Mobile phone nowadays…

Who doesnt use mobile phones nowadays?

Just imagine your day without your mobile, the loneliness of your pocket and the emptiness of your hand, lol.

Well, in my short lifetime, i used (in order)

  1. “Dancall” : solid, heavy duty and can be used as a matraque to stop trouble makers!
  2. Ericsson A2628, euh, considerably big – lost 😦
  3. Ericsson T10 :), so trendy at that time (sold)
  4. Motorola Talkabout (i dont remember the name, lying in my drawer)
  5. Nokia 3330, white one, the next most common mob (euh, sold)
  6. Nokia 1100 (just gave to dad, as secondary mob)
  7. Nokia 6600 (given to my sis)
  8. Nokia N73 ( FOR SALE AT RS10,000)
  9. Nokia N80i,the latest in my collections

Yesterday i acquired the N80 Internet Edition, for the only reason, i needed a wifi mobile at home to use with the livebox. With the help of Splash (thnks!), i configured the connection and am still using it, while am not sitting at my laptop.

However, the N73 is much more nicer than the N80 for different reasons;

  • Carl Zeiss Optics, 3.15 MP
  • Stereo Speakers (available only in N73 and N95)
  • Larger screen than N80
  • Brighter Screen than N80
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • 2 days battery life even for heavy usage

As i mentioned earlier, the



Only Rs10,000

  • Made In Finland
  • 3.15 MP Camera wiz Carl Zeiss Optics
  • Stereo Speakers
  • All Original Accessories + Charger
  • Box
  • Used since April 2007
  • Manufacture Date : Nov 2006

I am not really keen to sell it, when comparing both mobiles, but since i have now permanently moved to emtel (Damn Network!), i wont need 2 different mobs.
For 2 months, i used my Nokia 1100 and N73 at the same time.

Btw, i already have some potential customers, so hurry up…

My next target is the superb, extraordinary N95!!!

The Mobile of your dreams, nothing compared to that iPhone!

hmm, target set to 1 month or max 2 months 🙂

Well, now, wat mobs have u been using since ur first one?

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  1. Got my first mobile, the Nokia 7610, on Feb 2005… & i’ve been using it ever since. 🙂
    (& I hope to use it for the next 4 years!)

    The thing is that i’m not ready to switch over to the new S60 3rd Edition devices coz they are very restrictive in terms of 3rd party apps.

    & of course, i’m waiting for Nokia’s iPhone killer to be released next year. 🙂

    The N73 is definitely better than the N80i, the only thing it lacks is WiFi!
    (btw do i see an Arabic keypad on the N80i?)

    Your next target should be the N95-8GB “superphone” since it has a massive 8Gb flash memory, bigger battery & bigger screen.


  2. to carrotmadman :
    ya, its arabic koz its fro dubai, but made in finland.

    lol ya, if i get enought money, sure, y not the *GB 😀

    Symbian S60 3rd edition restricted??? :O

    not at all, the amount of applications available on the net is huge!!!
    U can have a simple calculator upto msn messenger or much more massive applications, including mobile games.

    i think that S60V3 is the best, except that it happens that it hangs :@ at some time n over :S


  3. :^wawa as usual mo p fr to advertising p gagner client mai zt tu p dire wai apres apres geter :6(

    Enfin qi pu dire toi mo p try mo best

    wai tne fini shifter to N80i waow to ena chance me still wiv my Nokia 6125 fek met 1 memory crte 512 ladan mai still mo cntan li ena tu ban feature qi mo cntant 🙂

    aniwy yashvin mo pu tru encre 😀


  4. lol… yes, i find S60v3 much more restrictive due to its signed apps system by Nokia.(However, that can ALWAYS be circumvented!:D )

    None of my S60v2 apps will work on S60v3 & most of them haven’t been updated to S60v3 versions.(I’ve got around 65 apps installed, from graph to sci-calculators, Voice-over-bluetooth, divX players, Flash, dictionaries, platforms like mShell & Python, etc) :H

    & btw the huge no. of apps available for Symbian S60 is almost as much as the no. of apps available for Windows. 🙂


  5. enfin evolution la zamais la pa pu fini sa!

    “Your next target” will always be the next mobile!

    btwn garde ban portab la bien, to kav fer en musee en jour! LOL!


  6. toujours.slash bsn faire so malin 😀
    mwa mo meme mo pa koner ki mob mo in 2ja servi in my life! ! !! ! ! ! rapel only my last 2 mobile! ! ! :S :S
    nokia 8210..motorola v3..


  7. M premier portab ti ene Nokia 3310 in 2002… Then, Nokia 5210… samsung kitsoz, pa tro rapel, ti kass li dan ene week. samsung E-700… ene top dan portab. Ene nokia ki m pa kne so mark. M pa ti tro interesser ek li akoz pa ti ena okaine option la dan. Ene lot samsung ki dad p use la. Sa si pa kner kieter sa :S Ene Nokia 6680, sane la si ene top dan portab sa 😛 Lerla in gagne m N80 ki m detester. Fini fer 1 an m ena li. And now m p envi change to … pa la moindre iD 😀


  8. Euhh… mne blier ene… ene lot nokia… 72 smthg m kwar… li ti mari tipti ek li ti allume bleu. to pa ti p kav servi saem picture truc la comme screensaver ek so bane screensave ti mari vilain. :S


  9. Monne unlock mo n73!!!!!!!!
    monne casse premier la dans process, mais monne reussi unlock deuxieme la!!!!!

    Monne acheter ene kit sorti malaysia appele BB5
    ek monne download patch file la ek voila!!!! Li pickup tout banne networks!!! 🙂


  10. @Kunal…. 🙂 🙂

    BB5 unlocking is available since a very long time…(

    For some models(with Pop-ports) u only need a DKU-5/CA-42 cable & that’s it! I managed to unlock 3 N70s with this method. 🙂

    However, with other phones (N73, N95), the only way to unlock it is with an Unlocking Box(i guess that’s what the Malaysian kit is 😉 )

    😀 😀 Now u can make money off unlocking people’s phone! hehe 😀


  11. mo ti koner kan nu fin plain r un linge nu zet ou nu sanz mai r ptb ❗ new generatio beto 🙂
    apr mo p ggn imp problm r ban emotions la,tou pa p travail mo pensr banla in pran retire? :H


  12. to Chege:
    not only that,
    – the size of screen
    – stereo speakers
    – the look 🙂
    – the Video Quality Recording, ya i use all of these!

    n so more more more….
    casse gratter 😛


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