friday, what a gr8 day!

17 10hrs:
I was walking back to take the bus at the “La gare le nord”, when i got a great idea

y not blog this great day!

lol, first of all, read the following letter [image format]

i found this joke too good, while reading it together wiz Deepa…{she wanted to see her name in this post}

Now, back to my post…

the week came to an end too quickly,
so quickly
that i didnt realise it was over!

This ends my second week at DCDM Consulting & it didnt take me too much time to adapt there.
Everyone is gr8 out there, working and also joking…
The atmosphere is cool and u dont even realise that

  • its time for ur first coffee at 930,
  • lunch at noon and
  • again another coffee break at 1530

oh, i forgot to mention, offered by DCDM plz 🙂

So, friends, how was ur week?

7 thoughts on “friday, what a gr8 day!

Add yours

  1. hey yash!! ill be the first to post a comment for this one! :w00t:
    moi si mone trouve sa week la passe bien vite… nou premier week at work ti movai boring, i’m glad ki nou tou les 2 p enjoy nou work aster!! 😆 and we’ve become addicted to coffee!! :blush:
    sa week end la si pou passe vite & in no time we’ll be back to work… 🙂
    mo pas sir si nou pou resi mette ene dialog pendant sa week end la, mo plis sir mo pou zouene toi lor msn on monday 8.30 sharp! :whistle:
    see ya then 😉


  2. 😉 Mo cmpletemen dak avc tw yashvin jur p pase extra vite mo cntan mem akoz p gne plein dan lakag :angry: lorla apart leson pna nanien..btw mne resi cree 1 lot blogspot tujur mne ecute twa :cheerful:


  3. bein mw kan mo pu envi kit mo travail mo pu dir mo boss

    Yo boss,

    tou sa letan mne travail kot ou,mne extra aprecier li mai ou ti p donne mw bcu travail lor computer,b mo 2 zongles in kasser.mne pran 2 local,mne ale fer un manicure mai ban madam la in dir passer kan li vin long.mne sey pass sa lor medical mai ladan si pane cpv fer narien pu mo ban zongles.b ou bzn comprn ou company mark training :whistle: e mo tro intelignet pu ou company :silly: :tongue: :biggrin:

    so astalavista
    deepa :tongue:

    Kumasa ki bzn kit travail 🙂

    Apr mo nom p glaser bien bien ,5sou..
    kntinuier met zoli zoli post,avek un gran plaisir mo pu send tw comments

    JAI !!!! 😎


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