Dot TK – Renaming the internet

Malo ni, ko toku igoa ko

lol, dont worry, am not swearing at u !
its simply the Tokelauan Language

English translation is : Hello, my name is Yashvin…

What is this Tokelau???

Tokelau consists of 3 large atolls 480 km north of Western Samoa
(dont ask me, i dont know either where it is found !)

to say, but it is far from where you are.
Far away, far from home, unless you live in Tokelau, of course. To get to
Tokelau you need a 37 hrs boat trip from Apia, West Samoa.
This is the only way to get there (see map)


Some Facts

Capital city





11 hours behind GMT

Land Area

12 sq km (4.7 sq miles)

Number of atolls


Languages Spoken

Tokelauan, English and

So wat is the Dok
TK Project

To be brief, in order to

  • enable communication with
    the whole world,
  • promote education
  • facilitate medical

only the internet can help because of the island’s

The project is about funding the installation of internet infrastructures on
the island.
Currently the island has a 384 kbps downstream and 64 kbps upstream Internet
connection and the aim of the project is to reach a  full duplex 512 kbps
Internet satellite link to the group of islands.
Other costs include the maintainance of the system.

[a satellite dish found on the island]

How does the Project help???

The money obtained from banner and sale of  .tk domains is used to
finance the project

So, how can u

simply by buying .tk domains or registering for free .tk domains from ,
just like me, who has been using .tk domains for more than 2yrs!


U can have a short url ( to point directly to ur site or blog,
instead of having a long link like

Faka Fetai (thank you)

One thought on “Dot TK – Renaming the internet

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  1. interesting i wan to drop certain pple there
    u say 11 hrs bhind GMT? huh pa ti conne tousala
    bon voyages :devil: faka coupu louho gouhi oye oye ( ask yashvin its meaning)


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