Shooters Privilege Card

Since a few days, some colleagues and myself are happily showing off our Shooters Privilege Card, which gives us 10% discount and other benefits. On Thursday night (11 Dec 2008), Bernard, Ashvin and myself were in Shooters PL to take a drink before driving off home after a hard day at work... Then, on Friday night (12 Dec 2008), together with Vissen, Nitin and Oudaye, we went to Shooters Flic En Flac.

Another day with friends…

The Plan "Ki lere plan demain?" "Dizere" was the answer from Fadil, and everyone agreed on that time... Arrival Everyone ( Zainab, Fadil, Yasmina, Jaya and myself) reached on time, with a few mins late, and as usual Mantasha was one and a half hour late! Excuse? Ti ena accident lo simer... Cinéma Paying the... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday to me! Version 2.3

Wow...hehe, am a bit older, 23 yrs now 😀 Nice surprises since yesterday, so i will start from there itself... It all started by a lunch, prganised by my project team members Then, i distributed sweety sweets to the whole DCDM 5th floor, got a nice card and pen as gifts... I didnt expect that... Continue Reading →

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