Another day with friends…

The Plan "Ki lere plan demain?" "Dizere" was the answer from Fadil, and everyone agreed on that time... Arrival Everyone ( Zainab, Fadil, Yasmina, Jaya and myself) reached on time, with a few mins late, and as usual Mantasha was one and a half hour late! Excuse? Ti ena accident lo simer... Cinéma Paying the... Continue Reading →

These last days(20-22.06.08)….

Being short of ideas for an interesting post, i have decided to write about 3 pages of my life from Friday to Sunday(today). The last Friday (20.06.08), i had taken one day off to visit a friend of mine, Vinay.G, an old friend of mine, during the college days. We hadnt met since 4 years... Continue Reading →

Underground’s Camping 4.01

the Version 4.01 of the Underground Camping Series.... Even better than others, 18 participants..... This is the best pic i could upload, but this doesnt mean we had only this as drinks... Thats all, was blogging another page of my life lol....

What a day!

Wow, we had a blast! Since this is a personal blog with personal things of my life, this post will be all about what I did today along with my friends. Zainab, Yasmina, Jaya, Mantasha, Fadil and Myself met after nearly 2 months - We organised a small get-together, something which Zai wanted to do for the pasts one month... After picking up Jaya and... Continue Reading →

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