Representing DCDM Consulting @ job fair

9:30am : i was asked if i am ready to talk in a presentation about my experience @ dcdm consulting…

9:35am : was looking for someone to lend me a tie so that i could immediately leave for the university by taxi.

10:00am : Already in university,preparing to attend and talk in a presentation to promote DCDM Consulting, in the job fair organised by IS Society.

A job fair which i would qualify as amateurly-organised as they failed in the organisation. All conferences were cancelled due to lack, or ZERO presence of students in the supposingly-advertised conferences. Lot of money to a waste in organisation, it remained finally a job fair, wiz different companies at different stands, recruiting potential candidates for different posts.

I would qualify the job fair as a PURELY POLITICAL EVENT for the coming student union election in the forthcoming weeks/months.

From 10hrs to about 16hrs, I was hence, at our stand, promoting our company, and looking for our potential candidates for vacancies starting from analysts, associate / software engineer and higher.

Its another big experience, to represent your company, despite again the lack of professionalism in the event organisation. However, i met lots of friends, and other ppl, interested in wat we do at DCDM Consulting, how we work and on wat.

DCDM Consulting, which was totally unknown to lots of ppl as they thought we were in accounting and auditing….no no no…. we deal wiz IT Consultancy, Outsourcing, Analysis and Software Development.

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  1. The reason why ZERO students were present in the supposingly-advertised conferences may be because its tooooo hot inside! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    But from your point of view, was it worthwhile to come?


  2. ya, i think so, for those who have finished their course and better for those who have some working experience in hand.

    but the job fair has been done in a period without any meaning, since the last batch of uni leavers have been looking for jobs since more than 3 months now. the job fair is being held, in a “blank” period. :dizzy:


  3. lol ti ena job fair πŸ˜€

    lol didnt abt it and me at uni πŸ˜€

    lol, kan me ti zou1 you at l’entré octavier so hall la,me ti p doubte ki banla in fanner

    i can assure you ki okain 3rd year (at least mo class) pa ti contacted by any IS members and personne pa ki conner ena sa demarche la

    to be honest,si mo camarade pa ti phone me,mo ti pou m pa conne ena sa job fair la, as if zot pane fer nanier pou let stsudent know lor la :s

    enfin, as well as ki me conne sa lecturer la (commence par K, you know kisanla), si li ti conne,li ti pou avoye so ban zeleve….

    enfin,you in resume sa well

    moi cki me in like laba, c me in reussi play 1peu counter strike with good music in the background :w00t:


  4. pas vraimente job fair sa.. c ziste ene place cot banens zeleve ti pe alle prend zotte starter pack et play lan games!!

    hier mo ti allE>. pas ti ena aucun conference..
    besides fer job fair la pou kisana? zeleve? mais zeleve mem pas ti ena aC ki pe alle labas pou genuine interest!!

    btw kifer sa during this period?? pas ti capve fer li apres final year exams et avant presentation projet??

    at least lerla ene tas zeleve ti pou vraiment rode travay!!
    enfin.. mo esperE banens place ki mone apply la pou garde mo application bien pendant 1ans :S..

    anyway.. kifer toi ki lor stand dcdm?? fouff.. ti capave mette imP zouli zouli mamzelle non πŸ™‚


  5. ta vicks, mo pas ti bon la bas πŸ˜›

    twa ki pane content truv moi :blush:

    sans oublier bane batter bis ki ti gagne sac kdo, or ti al zouer lan games, the same games ki depi lannee derniere p encore zouer meme, zotte pas fine meme change sa :ermm:


  6. z gud part of this “job fair” is that i got a sim kado wv r125 appel gratuit :w00t: hehehe! ANywz zer was a lack of proper advertisement regardin this fair..akoz saem pa ti ena dimoune :ninja:


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