Underground’s Camping 4.01

the Version 4.01 of the Underground Camping Series.... Even better than others, 18 participants..... This is the best pic i could upload, but this doesnt mean we had only this as drinks... Thats all, was blogging another page of my life lol....

friday, what a gr8 day!

17 10hrs: I was walking back to take the bus at the "La gare le nord", when i got a great idea y not blog this great day! lol, first of all, read the following letter [image format] i found this joke too good, while reading it together wiz Deepa...{she wanted to see her name... Continue Reading →

My first day @ work at DCDM Consulting

The First day was here..... Not exactly the "jour J" which everyone wants but i was really starting to get bored at home, nothing to do whole day.Officially more than 1 month at home (15 juin - Project Presentation day to yesterday, 22 July) so, i continue....having got my job confirmation on last wednesday afternoon,... Continue Reading →

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