TNT : Ki serti???

Voila ene grand mot ki ti comme-ci l’evolution ki siecle, ou plutot, our dear national broadcasting corporation made it appear as such.


TNT, more than 1 year back, it was like if a gift(euh appx rs2000) sent from heaven but now am sure, many of us have strong desire to throw this away, at the face of those Managing Director or other ppl who still talk about their revolution, the DIGITAL TV!

  • There is only 1 channel that is ‘watch-eable’ and thats B4U.
    Ki serti???
    Well, watch if for 1 hr, and then switch it off koz it repeats the same thing for days!
  • You have Video On Demand.
    Ki serti???
    The catalogue is full of films that have already been played on the normal channels, and some of them, like bollywood movies, have been played for over 3 times!
  • BBC
    Euhh, pas watch, Ki serti???
  • Digital version of mbc1,2,3
    Ki serti?
    Nothing great about this, they only boast a lot for something mauritians are already watching since decenies!
  • CCTV
    Ki serti?
    I ask myself, how many chinese watch this channel???
    Am sure, they must be about some dozens…
  • Doordarshan!
    Ki serti?
    Its a channel which is not even worth enjoying!!!

My Question Today is:Ki zotte penser lo MBC so TNT ???

21 thoughts on “TNT : Ki serti???

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  1. long live canal satellote..:D MO ti blier ki ena TNT cot moi.. lol ek mo penser mem mo l antenne pu capter chaine MBC la osi mo kav tire li Fer vilain lor la caze.. lol


  2. depi plis 1 an mo pane guetter sa TNT la…
    pou servi pou euh… GUET L’HEURE! :p kan mo trop fatiguer au lieu mo tourne mo la tete pou guet reveil, mo gagne lheure la zis en bas mo tv… 🙂
    apres BBC la, deja gagner lor mbc3 plis lor canal sat, chaine chinois, pff… doordarshan 3 fois plis pff!! mbc rare donne zoli film, la aussi si li donner (ban vieux films sa si!!) soit li broadcast dan la journee kan nou tou p travail soit tard asoir kan sommeil p coumence bez nou! :p
    vaut mieux mo arrete la mem, sinon pou trop pliagner! :p


  3. I think DVB-T is great! 😀

    Why? You get 10 channels for free!!! & everyone should start buying a decoder… coz the analogue channels will go off air in 2009/2010. 😛

    BBC World – My fav channel, always updated with the latest news & the docs are too good (Top Gear!!!). 😛
    TV5 Monde – a few docs & sports now & then.
    B4U – Bollywood news & songs 24/24!
    France 24 – news 24/24 (not bad)
    Doordarshan/Aastha – can’t comment
    CCTV – useless
    Ujala/MCA/DW – useless

    That’s the future of television broadcasting…
    Image Quality is superior to analogue (MBC1 is the best), although images are “pixelised” when moving too fast, like during a football match. & audio is very often out of sync. 😐

    I don’t get CCTV at all (only the audio), but i do get everything else apart from CCTV on that particular channel.

    & i resent the lack of English football. 😦

    I’ve never used CanalSat or Parabole, but if i’m getting something for free, i can’t complain.

    & VOD is only My.T service, not linked with DVB-T!


  4. le problem ek tnt c pas kestion ban chaines la,… enfin ena ban chaines kk, mo pas dir le contraire, mai moi personally mo adore bbc. Et li tujur nice to p gagne MBC 1,2,3 lor digital. MAIS, cki mo pas dakor ditou, ariv 1 lere lor MBC1 to gagne TV5, MBC 2 to gagne doordarshan, ek MBC3 to gagne BBC. v dir to ena sa ban chaines la en double lor Digital! Sanla fran tou kk net sa!Besides, mbc declare line cass 1 grand packet line met sa ban chaines la, sa ban chaines la pas coute cher 1 ggt sa! De plus Nivo ban emissions, series, et films lor mbc in mari baisser. Pou ariv 1 lere entier moris pou oriente zot ver Satellite. AMOIN si gouvernement decide pou ouvert le marcher a ban TV priver, pareil kuma ena radios priver dans moris. Mais sa si mo pas gard lespoir pou ariver sa


  5. B4U – Bollywood news & songs 24/24!
    li pass meme zafaire pendant 1 month..lerla li change..kpv to pan remarK! ! !gete bien lot coup..LOL

    MBC should be renamed to Ministers Broadcasting Coperation..

    both mbc and tnt ****…pa serti gete pa croire ki meme dan 100 ans mbc pa pou resi vin a la hauteur canal + or parabol.


  6. TNT? pfff. plein r sa. since ine gagner,ti p gueter nek vendredi b4u,4 movies. aster sa si pena. ramas li dan 1 boite do. ena or pena,pa fer oken diference. ine gagn li en kdo avk myT. bien bon. at least 1 thing gratuit dan pays la. blier tnt, mo dir ale video club n pren 1 joli fim! simple sa. bien bien BORING sa TNT la. hey yashvin,met 1 pou mbc si do! “WHAT DO U THINK ABT MBC N ITS VERY INTERESTING PROGRAMS”. telmen zot interessant,zot repeat mem programs each year. mo croir since mone start watch tv dan mo lavie,mone guet mem cuyonade lor tv,especially 4 holidays. mo kpv predict ki fim pou gagner.


  7. Laisse moi si mo plaigner! Dpi 1 an ena sa me pa geter! Oken fim lor mbc si pa watchable!
    N ban zoli fim la si zot bzin sanz zot horaire sa!


  8. yo yashvin vraimem sa ban chain la boom de chez boom mo pas conner kot mbc in al tire sa ban chain la mo sure li p gagne sa cadeau acause si to get bien cadeau si tro chere sa…. “ki serti” cuma to dire nu mauricien p pay zot tou les moin pou gagne ban cochonrie cumsa… prefair met paradole ou canal satelite to plis sire to pou enjoy TV… merci tone ecire sa lartict la… bye


  9. Pourquoi on a les films en hindustanie en noir et blanc sur Movie Channel et non pas les long metrage en Francais.Par exemple ene bon ti film Fernandel,La Conquete de L’ouest,La route des Indes,Le plus grand chapiteau du monde. coumsa nou bane dimounes la haut 40 ans pou passe ene bon moment souvenir serti ena sa movie channel la!!!!


  10. MBC………….need new guys………i mean we must change the directors of MBC and replaced them by the new generation mayb then we`ll have good film………..but compare to canal sat et parabole …… will be consider as a prehistoric broadcast company……………


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