Happy Birthday to ME !

before starting wiz anything, a big THANKS to all my friends who have organised and participated in today’s event!

it was the best party ever organised for me, among all those people whom i like and love πŸ˜€
i dont know how to thank them enough to show my gratitude to them, perhaps this post?

so, now here is how my the special day started

  • i reached university
  • we waited for the latecomers till 11:15
  • they gathered all the stuff to smash or pour on my head
    among; eggs, dahi, fruit juice, la poudre kentucky….

brrrrrkkkkkkk! but it was so cool !

  • after the traditional official ‘cassing disef’ ceremony, we moved to Shoprite
  • there, i was sent for a tour while others organised the cake
  • we then bought our lunch (pizzas + KFC )
  • then, the cake cutting ceremony
  • My gifts handed to me(512 pendrive + photo frame + biblo + horoscope prediction)
  • the photo session
  • back to uni, bassin canard where we spent some time

  • finally home, tired but extra content πŸ˜€


33 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME !

Add yours

  1. u r always welcome πŸ˜€

    dont 4get to upload the video – youtube?

    Hope ur last bd @ UoM will always b memorable one

    Happy Birthday Again

    1st time in servi la poudre kentucky dan bd party nu in organise :w00t:


  2. happppppy birthday .. [enfin .. late .. but did wish ya yesterday .. :whistle: ]

    to pe vine vieux .. :p :ninja: :ninja:

    by the way .. nice this new theme .. I hadn’t noticed the transparent effects ..

    its pure css .. nah ? opacity ??

    enfin .. i think so .. coz I use opacity on my hi5 .. :p

    enfin .. enjoyyyyzzz 😎


  3. kV frero!! happy birzD 1ce mor!! sory pan kv bouzé zordi, ti ena tro bcp boulo! nxt yr hopefully si mo enkor Mru!! o fet to enkor rapel kuma to ti ggn kut dizef kan to ti SJC?? moi mo rapel mo ti ggné!! alé ciao.. take care man


  4. Objectif was to try make something special for your last bday at uom..

    got my revenge :devil: :devil:

    cake was very nice :biggrin:

    food was great πŸ™‚ ( despite veg)

    don’t know about others.. but i had a great time


    i think its those little moments that will keep us close even after uom..

    special thanks to all those who took time from their busy schedule, projects and all to come today

    Happy bday again.. :angel:


  5. Ti mari top party zordi la….First time i attended a party organised by university students and that was really really g8 :w00t: …Sinon,couma dire mone blier dire toi happy bd zordi :silly: …well,i say it now…Happy birthday :biggrin:


  6. Another unlucky whose anus s verser :tongue: haPPy birthday dude !!! Plenty of happiness n kids !!! OOPs did it again!! :whistle:


  7. thnks all of u !!!! πŸ˜‰

    to splash:
    the videos are too large, > 60 mb!
    next time, u can try other mixtures, y not a salad to accompany the kentuky?

    to anoop:
    i dont know how it works, i just used a theme

    to javin n splash:
    :unsure: ya still remember! dont remember which group did that to me :angry:

    to vicks:
    thnks for ur gift and to all the friends for finding some time for me, rather a whole day for me :happy:


  8. Happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day πŸ˜† (somebody out there can tell me why we say happy returns of the day for borthdays?)


  9. hey yashvin hier in blier pran 3 kitsoz dan locker…
    rapel bien ki ena dan locker concerning bd party :angel:

    1 bonet + :whistle: + souflet

    ti pou nice si to ti servi zot kan pran foto :angel:


  10. taaaaaaaar to p fer mwa envy al uni pli vit ke posible btw yu hav gr8 n nice frnds to do this 4 yu,anywy happy birth2 :tongue:


  11. :w00t: nice mixture on r head!
    :biggrin: mo le gato mo le gato mo le gatooooooo :blush:
    bonne anniversaire a toi ( personne pane dir en francais so mo dir li moi :biggrin: )


  12. @ James

    pa koner si tone remarker dan combination la tiena la poudre kentucky + jus + yop also… dan video la ena tou details lol

    ti mank zis 1 cerise sure le gato :angel:


  13. gato la pas ti ziste paraite good.. was very tasty also :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Quand next bday la ?? lol

    prediction horoscope ki dire?


  14. koter? :unsure:
    simple sa, ene mo bane cams(jaya) ti en carem n ti frustrer li pas ti p cpv manze non-veg :shocked:
    akoz sa line leve la poudre kentucky depi kot li pu met sa lo mwa :devil:


  15. hmm.. la poudre kentucky.. sa ki bon sa… yashvin ti pe senti bon tou, nec ti ena pou mette dan four..

    ine waste time wait sinon dan plan ti pou ena ene seance craze dizeuf.. et letemps to fini laVe. ti pou ena 2eme la ..:whistle: :whistle:

    splash and myself came with that idea :biggrin: :biggrin:


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