UOM en crise

The situation prevailing at The University Of Mauritius is somewat confusing, everyone giving their point of views.

I cant say anything about uom, the way lectures are gonna be delivered, when, where and how, since am no more a student…

but i wanted to write this post as an ex-uom student….

first of all, i found this wonderful cartoon on weekend scope

ya, another thing i wish to say…

Pu mo graduation, mo envie gagne mo bane ti-gatos, pepsi tout sa, as it has always been for all students


mo envie faire mo graduation dan Auditorium, pas enbas kot james, ni lo la plaine football, avec ene la tente verte!!!!

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  1. inutile to rode gato ek pepsi yash! pas pou gagner!! parski uni pena casse!! wahaha!! :silly: pou bizin fer bring and share! :w00t:
    et… mo pou careme moi de toute facon!! :whistle: mais ti pou prend take away! lol :blush:

    bein… moi sa ki mo ena pou dir lor ce sujet (apart gato :tongue: )… hmm… education gratuit dan morice… ti bizin mem expect sa ban problemes finances la arrive ene moment…


  2. haha..imagine ene graduation ceremony enbas latente uh kot JAMES?? haha…awesome!! :p situation chaotic uni :angry: m croir bzin commence aprane fa gato pima..baja! lmao :tongue: btw z cartoon rilly kool :devil:


  3. Confusing or not.. the situation is chaotic…

    Out of the 6 days from my first week, i had only 2 classes!

    No practicals, & the other classes were postponed for various reasons (no books, auditorium not ready, lecturer not finalised, lecturer absent, pas koné ki pou fer!)

    We didn’t have any classes on 3 days. & i wasted Rs. 86 each day for coming at Uom for nothing.

    I really hate it! :angry: :angry:



    Making your graduation “enbas kot james, lo la plaine football, avec ene la tente verte”, is better than getting it by FAX !!!!!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
    or just or getting it..

    Just Kidding!!


  5. to muzzamil:
    ya, pas mal : http://lemauricien.com/mauricien/070817/ca.htm

    to Chevrine:
    the best dialog, keep it up mate

    to Carrotmadmam:
    ya its true, u havent got ur student pass (carte pass-partout) yet and hope u get it soon :dizzy: :whistle:

    to zai:
    pas tracas, si to carem et gagne bon gato, mo manze to part

    hey zai, lol, pas tigit gato nu fine manzer pendant bane job opportunities presentations ki ti ena dan l’uni :blush:
    pour citer les plus apprecier, en top de liste RKnits and Accenture…
    tahiiiiiiiii, pas ti p cpv marcher tellement ti manzer!
    hmm hmm, toutes sortes de pti gatos, la creme…
    pu accenture, mo ti p commence gagne vomi tellement mo ti manzer :happy:


  6. lool! moi si mo ti trouve sa caricature dan WES la tro bon! lot fois la mone ale fr class dan 8eme etage engineering tower, dan 1 la cuisine amenager en class! :ermm: mo ti penser mone trompe place tou! hihi


  7. thats a new thing….
    ena classe dan 8eme etage tout?

    mais, attention!!!

    li pas drole ki coupe courant ascenseur la :ermm:
    8 etages pu desan,alala! :dizzy:


  8. 8 etages pu desan,alala! si coupe courant ascenseur la zot pou bizin sote depi lor 8eme etage simple…seul difference, pa expect q spiderman pou vin sap zot!!!!


  9. 8 etages pou desan encore bon yash!! imagine 8 etages pou monter!!! :biggrin: that should be mega fun!!! mo croir zot tou arrive dan cours 1 hr tem en retard!!! :whistle:


  10. You’ve got a great blog going here πŸ™‚
    seems like the situation is looking up at Uni πŸ™‚
    The idea of a bring and share is original…to make it more original, letz ask mr the vc to bring his share too πŸ™‚


  11. Non nirporte ki arriver, it was 3 great years there and lets hope the new students get similar opportunities. Uni is in chaos but avek n system kiena Mts la..ti kav expect sa. Tou sala in accumuler N now kan cyclone fini passer banla p rode shelter haha

    Concernant gato, I fink we have had our share zot rapel sa zour nee ministere lenvironment la? lol..

    N Yep Rt Knits ti serye πŸ™‚


  12. bon mo dire pas bizin donne gato mem pou graduation moi πŸ™‚

    uni dan bez banne ex students bizin comprend
    :biggrin: :biggrin:

    ramasse bannes ti cash ki trainE cot zotte.. pou ena bannes boite devant auditorium.. zote cpve apporte zotte contribution :whistle: :whistle:

    else situation kk parceki government KK..

    2 dernier ministre education, ine manze F dimoune ek ranking.. action plan sipa ki?? kikun ine pense pou tertiary?

    bannes zoive ministre la.. zotte toules temps fer pou college et primaire?? kifer?? parceki ena pli boucou dimoune concernE ek sa??

    computer dan primaire? nou pas ine gagne sa nou? still nou ine capave debrouilE..

    hier mem our dear ministre education pe donne laptop kdo rodrigues…

    bannes piti college la .. lire mem zotte pas connE.. mo demane moi depense tousa cash la.. donne zotte ene pc.. eski zotte pou servi sa a so full potential..

    knowledge hub.. my fooT.. cher ministre nou pas fer ene knowledge hub avek ene mass etudiant hsc..

    uom.. ena tro la main politic la dan.. uom pe coulE parceki ena tro boucou post. btw.. chancelor la ki so role?


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