Enter myT, Exit Nomad!

Good news….

You wont be spammed by my Nomad posts anymore…

Bad News…

I will blog about slowness of myT , according to my first speed test, 73kbps Download, 29kbps Upload… its a very good start, grrr….

Anyway, it wont be for now….

So, now that my Nomad Contract is over, i will try my luck wiz myT.
No Comments from the 2 installation guys from MT, they were cool, and everything is working properly, except that i am receiving only 4 channels on the TNT, got to check my antenna tomorrow.

Well, thats all for this post….

I have finally moved to myT,

According to you, Good or Bad thing? Compared to Nomad?

37 thoughts on “Enter myT, Exit Nomad!

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  1. alors alors to in change to myt
    aster commence 1 lot section on complaints on myt!
    1.st decodeur tnt la in jette dan coin coz as compared to a tnt normal, the decoder myt needs a much more high signal. and most of the time pa gagne signal (i live QB huh euh pa tro loin de lantene telecome btw).
    donc mo servi decodeur normal pa pu myt. enfin ek ban les autres chaines ki gagner la dan bez! ena ke B4U ki vo la peine guetter 1 2 cou sa mem.

    as for the downloading speed, man it sucks….in the middle n the end of the month.

    ONE positive thg is that u get connection 24hrs non stop n the customer service is fast to response as compared to nomad.
    BISOUS n enjoy ur myt :H


  2. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Hmmmm… now we’ll whether My.T works at full speed in this region.

    Let’s see whether you’ll get a better speed than my 128k πŸ˜›


  3. of course it is a bad thg..coz aster acoz twa..mwa ki pou plaigner encore..acoz slow speed! ! !lol..to pou block mo connection..re prnd to nomad ! ! !lol.mwa mo gagne full speed sauf between 18.00 to 01.00 ki speed la kakes net.sinon above 240kbps..enjoy to connection..n a la fin..nomad customer care pou gagne la paix! ! ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  4. lol, to start wiz, pas meme 12 hrs after, tout ine arrete work…
    fodait tantot la mone call, mone rode help lerla line ok

    sinon hier soir meme, speed ti 70kbps…
    mone tan dire ki mo encore bon meme la, ena gagne 40 πŸ˜›

    bein c tout la πŸ˜›

    wai, mo decoder p zouer only 4 chaines, pas koner ki prob, demain pu check antenna…

    aster c tout πŸ˜›


  5. wai yash..to dan bien..mine..40kbps after 18.45.up to 21.00..lerla li vin 55 kbps./..bla bla..to kone speed la en details twa.lol.sinon keeeep it up..eh customer care is free.alors..FEEL FREE TO PHONE AS MANY TIMES AS U WANT.lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  6. from 23:50 to 9:30 I get full speed but after that a complete slow down .

    Some says Wannadoo ADSL is better can anyone verify this


  7. I would like to take the MyT 512 KB service as there is a 2 month promotion right now. Is it worth it? Is the download speed ok? Or would it be better i take the regular 512KB ADSL service?

    i am not into download and 3GB/month is sufficient for me. I am looking for a good service and the download speed should be ok for the speed of 512 KB.


  8. to neeraj:
    am a bit in a hurry, so i will be fast…

    i have been using myT since some months now(3 i think) n i havent got ANY problems till now.
    am not a big bandwidth eater since i dont download too much with my 256kbps myT.

    i think yes, its worth to take it.
    however, my cousin next door, also has the same 256bps myT, and she does have frequent disconnection problems.
    in brief, u have to be lucky :S

    leave u here, thnks for ur comments


  9. Anyone here on MyT who uses torrents to download stuff? Coz lately, seems like I can’t get any torrent to work. Continuously getting “connection closed by peer” and I can’t connect to any peer at all. I use utorrent and it was working perfectly fine 2 weeks ago. Could it be that MT is now restricting torrents??


  10. Mo servi myt depi plis ki 1 ans aster mai depi 1 mois parla lin vin mari mari mat connection la… zot p bour moi ip 196… dan plass 41… enfin mone bien abizer aussi vu ki mo ti p dl ~600 mb par zour… ena fois plis mem. Aster mo mem pa kav stream 1 zafaire peu importe l’heure, pa kav dl nanien, mem pa kav host 1 dota. Seule consolation pa koner par ki miracle mo p kav dl anime lor 1 site, mai pou tou lezot pa kav. Meme au debut janvier kan mo ti supozer ena garantie d’usage la aussi connection ti dan bez… Pou ban ki pa p kav dl par torrent mo pen c myt in ferme tou zot port… reale faire port forwarding la…


  11. Hi,
    mo ti p rod n place pu fer complaint… mo tom lor to blog… mwa mo servi nomad parceki pena la ligne telephone …. pa capav servi MyT….ek nomad kan to ena problem to tel customer service to atan plis ki 2min avant ki zot pren to lapel…bizn fer reclam avan…..pu regle to problem zot pren plis ki n semaine….pa cone si MyT aussi cumsa!!!!


  12. Hi,
    Hey all users of Myt, did you people notice any change in speed these days, I used to download torrents but torrents seems to have slowed down considerably, so anybody with any kind of info or if you people are experiencing any drastic fluctuations, please let me know, if it continues i think i will cancel my connection and find alternatives and anybody who can advise me is most welcomed….

    thanks in advance!!


  13. Hi,
    Am new here. Me also am getting great problems with torrent and myt. I used to dowload at 80kbps now.. max 20kbps. I’ve also tried to tweak the number of TCP/IP half-open ports and reforward my port. I’ve even used a static ip. But still same problem. I think myt has started blocking peer-to-peer.


  14. Hi!
    welcome first of all…

    am a bit useless concerning downloads issues since i rarely download large files and i dont really worry about the speed since i only chat.
    perhaps someone can help you, i would advise you to ask tushal : http://tushal.wordpress.com/

    he is an expert in this (y)


  15. Dear sir/madam,(this is for the marketing manager), urgently pass this report to him/her.
    I am ritzz and I am an internet user. I want to discuss about Wipro.

    Now, what happens is that you have not even let the information of new improved nomad to sink in around the Mauritian population that you are now trying to change the packages and making them capped.

    Look, everyone in Mauritius is just annoyed because of MYt fair usage policy and wants unlimited limits with uncapped limits.

    Nomad has this advantage over all its competitors. And unlimited access and data allowance as a package strategy is one of the sustainable competitive advantage that Nomad should be extremely happy with.

    But what is Nomad doing? Increasing the choice of packages by capping limits! What’s this? You call it a marketing strategy!!

    You should only have 6 packages for people to choose. The Mauritian population is not fully educated in IT, more specifically in Internet, in order to understand your new packages, that also with capped limits, the gamut of packages should be restricted.

    Consumers want to be free with internet, surf, and not worry about how much they are downloading, that’s why Nomad is too good for them. We all like liberty. We say in national anthem β€œin peace, justice, and liberty”. So Nomad gives liberty to your potential and existing consumers. Don’t disappoint them.

    1. Wipro 64 basic with 5 Gb limit price 350+vat
    2. Wipro 128 basic with 15 Gb limit price 475+vat
    3. Wipro 128 pro with 25 Gb limit price 550+vat
    4. Nomad 64 kbps Unlimited at 550+Vat
    5. Nomad 128 kpbs Unlimited at 850+vat
    6. Nomad 512 kpbs Unlimited at 1699+vat

    Analyze the marketing impact of these packages and then tell me if consumers will not be chasing Nomad for an internet connection. Consumers will feel that they are not being controlled on internet and will find that Nomad is being fair with them unlike the cruelty of MYt, ADSL and the rising completive strategy of Emtel.

    Nomad do take advantage on the mindset of Mauritians and go forward, but with the current strategy that you are proposing, you’ll certainly go to hell, and be cursed by internet users, whether they were existing Nomad internet users, potential consumers or the IT specialists in general.

    So Nomad it’s high time to take account of the Mauritian mindset and do fair marketing to our cyber island.Don’t betray Mauritian people. Be fair.


  16. slt,weps mo bizin 1 ti aid r zot la,ben mne met myti in ggn 1 mois ben mo abitier download torrent,mne ouvert 1 port ben mo truv ena prob lor utorrent li diaa port 28…. does seem to be open,bof mo servi limewire pro ek frostwire ben c jst acoz zot pren tro cpu usage pcc vin lourd,ben zot p kav download torrents la zot mo speed low net la mw 9 a 17kb..weps si zot kav dne mw 1 port number ki korek fankzz tujur:)


  17. ey mo prefer servi EMTEL Wimax gagne pli vit et li pas cher sauf to bizin aster so modem Rs6000,Rs400 par moi pou
    1 GB RS 399
    2 GB RS 749
    5 GB RS 1499
    10 GB RS 2499
    mari seryer mo change my t mo p al prend sanla 5gb la mo capave gagne 5mb+ mo pas conner komier surtout torrent to ouvert port 21 better

    (MYT 1024 Rs3000 zis 120kbs)
    mari dan bez


  18. to bizin ouvert 1 port man mai selmen to po pu ggn full speed r myT,mo em mne aret servi torrent mo servi warezbb,katz.cd ou pornbb pu download mo ban prog ek fim mo ena 1 cam vend conte rapidhsare premium to kav ggn encor ban lezot site com easyshare megaupload zot premium acc premium acc la 300r enfin mo ena magaupload ek rapidshare tou mo download ek chanT album electro house rock heavy metal enfin tou style to ggn album lor mp3passion.net okie si zot intereC r premium acc jst email me or add me on msn @chetzz_007@live.com


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