Anou monte Le Pouce!

1st Mission Complete…

Yesterday, Veronique, Nisha, Bernard & Myself, all colleagues from DCDMC, successfully completed our first plan together.

Its only after i think nearly 2 months that i have gone out wiz friends, and i think its high time

At 945, We had set off from St Pierre’s Bus Station, walked for some 45 mins till the foot of Le Pouce.

We then reached the tip at 1150, took lunch on the tip’s surroundings (la plaine, lol) and we started our march down towards Plouis this time at about 130pm and we, painfully for some, reached the other side of the mountain at about 4pm.

You can watch the small clip i shot from the tip of Le Pouce below;

We are still deciding about our next plan, either Le Gorges or Montagne Lion or a camping weekend 🙂

Keep posted for the pics, which will be available perhaps in the next post…

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