Working till (very) late

its practically 2am, we are still in office, working…

we will be leaving in a few mins to get back home by taxi and tomorrow, we must be back to office at 830…

all these hard work to complete projects due to be submitted, some parts tomorrow, and others the days after…

Since nearly mid-december., i didnt have the priviledge to enjoy any of my weekends, since i was in office, working till late!
Even on the 31 dec 2007, we left office at 20hrs and we came back on the 3rd to continue with our work.

Contrary to our other colleagues, we had only 2 days off (1st and 2nd Jan 2008) while all the others enjoyed a long vacation of 12 days(from the 22th Dec 2007 to the 3rd Jan 2008)

mone casse mo recordddddddddddd!!!

02 00 am in office!!!

yesterday it was 0130 hrs when i left office and the day before 0030 hrs…

perhaps tomorrow 0230???:P

12 thoughts on “Working till (very) late

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  1. U R being over-exploited Yashvin!!! et mwa mo ti p plaigner mo pna assez clas libres et mo fini 2 h 30 4 fois par semaine, just 1 zour mo fini pli tot!!;) ena pire ke mwa mo truV!;) Courage!!!


  2. U’ll get used to it and it will become usual and easy 😉 Bon courage!

    I was at office at 7r and left at 22r if Im lucky.

    D fois pou pa lose time, mo ti bzin rester hotel em. But at the end, on fini par sabituer, necepa?

    Take care…


  3. congratulations !
    aster to in vine 1 hard worker, since to p kit buro at 2 am!
    to in vine grand 😀
    bizin donne toi promotion. :D:D kan to arrive 3 am bizin promote toi assistant manager
    kan to dormi biro ben sure to pu 1 manager …..
    predictions from (contact me after office hours n before dawn)


  4. “kan to arrive 3 am bizin promote toi assistant manager”
    remember this sentence?? well time for u to become assistant manager since u leaving office at 3 am. moi jai super sommeil la!
    nite nite et courage.


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