Bloggers, what are our rights?

As a human, we all have the 4 freedoms above-mentioned, accoring to Human Rights but many times, which blogging our views, the question arises again and again

“Do we have the right to blog about this?”

Well, yes, as long as u dont violate the existing laws in your country.

The internet is only a platform, a mass media communication medium, just like newspapers.

So, how come that certain people doesnt understand our rights as a blogger?

This post’s aim is to support one of our blogger fellows, Avinash Meetoo who is currently fighting for his rights against a mauritian insurance company, who refuses to pay him back after a small accident involving his car. The same insurance company issued a legal notice to him, claiming he doesn’t have the right to write about this, bla bla and bla bla…. You can read the whole story here

This hows how stupid certain people can be, lol, trying to snatch our fundamental rights !

Become a blogger and you will see how much power u got, through internet!

7 thoughts on “Bloggers, what are our rights?

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  1. I’m totally against people(whether it is the gov or companies) trying to stifle our blogging rights.
    As long as we are in accordance to the law(which Avinash Meetoo surely is) these companies have no right at all to threaten to sue us!

    I wonder if the same thing was said on Radio or published in the papers, the company’s reaction would have been the same? Definitely not… 😐


  2. Bloggers’ rights are not respected because we have got less credibility than journalists. People view the opinion of bloggers as being too subjective whereas journalists are trained to be objective. But in my opinion, this objectivity is not really present in Mauritian journalism. πŸ˜€

    Anyway, about Mr. Meetoo’s case I think his wife had the right to express herself like we all do on our blogs. I think it’s really “immature” of the company to behave like that. They could have behaved in another way and just do their job correctly, maybe that would have minimized scandals.


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