Nomad wants to meet me, again…

Unexpected call !

In the evening today, i got a call from Nomad from Mr A.V.First of all he presented himself as the person in charge of communications and said that he wanted to discuss about the articles on my blog related to Nomad…

He politely stated that I had the rights to express my views on Nomad since we live in a democracy but however Nomad has improved a lot, especially since the advert “New Improved Nomad”.

Together with the marketing manager, he wanted to meet me so that they can discuss about the issues related to Nomad.

A year ago(April 2007), I had another meeting with the Nomad director of that time.

He was very friendly and we discussed about the issues i reported. The outcome was positive as he had well exposed the problems his company faced. Lets hope that this time, the result of this meeting will be beneficial for all of the users of nomad….
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I totally agreed with this meeting with Nomad since it would be a nice opportunity for them

  1. To show that their product has improved a lot.
  2. To move forward the factors which did not enable them to provide such a ‘better service’ earlier.
  3. To show their progress in this field
  4. To explain how they manage to give a ‘better service’ now
  5. & perhaps to conduct a survey to see if really, they have reached the expectation of their customers and why do they STILL have unhappy users, looking for a platform to discuss.

It is important to note that my blog is such a platform which allows users to express their views, bad/good experience and unhappiness regarding to their subscription to this product.

Nomad has definitely been and is still an advantage to many users, specially students who can’t yet afford an adsl/high reliable internet connection at their place.

But the questions that we must ask ourselves:

Does paying less means that we have to encounter speed/connection problems,billing issues, among others?

As told to me by Mr A.V, it may be true that Nomad has really changed, but why do people still complain about their speed/connection problems?

Any specific questions/issues you want be to discuss with them on your behalf?

Hoping that this meeting will be able to move things a bit and clearing up issues that has been solved meanwhile, and why not study the particular cases of the subscribers?

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  1. hi, too bad now i read all the comments, pou met lapin pendi!!!!
    Seriously i used both nomad and mtml. Mtml is far better except for the price, dial up costs a lot… Nomad, signal strength and quality unstable. Once i called for this everlasting problem, a nice should i say nice oh no very i… man told me that i should choose the best orientation for my modem, i even tried it in the loo, as far as i am concerned, things have to change, i’m a massive internet user, used dial up, adsl and now nomad its great when you’re on the move but for the rest… I still can’t find the log in page and i’m connected. I’ve just learned that it’s through a proxy, i hate proxies….


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