2morrow ends my rulz as a student…

first of all, sorry for being absent on the net these days.

Since last wednesday, been suffering from severe fever, pains, and now gastric problems, a real pain!

& thats my 4th vaccin in less than a week.

anyway, work is doing great and havent got much inspiration to write these days.

However, tomorrow will be a memorable day, the last day where i will be paying student fair in the bus 😛


as from next week, finish all those priviledges as a student.

in some time, perhaps will have to be paying the income tax to compensate for all those luxuries while i enjoyed free transport for 2 years(kant meme!)

well thats all from me,

thnks for being regular here, regards!

3 thoughts on “2morrow ends my rulz as a student…

Add yours

  1. yep yep! demain role 3/4 fini… moi si bizin paye full la… :cwy: c du siper bez… la paye penkor rentrer mem, p bizin alle mendier casse pou resi paye sa transport la! :devil:


  2. hihi, pov zot!! mai kan zot pou gagne zot lapaye zot pou gagne compesation transport si daprer lord ek pou compense zot full full :biggrin: :biggrin:
    enfin mo croir kumsa em ki passer sa :blush:


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