Happy birthday neha :)

hey bhai, mo l’anniversaire le 10 december….

lol, i have been hearing this since 1 month ago, everyday, like a countdown,
Neha kept saying “30days left, 29 days…..10….5….2…..demain” 😛

Quite famous in her college, despite being only in form 1 lol, she is the smallest of our ‘small’ family, and every year we celebrate her birthday, among her school friends, a party during which i do the DJ 😛
See the video from last year’s party 🙂

i was supposed to bring all of us to Port Louis this night, a tour on moonwalker(again :S) and then a dinner among cousins and cousines lol, but we had to cancel the plan at the last moment and instead we did a small birthday party at home itself, with a cake, good one hmmm.

without the traditional picture, i dont know till which age i will continue to hold her like this 😛

Happy birthday once again didi neha 😛

a post just for u, hope u liked it 🙂

video of last year, me doing the dj in her birthday party

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday neha :)

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  1. didi nea, to gatO ti top net 🙂
    but m feeling fat, ate too much 😛
    m sure zis bday will b a memorable one
    (to conE kifer!!) 😀


  2. wish neha kumien zot envi comme toujours mo mem ki wish premier tou les lanner way way..
    neha happy bd,fer un manier ki to pa vin gro sinon bhai pu ena problem pu lev lot lanner.

    To BHai: kozer kan nu ale galoupr pu tir nu double chin..


  3. Hehe happy birthday en retard mo ti camarade
    ya yash tne bien dire hez the favourite of her class,li bien cute
    ler to getter li ena 1 sourire..
    truV to so cousin preferer mem
    a sak moi dan lecole qan mo deman li yahsvin bien,wi li bien with a sweet smile.

    1ti msg pu neha fr 1 maniere to dire li sa la yash
    well dude its my lasy year @ school despites mo grand mo pas in fr toi missier(lol).
    Take care and aprrane bien but surtout pas rde la guerre r Mohadeb(hpe to cner ki sanla sa)
    wishing yu loads of success n joys
    fer 1 maniere to vin software engineer cuma to bhaiya Hehe

    tke cre


  4. to all :

    thnks very much for ur wishes on her behalf!
    i didnt expect so much comments, thought i would get comments only from us cousins lol.

    mo cpv confirme, gato la ti mari bon lol, mone fek manze ene lot boute la, demain matin mo pu faire li fone kant mo al jogging(si mo ressi lever lol)

    a +


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