www.tamasa.mu, ptits annonces gratis!

www.tamasa.mu has officially been launched last week.

most of us, mauritian surfers, have been using the long existed http://www.servihoo.com for posting our adverts freely, but since some months, the mentioned site is no more providing free ads as such as it allows you to post a free advert with only 15 characters without any picture.

a vendre, voiture nissan

so, here ends the 15 characters!

You will be happy to know that http://www.tamasa.mu offers

  • Real free adverts
  • Unlimited text with formatting and color
  • Images, up to 10 per posts
  • Spam-proof
  • Each advert valid for 30 days with free time extension
  • Already more than 550 adverts!

after a quick & free registration,

you will be able to post

Unlimited Ads freely

with up to 10

images Free of charge


text formatting


to make your advert more attractive!


What do you think about this idea of creating a new ptits annonces sites to replace the traditional one?

11 thoughts on “www.tamasa.mu, ptits annonces gratis!

Add yours

  1. yea tamasa was launched some time back
    its very good to have mauritian sites for mauritians
    congratulations to those who put this site up :cheerful:


  2. thnks avishna n carrotmadman

    to carrotmadman:

    following the post (http://www.yashvinblogs.com/?p=396), we have clearly seen that e-commerce is not something that would be easily accepted in mauritius, not for now.

    so, i dont think that an auction site would work, but at tamasa, we will be investing our efforts to improve the site as we grow, to make a much stronger impact here in our virtual world…


  3. It’s still surprising to me that servihoo is still being ranked the number one site in Mauritius (may be it’s just my perception). What tamasa brings is diversity to the mauritian digital ecosystem. Hopefully, we will see more initiatives like that in the future. We badly need creativity in the online mauritian world. We need other outlets to express ourselves and other ways of doing business.
    Tamasa seems a perfect example of how the digital scene is postively changing in Mauritius and we can help by telling others about it.


  4. thnks asvin for ur comment…

    for others, i think its worth for u to know that asvin works for telecomplus and is the developper for classified servihoo..



  5. @asvin

    servihoo pe bez cash dimoune.. zotte pe tire derrier cash.. mais kifer payE pou passe annnonce.. (eski zotte capave garantie traffic ki ena lor servihoo?)
    zote deja pe gagen ene tas cash ek pub mais kifer fer annonce payant…

    si ena ene lotte alternative ki free et ki reussi vine populaire.. bein mo penC servihoo pou gagne ene bon competiteur πŸ™‚

    vivre banens service gratis πŸ™‚


  6. @ shailesh… Servihoo is the number one site in Mauritius? Nah, don’t think so πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I didn’t know about this πŸ˜› I didnt even know that servihoo offered this service, free or not πŸ˜› I only go there to check which time the films play at the cinema and that would be once in 3 months, when I’m on hols.


  7. the site looks good! it could come in handy when i decide to sell some of the totally not-so-useful objects i made this year! hihi… :devil:


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