Emtel v/s Cellplus

here am i…
back to blogging after more than 1 week.

I was supposed to cover the infotech event, but i didnt even go there, so…lol
my nomad tshirt is still hanging, waiting to be worn.

lets come to the subject of this post.

Since some days, am thinking of moving from cellplus to emtel, but am still deciding.
The main reason for me to move are;

  • VideoCall on Emtel(available from anywhere in mru,not like C+)
  • Reliable Internet Access(C+ sometimes sucks)
  • Emtel Internet access on laptops wiz their card
  • Ongoing discounts and special offers on emtel
  • E-pin On Emtel
  • latest innovations and challenge ur imagination 😛

and the cons are

  • price per kb on emtel is 3 cents whereas c+ only 1 kb
  • Most of the friends are on C+, but wats the use, we dont call anymore.

I would like to know, which one do u use and y?

thnks for ur advice and suggestions

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  1. hey there..back on ur blog from a longtime.sorry.i was busy..busy wiz holidayz..lol :whistle: anyway..i have used both emtel and cellplus..and both r not perfect..parfois gagne prob msging lor emtel…mais sinon so service krk..anyway..twa ki bsn decide..


  2. 1st one! 😉
    bein moi mo servi cell plus… mo pena ene telephone aussi sophistiker ki pou zot avec internet si pas ki :whistle: donc mo bien satisfait r cell plus… :silly: just for the record, mo pena ban telephone ki pou mette dan musee bientot couma ene certain cam… ki apel zaya!! :angel: lol
    hmm… bein… mo bon kot mo eter! 🙂


  3. I prefer cell+ akoz
    – Most of my friends use it,
    – Check balance *122# on cel+ is faster that on emtel
    – Call waiting
    – Flash n blink
    – 789 service (Dictionary, Tote, Weather, pop3 email etc)

    Adv I found on Emtel:
    – Cell Info Display
    – Msg delivery notification

    si mo rapel encore pu mo meT


  4. moi mo use cell+ n i dn’t hav any prob wiz zat..li corek mai bane promo emtel interessant..surtout e-pin :tongue:

    mai com zai p dir moi si penan mob wiz internet access so cel+ is fine..lol

    z choice is up 2 u now 😉


  5. i used emtel (floup), then cell+ (coz of my gf), emtel again (coz i had sim probs n cell+ didnt solve), cell+ again (coz emtel customer service never available), finally emtel (coz i got a cool num with the last four numbers similar – er.. n a gift of my last ex [another 1].)
    Imho, emtel got better network service, while cell+ better customer service :happy:
    Finally i’d rather prefer emtel coz i dont like MT n its sub cell+ :wassat:


  6. :happy:
    thnks to all of u for ur views…

    well, its true, wiz emtel u have message delivery which van be very important or cell info display which is not always useful.

    still, emtel brings a lot of things that cellplus still lags behind by years before implementing on their network.

    i would like to add the emtel email address : 230XXXXXXX@emtelworld.net
    cellplus has one, but it does not always work.

    most of us are using cellplus, mainly because most of our friends are on C+. nothing more…
    and perhaps, for those leaving in regions where there lacks network coverage by emtel. :dizzy:

    ya, would like to add that the mob of zaya is wonderful, an all in one mobile:
    – integrated virtual camera
    – dolby digital surround
    – anti-theft :ninja: (personne pa pu kokin meme)
    – Solid, xtra meme, pli dure ki sa pena :silly:


  7. Waaa!
    My opinion about these 2 mobile operators is:
    Actually i use both of them for the past 4 years. Definitly, cellplus is the best. I don’t use emtel that regularly.

    -The calls from c+ to c+ are clearer than those from Emtel to emtel
    – the time to receive balance amount is much faster for c+ than emtel
    -Long ago lots of probs with emtel network but i think that now its ok
    -Another problem long ago is that the credit gets expired too fast for emtel. I hope that it has change now

    But i think that emtel aims in innovetions by expanding its services and cellplus is lagging behind.


  8. i have was originally a cell+ user but then shifted (main reason: at that time, wap with cellplus was sh*t.., also, i needed to access (read/write) my email (via pop3) with me phone (i succeeded, even found a nifty byproduct hack with it (sms @ 1 cent, search for mobilemail on blogosquare to see the post))

    the only thing i noticed was that reception was sometimes better with cell+, but with emtel it is not BAD either so its not that much of a problem.

    oh, btw, emtel also has *122# to check your balance, no new reflex to adopt 😀

    internet via their card is, well, pretty good 😀 (at least you would not always have to rely on your rabbit thing :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :biggrin: 😆 )

    As for the 230xxxxxxx@emtelworld.net thing (Have used that one a LOT of times :D) well i`d like to point out that it truncates long messages (you only get a max of 4 sms per email received that is, and the rest of the email is ignored.)

    but if ur phone supports pop3/imap4, (a lot of SE / Nokia phones do. actually have even seen a (not so new) LG phone support that.) you can send / receive messages for 1 cent / message, plus you receive full emails.


  9. hi, iF U DON’T know, just try emtel , it does not cost anything as you can divert all your cellplus calls to the emtel number, moreover, emtel sim are free if you swap your cellplus sim…there are many many Freelance agent!!

    I use cellplus for more than 4 years now, i rarely get network problems and last year i even managed to call my friends on the 31st december @ 12:03 ! cool! :biggrin: ALso, most cellphone users has cellplus so its cheaper. But i think cellplus is designed for old people or business persons….

    ….as cellplus can’t compete with emtel who is always and always innovating , bringing new services such as caller tune, epin and so on. Emtel is designed for youngsters, though i don’t have 1. however i will soon move to emtel!!

    Concerning e-mail, cellplus also have 1 which i frequently use to download songs and ringtoner gratos….!!!!!!!

    the mail address is 230phoneNUM@cellplusmms.mu, Yashvin, you said it don’t work all the time, NA, it always work!!! TRY SENDING THE MAIL FROM A HOTMAIL ACCOUNT!!!!

    You can also send e-mail form your mobile, directly from the MMS, instead of entering phone num, just enter the mail account. You can attach photos, ringtones and so on…!!!

    NOTE: A. your mobile phone should have mms activated to use this service, which has never been officially supported by cellplus.

    B. It doesn’t work from yahoo mail.

    cellplus also has some services such as Miss Call Alert (8888) which emtel don’t have..!


  10. @ chervine i think i didn`t understand correctly. did you mean it (the phone) doesnt accept mails from yahoo addresses? weird…

    Lol @ freelance agents, yeah there are plenty of them 😀 have met quite a few at school too!


  11. to chervine:
    thnks for the advice, but i dont think that its convenient to be restricted only by hotmail accounts :dizzy:
    btw, do u still use hotmail? :ermm:
    switch to gmail or even yahoo, its much better!

    ya, diverting all calls to that emtel num is a good idea, i did it once while testing emtel temporarily
    but not, i wish to have a final decision :happy:

    to Kyu :
    i tried the sms 1 cent from my N73 while testing emtel(this was the main reason) but it didnt work.
    i doubt its a problem on my N73, but u never know.
    “couldnot connect to server or server not found”
    i noticed that no data was actually being sent when trying it out.
    if someone has the solution, plz post here 😉
    can u help kyu? thnks


  12. @KYU….Na not he phone but the cellplus mail…:

    form mobile, you can send mail to any account, but from yahoo, you cannnot mail to mobile. But i havn’t yet tried with Gmail

    @yashvin, I use yahoo mail : UNLIMITED INBOX SPACE!!
    If u’ve tested both emtel and cellplus, then it should be easy for you to make a decision !


  13. WAWA now mo p remark sa bn yashvin mo ti pu cnsey twa rest celplus mem emtel la la mort sa mo servi bth emtel n cellplus mai celplus is the leader asoir zamai pa gne reso tu letem mem zafr r bn la (nek upgrade)mai si ou lespece system bn qi bsn 1ta kuyonad bn pa influencer par sa bn zafe la :tongue: :tongue:


  14. I`m not very good with setting up nokias for this, but you might want to check this out. Normally it should work as i recognise part of the procedure mentionned there, just that in addition you should create a web access point with username `your number` and password `mmsc`


  15. yeah btw, i forgot, the access pt u create should be selected in the step 9 on the site i gave you. i think you might have figured it out but prefer to make it clear and explicit 😀


  16. cellplus is the best! i admit emtel ena plis faciliter than cellplus but cellplus so network is much more better than emtel. mwa mo fidel a cellplus zis akoz so reseau tro top. its frankly xtra amerdant kan to bizin use to mob ek pa gagne rezo etc etc ( which happened many tims wen i got my 1st sim card,an emtel). mone switch to cellplus only few months after using emtel.

    sinon,u can always try to use it 4 sm tim lerla twa em to decide


  17. after reading all comments on cellplus, can anyone tell me how can i connect to the internet via cellplus using my laptop, Emtel works fine by the way


  18. to amishi:
    ya, its true that c+ may have a better coverage, after all, its MT, but i think emtel is trying a lot to get some of the market for itself by proposing cool things all the time.:cool:

    to morinn : cellplus by default :whistle:

    to iZzy:
    well, wimax ou pas, so prix trop exagerant.
    to start wiz, i read that the modem is at abt rs7000.
    i dont think that this will encourage its popularity, just like them PCIMA card that they launched some time back for wireless internet : rs10,000! :cwy:

    to Kyu, still, it doesnt work :dizzy:
    Error : Server not found!
    if u know someone wiz a N73 who succeeded, plz let me have his/her contact info.


  19. I use both. Prefer using emtel though. message delivery status, e-pin (Kav fer ene ti e-pin Rs25 kan mo lE ou nek avoy mwama ene messaz pu dia li “ma pna kass, fer ene e-pin pu moi” 😛 ), email, free sms to emtel nums via the portal, etc etc etc.


  20. @Armand…
    I don’t see the point in connecting your Cellplus network to your laptop. It’s 1c per kb! :dizzy:

    But anyway here are the settings that i was using when Gprs was free…
    – Create a new connection.
    – Use phone number: *99***1# (this means that u r connecting with the 1st connection available on ur phone, for 2nd connection it’s *99***2# & so on.)
    – Username & password – leave blank.
    – Go to to device manager & access Advance Properties of your phone modem.
    – In the Advanced tab, copy the following line into the Extra Initialization Commands:
    – That’s it. Now u can connect to Cellplus 3G via your phone-modem. Don’t forget to make ur browsers use proxy server & port 8080.

    I use both & i don’t prefer any of them. Both have their advantages & disadvantages but if u want to max out ur 3G handset, go for Emtel. Emtel always seems to more innovative than Cellplus…

    Anyway, for S60 Nokias, email configuration is quite easy as long u know how to configure the built-in email.(don’t forget to configure proxies & ports!!!) Otherwise, u can still use 3rd party email managers.(Profimail, Gmail Mobile…)


  21. I use Cellplus, but for no particular reason really… I have to say it’s WAP/GPRS service is unreliable at times. And I can’t seem to get the Gmail App working on my SE. Any of you guys having better luck?


  22. wah emtel tro sucking…pa gagne reso partou..saocii to gagne fausse reseau…weh emtel caller tune la in pii haaa:P…n yepss… fran tou msg lor emtel xtra tarder pou delivered…moreover..kan n mob allumer tou le temp to gagne numb buys…ou off..ou ayoo..pa kozer…mo prefer servii cell+ mo chagrin mone change mo c+ pu emtel..i changed in only for epin..but now ena min carte..:P:P cheerzz to cell+!!!


  23. mp truv emtel bien meilleur……cellplus mem zafer ek MT (obviously)…i don’t like these people…..

    tou bne zafr (preske) ki zot gagner lor zot cellplus, c a koz emtel….
    si emtel pa ti fer concurrence, cellplus ti pu reste dne so bne clients bne service dan bez….

    pren par exemple sms, emtel kine lance sa premier,….aussi bien ki 3G, e Pin,….

    celllus ena avantage parski MT ti la depi longtemps, ek so reso bon…..

    i say that we should as far as possible be emtel clients; then emtel will continue improving its services, that would benefit us,…

    i don;t like cellplus


  24. Ban zen, mone aprecier tou ban message ki zot ine avoyer ici, A vrai dire moi mo servi tou le 2, ofet mo servi C+ pou fer call tou sa ek mo servi emtel pou internet, seems a good decision i told, :p..

    Zis ene sel prob mo bizin servi 2 mob, mai pou c+ (sa acoz zot tou cot moi ena c+ mo bizin call zot tou le tan, r emtel li trop cher pou fer call lor c+ ek vice versa). Alor pou c+ mo servi ene ti 1100 zis pou fer call avoye msg, mai mo pe servi ene p990i pou mo emtel, mo paye zis 700Rs par moi mo gagne mo internet, mms lor mo mod ek pc/laptop tou corek corek kot mo aller…

    Ben li pa tro estetic pou servi 2 portable, mai ki pou fer, paye tro bocou pou mo call lor diferent reso.

    Alor pou conclure..

    C+ bon pou ban persone ki zis call ek sms.

    Emtel bon pou ban zen ki bien brancher lor net tou sa a moin ki zot ena ene bon mob :p

    Si zot le tou le 2 bizinb fer couma moi, servi 2 portables.

    Ben ki pou sa 2 comadire ene monopoly mem sa, service ene ta mai prix reste monter mem ar sot… Zis faciliter ki bocou mai call rate pe monter zour en zour, alor pena ocune difference ena 1 ou 2, banla pe cher le marcher couma ene monopol mem..


  25. hi nitish, u r doing the same thing like me and other thousand of users i think.
    lol, i also have a 1100 as secondary mob, hihi n u r right about c+ is just for calls n sms, while emtel is for value added services…





  26. Hey, as i see you have been discussing around, i thought, could you help me, You know the My.T internet access, based on the livebox [distributed by orange], I have 2 Sim cards, therefore, i want to connect to the internet using the support of bluetooth [supported by the livebox], as what is the point of using internet access by emtel or cellplus to finish all credit on one go. Actually its a NOKIA. Any idea????


  27. Yo. For emtel it works [the sms on 1 cent but the one to whom you are sending must have mms activated], for cellplus it tells the one who received to check his/her sms on the net.


  28. hi everybudy…
    i use c+ but i wud like try emtel coz of its innovating features..
    i’m using cellplus as my friends and relatives use it too..
    there is an interesting document on sending sms at 1 cents/sms which i wud like you peolple out there to try if your mobile supports the wap n mms features on both cellplus or emtel….
    both operators have their good pts and bad ones but in my opinion, emtel is the better 1 to use if you wanna buy a new sim…
    emtel is by far better than c+ in terms of new products where c+ is a long way behind…
    its ur choice now!!!!!
    niway friends, if any1 of u reading this has a good knowledge of hacking fones, let me know..


  29. b mo truv emtel seryer koz emtel kapv kapv send msg gratis lor net..mer cellplus si ena li mer bizin payer ek kas dimier dan balance,,mer emtel na kas res intac ek kapv send free lor net..offre la 2pi 1feb alor bizin profiter..


  30. hey

    frnd how r u?????me i use all type of sim…coz i lov to do it…thy 1 i c whch is thy best is virgin mobile….emtel no wayyy…so i thk i will vote 4 cellplus..coz 1 time i use net on emtel i lst 145 rupi in 4 minutes….so i destroy it mean my simcard…n dnt knw how my crdt in go cumsa…so love u cellplus…i always thk of u…
    (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y) to cellplus


  31. HI all

    I’m Divya

    I want to buy the Emtel HSDPA modem for internet connection, but i want to know if its worthwhile…any idea about it?


  32. hi to all 🙂

    to divya:
    Unfortunately, i havent heard any feedback on the emtel modem yet 😦

    sorry for not being able to provide any help…

    thnks for coming here (y)


  33. bon ene ti question …aster ki cellplus in vine zoranz kuman fair pu send ene sms from net to zoranz?

    ek kan mo servi 2307777777@cellplusmms.mu li nek donne ene notification lor mo mob ki mone receive ene sms ek ki mo bizin al lor ene site pu get sa ek li send mwa so password ek id

    ki kuyonade b mille fwa mo send dimun la email mem si li ena pu servi internet


  34. well i just call on 890O to have information about how i can send and email through my email to someone who have a cellplus number.the first person answered me “you need to call on 8900 and press on option 2”, so i call on option 2, “they answered me well you need information about mobile, well you need to call on option 1″. so i again call on option 1, another person answered me, guest what she told me? ” call on 8900 and press 2″.

    guys we are in 2008, and cant continue to accept such a service.


  35. well am a orange user and do normally send lots of emails, if you want to receive emails from your friends on your mobile, then its time to change for emtel. simply because with orange you will receive a msg telling you that you have receive…………..bla bla bla login and password ……..bla bla bla

    why dont orange gives it to us directly


  36. haha..sa meme dire ORANGE sa..LMAO

    @Ibrahim–>welcome to the world of customer care..My home phone is not working..telment zot in faire ping pong r mwa sa..dernier ler mo in dire fam la.laise li..mo ena cash..mo kpv ale buy 1 lot telephn..mo pa pe demand zot chariter..lerla mo in disconnect sa lor zot figure…Long way before customer care becomes “customer care”


  37. 💡 i want 2 send msg on cellplus from my hotmail how 2 do i badly need ur reply am on a military base there is no cellphone here thnx


  38. well friend its time to develop another web site or simply to change the objectives of this web site. unfortunately i dont have the possibility to do it myself. well why dont you develope a web site where people will be able to discuss on the performance of this government? to discuss whether gokool is doing well or not………………..well friend kot terorist act ine passer kan VOH fr desord, is it just for the muslim? navin ki p fr? macarena ? ou koi? tou sa la ti bon si nu ti capav discuter………

    so plZ take it positive
    Cre ene forum kot dimun capav montre ki ena kitsoz ki pas corec p derouler e ki nu pas dacor


  39. Mwa mo truvé ki emtel samem best mobile network dan maurice actuellement. Mo ti 1 fan c+ avan akoz emtel so rézo pa ti tro bon mé mo pensé ke ce n’est plus le k azordi.

    Dpi ki c+ in vin orange, pu éna pli bocou dimoune ki pu shifté définitivement pu al lor emtel parski orange so service (customer care & rézo) in déterioré net. Orange pa pu investi pu ameliore so service ek li pu bez kas dimun pu rembourse dette FT é sponsor ban zafer cuma orange sitara pu gayn popularité. Cuma 1 camwad ti p dir avant, essaye call 8900 é dman li n renseignement lor wap.. Li zouer ping pong ar twa.

    Mo ti p continyé servi orange akoz so wap 1c/kb alors ki pu emtel li 3c/kb, mé mn bz découyoné lot fwa la kan mo ti p chek rézilta football lor orange.. Li dir mwa éna sipa ki error é li déduire Rs45 n sel cou lor mo compte..

    Dpi sa zour la mn décidé ki orange c du passé. Gaspiyaz mo met sim la dan 1 lot portab parski mo pu bizin continyé paye banla. De toute façons ar emtel to kav fr tou. Now mo p servi emtel é mo p dman mwa kifer mo pa fin sanzé dpi bien avan. Mo p servi Opera mini 4.1 pu browse on mobile é mo truvé ke c mari rapide, pratique et économique sur emtel. Mo croire mem ki li moins ki 3c/kb.

    Alors mo pensé ki tot ou tard tou dimoun pu shifté pu al lor emtel é mo encourage zot tou fr li


  40. ya, emtel li pas 3cts/kb mais 0.03cts/kb, c ta dir 4 kilobyte to pay 1.2cts
    et seki mo content r emtel c so 3G, mo kav video call kan mo envi et p paye normal as a call c ta dir Rs 1.20 per minute for videocall or normal call, et mne esaye view 1 video lor youtube li pas couper :p


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