Happy 130th Anniversary to St Joseph College

Plus haut vers le christ….
sa fait 130 ans ques des generations de josephiens porte ce badge…
sorry, got carried out by french this time!

as i was saying, 130 yrs already for St Joseph College and generations of josephians have been wearing this uniform with pride and even if we are not more wearing it, we, as ex-josephians, we wear it in our hearts, forever..

here is a post related to my experience and pride to be a josephian and here are some pics from my last day @ saint joseph in 2003 (a lot of changes lol, i think i wasnt the same @ all!)

Today, Splash, Javin (turned up xtra late as usual!) and me ( seki habite pli loin, rente toujours premier!) met as plan in our college and there we

  • met all the teachers who were as happy as us, seeing each other after 4 yrs
  • took a lot of pics
  • made a flashback in the past, remembering our days!

hmm, there are some pics
( i really got to review the theme, the width is too small)

In St Therese Church

The “voisines a coter”
Loretto Curepiper

Me and my bro 😀

Remembering our earlier years

posing just like 4 years before

splash and me

tandoori pizza

the small feast @ pizza hut


That was really a nice day, seeing all those familiar faces again, all of them smiling to see us back to show that we havent forgot the devotion they got for us, during those 7 years…Now, we will make our best to

“Live as a Josephian”


19 thoughts on “Happy 130th Anniversary to St Joseph College

Add yours

  1. to splash :
    lol mo croire wi, kant mone truv nu professor fransais, mone beze deregler 😛 en tout cas, li ti bien content pu truv nu… :sideways:

    to Josh:
    lol, u r josephian too? :w00t:
    welcome on board !


  2. French teacher :w00t:

    he really like to read my essays
    once he asked me if i did leave mistakes on each line just to tease him!!! :angel:

    to rapel mo cahier essay???
    mo tousel tiena cahier 20 pages dan class :blush:
    telma mo ti p fer so essay sa!!!

    for those who dont know
    the 20 page copybook wasnt full by the end of the year lol

    Yashvin to rapel sa zour kot ti gagne sa titre la:
    “Creuser sa tombe avec ses dents la”?


  3. omoins to ti ena cahier twa hahahaha

    mo croire mo cahier pas ti ena meme, ti p faire dan pages volantes…ziska zordi zotte p encore envoler meme! :biggrin:

    creuser sa tombe la so dialog mo pas koner mais something mo koner!

    Gooms, ti ekrire ene essay lo Irak mo croire.
    hahahaha mo p mort rier kant mo pense sa!

    li ti ekrire dan so essay ki ena zis 2 medium communication dan irak, 2 marke newspapers, lol
    kant prof ine lire sa, line dire :ermm:
    “regardez ce garson, o moins il fait des recherches!”

    et garson chuchote :whistle:
    “mo pane rode ene ferfoute, mone inventer!” :devil:



  4. wa sa mo rapel bien sa

    gooms ti p met gandhi so nom tou dan essay + ti p gagne points pou tou cki li ti p raconter/inventer

    SC mo tiena cahier moi
    M1@ n M2@ ki mo pa tiena cahier
    franc tou

    to ti p servi page volantes?
    mo rapel lower n upper tiena class francais 7th-8th n 6th-7th period respectively pou fer essay…

    rapel bien ki ti p fer dan friday!!! :angel:
    mo pa rapel fer essay selma!!!

    in dja al get match coupe du monde KFC lor gran ecran tou apres return dan class lol [2002]

    Creuser sa tombe la telma ti gagne rier sa titre la
    pa ti fouti start essay la m

    to bizin ask bhai aboo n djameel the details


  5. Tandoori pizza la encore apel tandoori pizza em sa? Last time, quand mo ti commande tandoori, fini manger tou, lor recu ena 1 lot nom…too late :pinch:


  6. JKC ki boss..

    nou ena pornstar nou :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    btw yashvin.. quand to paye pizza la??



    THE 1000th COMMENT !!!

    pizza la? lo msn mone fini giv twa…

    seki envie, nek type (pi)
    zotte pu gagne ene zoli pizza :whistle:


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