These last days(20-22.06.08)….

Being short of ideas for an interesting post, i have decided to write about 3 pages of my life from Friday to Sunday(today).

The last Friday (20.06.08), i had taken one day off to visit a friend of mine, Vinay.G, an old friend of mine, during the college days.
We hadnt met since 4 years since he is living in England nowadays, after having completed his studies there itself…

More 2 hrs in the bus from Triolet to Chemin Grenier, was pretty tiresome!

Then we talked for nearly 3 hrs before i left again for the long journey back home!

Once at home, i took a back and set out for Port Louis with my sis,where i met some colleagues of mine. We took a quick dinner at Roti Aka before leaving for The Suffren…

A quick chat there with some friends, and a few mins later, we moved to Shooters, taking some drinks with the usual blabla for hours…
groupe2.jpg batobouzer.jpg

pic3.jpg pic3us.jpg
Around 11pm, we left Shooters and again to Suffren, where we met other friends…

Back in the car, the rest of the journey was marked by the “anou met dialog dan loto” of Varsha, and we laughed a lot!

I dropped Rama to his place in Curepipe, then Nisha and Dhaneesha in Palma, 4bornes…

Now the weekend….

Nothing great, i was home, shivering from the cold with flu, cough and my nose running :S

I spent nearly all my time, trying wordpress 2.5.1 on my machine, trying a new theme and plugins which i will be putting online on my 200th posts, this one being the 196th one!!!

I also took a look at the number of friends i have on facebook!

I just reached 500 Friends on facebook!!!

and out of those 500, i know only about 200 personally….the rest being friends i added earlier, and lots of requests which i accepted!

I just got back home from my cousin’s place, Vasheel who will be flying to Australia tomorrow for his studies, Good Luck Dear!

Thats all, catch u later….

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