Emtel v/s Cellplus

here am i…
back to blogging after more than 1 week.

I was supposed to cover the infotech event, but i didnt even go there, so…lol
my nomad tshirt is still hanging, waiting to be worn.

lets come to the subject of this post.

Since some days, am thinking of moving from cellplus to emtel, but am still deciding.
The main reason for me to move are;

  • VideoCall on Emtel(available from anywhere in mru,not like C+)
  • Reliable Internet Access(C+ sometimes sucks)
  • Emtel Internet access on laptops wiz their card
  • Ongoing discounts and special offers on emtel
  • E-pin On Emtel
  • latest innovations and challenge ur imagination 😛

and the cons are

  • price per kb on emtel is 3 cents whereas c+ only 1 kb
  • Most of the friends are on C+, but wats the use, we dont call anymore.

I would like to know, which one do u use and y?

thnks for ur advice and suggestions

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  1. enfin mo pas sire sa price la akoz 1 cam ti dir moi sa mais toujour… 4 hours mo ti lor ebuddy mobile application et only rs 10 inn couper mo res bete 🙂


  2. halo,
    i’v used both emtel and cellplus,,
    now i’v got 2 sim cards, both cellplus (koz pli bku cam lor orange)

    emtel pli bon,
    li toujour en avance,,

    so site web xtra siloy,
    gagn pou h t lamusic, web sms,… .. .

    ban emisyon emtel lor télé bonnto nét,,,

    emtel is the best…

    smsShockers last blog post : ladrog dan rodrig


  3. Yo tou bann dimoune, mo ti pou mari apprécié si zot ti pou kav help moi lor sa sujet la (EMAIL SETTING ON MOBILE) pki sa fer dpi aC longtem ki mo ti p rod sa malgré plusieur try,,, mo p commence dé éspéré,,,

    Mo kes li simple,,, Moi mo servi 1 ptab SONY ERICSSON K800i) ki mo kroire ki zist nom ki bel r li apart sa bagasse…. bon peu importe, oui, mo ti mari envi gagn configuration EMAIL direk lor mo mobile zist pou opérater EMTEL selman,,, monn roder partou lor net et pa p gagn c ki p roder pki swa disan “MAURITIUS” pa exister lor zot map, mai kan mem Mo finn gagn 1 bann configuration mai oooooooooouuuuuuuuufffffff!!!!! tou kout mem chanson “Username & Password Incorrect” ou bien “Server not found” b bon,,, kan mo trouve 1 bann zistwar coume sa mo la tet commence mari fermal et sa dnne moi envi kraz sa fouti tel la,,,

    Bon mo pou met bann zafer la emba ti pou mari seryer si zot ti pou kav rempli li, mai mo lé 1 configuration ki marché selman Merci davance pou zot l’aide…

    Ti pou seryer si ti kav gagn pou hotmail,yahoo,servihoo.

    Account Name: Yahoo ek hotmail ek servihoo.
    Connecting Using: emtelweb
    Email address: sa ok
    Protocol (Connection type): POP3 ou bien IMAP4
    Incoming server:
    User name:
    Outgoing server:

    Allow Connection: Home network ou Any network
    Outgoing user name:
    Outgoing password:
    Incoming port:
    Outgoing port

    mo email address li ghost_dog313@hotmail.com
    Many thanks in advance bann cam…


  4. @Rodney

    settings IMAP yahoo, hotmail ek servihoo mo péna. mo éna zis pu gmail é li marsé lor mo phone.. b pli simple trace 1 l’addresse gmail lerla to met sa ban settings la:

    Account Name: gmail
    Connecting Using: emtelweb
    Protocol: IMAP4
    Incoming server: imap.gmail.com
    Username: username@gmail.com
    Password: password
    Outgoing server: smtp.gmail.com

    Allow connection: essaye tou les 2
    Outgoing username: pareil cuma incoming username
    Outgoing password: pareil cuma incoming password
    Incoming port: 993
    Outgoing port: 465

    IMPORTANT: Pa blié enable IMAP dan to account gmail. Lor pc rente dan settings pu enable li!

    Si éna dimun ki éna settings IMAP pu hotmail fer koné, pu servihoo ek yahoo mo pense pa ki éna IMAP mé kan mem si éna kiken ki koné b partazé!

    Thx 🙂


  5. js8 K%ldio un mordu de l’internet sur mon mobile avec le hau t debit que propose EMTEL, g reintialise mon mobile se qui m’a couter mes parametrages pour EMTELWEB _je me connecte neanmoins avec EMTELWAP mais sa me coute la peu des ….. is the someone out there who can send me settings for EMTELWEB for a sony ericsson k610i plzzzzzzz???? en vous remerciant
    mon mail c gth.cledio@gmail.com


  6. In Mauritius we all still have to suck with those miserable operators which exaggerate on price/tariff.They are both suckers and not professional,both operators are here to fool us with their stupid technology and take our money.WE NEED MORE NETWORK OPERATORS IN THE INDIAN OCEAN THEN WE WILL KNOW WHAT IS COMMUNICATION IN TERMS OF PERFORMANCE AND TECHNOLOGY.France Telecom already have 40% of MT shares,just hope that bring some improvement with C+(Orange),while on the other hand im waiting for emtel to improve their coverage.Hope that in future we will see more operators other that MTML.


  7. hello there!
    i’m an emtel wap user.
    i have a nokia 3500c which has a s40v3 os.
    my problem is that i can use wap only on the phone’s default
    browser. that is i cannot use any other application such as opera mini or ucweb or ebuddy. i have searched the web and found that the
    reason is that nokia itself has removed
    the ability to specify a proxy server associated with an access point in
    the s40v3 os.
    i have figured out a way how to tackle with this problem
    but i’m going to need the:
    1. proxy server address of emtel
    2. port number of emtel
    3. NAP(network acess point) of emtel

    please help me guyz!!!!


  8. nope man!
    all the settings that were on the post were of ORANGE!
    there was only one comment on emtel but still there wasn’t any port
    numbers or NAPs of emtel!
    too bad!
    but thnks anyway!
    hey if any other of you guyz have the settings please post them.


  9. hi i use emtel and lg kp 500, i have the following problem i can brose internet only from my phones browser-unable to use opera mini…..could anyone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. can i know the port and IP number for emtel WAP settings….its been weeks that emtel has not send me my settings when i requested for it!


  11. cela fait aC longtemp, disons 6 mois, que je nai pa mi d sou sur ma puce d’emtel et emtel a couP mon compte. je ne peut envoyer de message, ni telephoner. que dois-je faire? SVP


  12. Allo Planet Moris ki sim zot advice moi pou servi a ile maurice, apres 9 yr mo retourn moris, p confuse ki company pou choose.  Emtel or orange, pas blier bisin internet et bon rezo + prix. tou dan 1 sim


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