commands or restart. Monitoring the Wimax signal today it was all over the place, bouncing up and down and so knocking off my SSL connection. I am getting my signal from the Candos antenna and it is fluctuating. I need a stable connection for my needs. I am not an amateur, ex-telecoms man, so this is not acceptable to me. Since I lost the use of the Nomad Booster (Venturi) my connection for HTTPS/SSL is unworkable. So I am forced to take a decision soon about changing IP for a faster, stable connection. So if you see a white tornatdo zooming around Infotech at the various IP stands, that will be me!!


  31. @Mike: LOL!

    The last time (2007) , i was in infotech with my anti nomad tshirt!
    Check it out at

    Since u dont have a good connection, they are bound to refund or unsubscribe you.
    Just ask to talk to someone with whom u can actually talk to get answers, not customer care agents..

    btw, doing complaints to infotech stands wont bring u anywhere, since the agents are usually uni students, temporarily working for infotech only…


  32. [re=23240]Yashvin[/re]: Nice T-shirt, that says it all. Unfortunately for me now googletalk, live messenger and gmail POP are also not working. It is strange that all of these SSL operations are not working? I plan on being at Infotech on Saturday. Ok on your advice about the Uni guys on the stands, I had noticed that last year and steered well clear as I know from experience that they would not understand my problem(s). At the moment I am turning my rabbit modem around in all directions trying to get the max (S). I feel like am working on radio DF (direction finding) all over again!! At this rate I will be faxing letters to Europe!! So much for technology hey…..


  33. Hi people,
    I was at Infotech Saturday morning 9 Aug. I was disappointed not to find Nomad cos I wanted to chat with them about my internet situation. As I said before since they disactivated the Normad Booster (Venturi) compression I have lost stability for HTTPS/SSL connection to Europe bank. The Wimax signal here is fluctuating and dropping too fast, coupled to that you have the occasional forced logoff, so that I cannot maintain a stable SSL connection. I phoned the Nomad customer care who confirmed that the Nomad Booster service has been stopped but they could not confirm if and when this would be re-activated. So my only alternative was to check around for other IPs and get information.


  34. Bonjour,
    Sunday 10/08 morning – believe it or not I can communicate via HTTPS/SSL again and without the Nomad Booster. This morning I connected at first try and I have not done anything to configuration settings. I am relieved but will monitor the situation over the next days. It’s mysterious to me but I guess the little cyber-fairey zooming around the remote server(s) know what they are up to!!

    Interesting at Infotech, we searched for Nomad but did not find them. At the entrance there was the DCL stand with advertisement for Wimax. I had a chat with a gentleman from India and they told me that they are in testing/development phase here for 4G Wimax. They aim to cover the whole island and will be ready to commercialise in 3 months. So I guess that in 2009 we can expect “LA CONCURRENCE”.
    We live in


  35. Hey hey man, u forgot the small piece of work that i had submitted to your blog man. Yo Nomad, has to also take account of what i have written; We may criticise, but there are many potential customers out there not really understanding what nomad is about? And by image association,

    Nomad= Internet
    That too at low cost. So Nomad becomes a good seller of internet to them.

    That’s how general people and potential customers interpret Nomad.

    We, as more experienced in IT, are certainly not misconstruing that Nomad is very bad, but as being such people we are just expressing where Nomad situates as a consumer internet service provider.



  36. [re=25147]ritzz[/re]: Hi!

    Well, basically i think, most of the nomad users are either novice(dont know much about internet) or some of them require to use an internet connection at several places since they are on the move.

    The 2nd type can include professionals, who still use nomad despite knowing the problems.

    However, now we have emtel with its package, but its still costly…

    thnks for ur reaction dude!


  37. Just for info, ever since my last post, (August)
    nomad connection has been very good….
    So, I’m still keeping my nomad for the moment.
    touch di bois…!


  38. Hello everybody, since one month im cancelling nomad n im actually using MYTY n its better than this nomad. Im still waiting for my refundable that is the rs 500 deposit. I dont no hw much time this ll take to get it, 3 weeks ago i had call n they said that the letter already posted, 3 weeks has passed n not yet received. Again again problems with nomad. I thinks that nomad is expanding with a lots of problems hahahahaha


  39. Hello, I was a Nomad Customer, just to underline something, I cancelled my nomad on 30th august, i remember it cause i subscribed for adsl that time, we are the 29 september, and i just received a bill to pay nomad for the month of september, isn’t that awesome? i give the internet back, and i still have to pay, where’s the improvement???


  40. Salut a tous,
    I’m an Ex nomad user, Xtra sa qui zot dire lor Nomad et
    C totalement vrais et tou sa bla bla lor changement la zot encor pareil..
    ben mon frero in subscribed pour nomad so new offer!! 256kbps, My GOD no need to tell u about what’s happening, he’s getting less than 64 kbps!
    My Poor Bro But i warned him u knw,
    anyways a big thnx to u Yashvin , ur blog is awesome,


  41. @Madina: You should exert pressure on the management of Nomad to get urself heard…
    Believe me, they will listen to you if you know at the doors of newspaper for instance koz till now, nobody complained officially on newspaper…
    btw, thnks for the compliments 😀

    keep visiting…


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