nomadlife Newsletter, my edition….

lol, i think that i will also make my own newsletter 😀
i cant live without nomad…am sure a lot of you have understood this…

so, nomadlife newsletter is at its 2nd issue and its second logo..
i think they are planning to change their logo monthly

according to the interview of the CEO of Navini Networks,
WiMax (the technology which nomad uses) is THE technology […]

Sure, i dont deny this bcoz it works (perfectly well, i suppose) in over 50 commercial networks in the 6 continents.
BUT i dont think that the strategy nomad is using here is working to the expectation of their customers (unsatisfied?) and bounded to 1 yr contract.

Another truc which attacted my attraction, lol,
was on the nomad portal…

Their servers are fast, no doubt
bcoz they work even when u got no connection to any other sites
since they are local & directly on same network as nomad users

ya, for those who dont want to spend their money paying Mauritius Telecom for the endless minutes, waiting for the customer care ( i do salute some of their staff), try to use Nomad Assistant.
“Seems” it solves some of your problems

Some days back, i finally got a visit from a nomad technician(D…..), who was supposed to come about 2 weeks before!

  • He came at home
  • Found no problems (since i changed my modem)
  • Told me that i should have reported that i got no more problems
  • mone rince li akoz li siposer come 2 weeks before!
  • in addition to that, he dared to treat another nomad techician (A…,a friend of mine) as “la monnaie zetter”.
    I immediately reported him!
    affaire a suivre
  • he went away nearly in anger, n
  • told me “politely” to “faire compliments to camarade”

another step which nomad made forward(?) is the upgrade of their forum, some days back it seems and ‘par hasard’, i was passing by…

the admins there didnt find it useful to link the old topics to the new forum,
perhaps because they were all saturated with problems faced by nomad?
lets hope our posts do not dissapear after moderation, at least they cant moderate my post here 😀


Watch Out, nomad is giving away gifts in its newsletter!!!!

  • nomad pendrive
  • nomad photo frame
  • pictures obtained from the “monthly issue” sent to me every month :P, so i think i can publish them wiz no problems koz i am paying for getting them!

Hope the customer care will be able to solve the problems faces with those pen drives and photo frames, haha…

Did u liked my first newsletter ? 😀

26 thoughts on “nomadlife Newsletter, my edition….

Add yours

  1. oh moins! ! mo pa servi nomad aster! ! !mais kpv ecrire books lor nomad sa! ! lol 😆 nice in reali appreciate to read it.thanks a lot


  2. :wassat:

    lol @ the technician though hahaha… as we say “la mare riye la boue :D”

    haha Nomad is no more for me and im happy ever since..thxs for letting me know thre existed a newsletter,haha was unaware of that …lol even Tushal came bye..nice to see ya man..

    me downloaded the pdf file in 3~5 seconds on My.T,im prettey good i thk…

    ohh well i hope your problems are over for Nomad…

    @least they had a bad choice for the name though NO-Mad :D:D


  3. :wub: c tres rose zot newsletter
    ki zot p rod target les filles aster? :ninja:
    target les filles pu subscribe to nomad ofcourse
    ki zot ti p penser zot? :tongue:


  4. to lash:
    it is not really positive but a bit sarcastic :silly:

    to tushal n nil3sh:
    the problems are a bit less since u r gone, but still u know abt those endless hrs where “sorry monsieur, mais nu bane lantennes ena problemes et bane lekips p deja work lo sa la, essaie reconnecter dan 1 hr” :angry:

    to avishna:
    bein les filles wi, il me semble…
    akoz bane tifis pas pu ena meme toupet kant zotte call customer care 😛


  5. EXCUSE ME?? EIN??? ban tifi pa pu ena toupet kan call custoner care?? laisse mo rier do ek mo raconte toi 1 truc
    kan mo ti fek install myt kot moi , 1 merde li pa ti marser so had to call up CUSTOMER CARE. after 1 and a half day mo patience in aller ek in jur zot diplomatikement bref laisse mo saute kelke etapes pur te dir ke one of the directors of telecome (mo cav dir so name la? :ninja: ) 1 certain mr B… called me up personally to appologise n has given a VIP priority to my case :tongue:


  6. Mo douT ki ena dimoune ki still rode prend nomad.. mem si li pli bonmarC.. sa quantiT coute mo ien tend dimoune plaignE la..

    plitot ajoute ene ti cash.. prend something avek telecom.. atleast to connE.. when to bizin li.. li cpave rely on it

    no plus ki to bizin “atan la pluie paC” pou ki send ene mail!! :whistle: :whistle:


  7. 14 screws and 2 bolts… remove the casing, then remove both heatsinks… Gently take out the flesh (circuit board) and boil in hot, boiling water… Add some garam masala, yeast, empty your sugar nd salt boxes, cake paste and bicarbonade. Leave it on a high temperature for about 1 hour and feel the hot aroma everywhere in your kitchen… Add some lentils, baked beans and garlic. For colouring, use acidic food colour, green colour because it looked cool with that colour.
    You may also add whatever you wish to it. At the end, remove the tenderly cooked circuit board and place out of kitchen to allow it to cool. Then, using a 40mm firework rocket, empty the gunpowder (Azagen’s idea) on the circuit board and fire away!!!
    Serve hot and roasted! The dining experience will be a memorable and inspiring revelation!!!


  8. yashvin>> koner..2puis many in connection in krk krk.kpv mo ti pe block tou connection! ! rajiv fini return so nomad! ! ! 1 month li pan gagne connection! ! !nomad pe faire progress! !zot in case mo record.! !mine was 2 weeks wizout connection! !mais boffff..aster hapi kpv servi internet at any banla encore dire faire ping ping ping..sois sir, do you have an anti virus installed on ur pc??lol..sois switch off ur pc.dan 15 minz switch it on…connection pou ok! :getlost:

    meme kpv tire mo connection so manger! ! ! !lol..20 a 30 gb every month! !everyD a new film! ! !

    nil3sh>>au moin.nomad in faire 1 bon travail.a traver li nu in kone many frds! ! like twa..yashvin n othrs.sinon faire gagne to mail..

    Avishna>>yashvin in bien dire..ban gurls la..pena meme touP..zot only dire oui oui quan zot call cc nomad! ! n zot dire pena prob…

    kunal>> to in taste li?li bon? :w00t: :sick:

    vicks>>bien dire sa..r bsn rode soleil! ! si la pluie..bez.soumarin net! ! !lol :devil: :biggrin: r telecom to gagne 1 bon si 2 fois technician myT fini vin kot mwa! ! acoz mo ti pe faire complain too much! ! coz mo ti dire banla ki mo bsn gagne wat i pay! ! lol.

    mo croire mo in ale write un peu too much la! !aler..hv a nice care..wish ya best of luck 4 exams..


  9. tushal; Hi, If you dont believe me well, let me tell you that it was all TAPED and I plan sending the dvd to … hehehe!!! About the taste, it was a complete failure! We had to throw it together with the caray…


  10. @ TUSHAL ( ek tou cki soi disant conne deal ek customer care)
    only 1 kestion has the director of marketing of TELECOME, ever called u home to excuse himself from the ” pti problem technik “??
    eh ben (pur ne pa me venter sa) mai he called me up personally to excuse himself :whistle: and to inform me that he will keep my case on his priority zone.
    TILL now no prob at all :biggrin:


  11. Avishna>>i prefer to deal wiz z job correctly.i can also phn z head of telecom 2 deal wiz him as i knw sm1 who’s head of…… i prefer 2 phn long as they r bein able 2 solve my problem..itz gud.apres ena myT twa?read to contract bien…n dire mwa ban terms lor connection aftr garantie usage..laise mo meme mo fini dire twa.

    My.T Surf Services are intended for normal recreational or educational use by individuals and families and the pricing and
    network architecture have been designed accordingly. Continuous and recurrent excess of usage allowances by
    customers may reduce the performance of the network and thus be detrimental to other customers. In this respect, MT is
    implementing a guaranteed service level for all users within their allocated usage allowance. This service level will not be
    guaranteed for users which exceed the usage allowance since this is beyond the control of MT.

    so as am always exceeding z service level.i dnt find it necesary 4 sm1 there 2 phn me n tel me zat he’s sorry or dnt knw wat! ! ! n pa tro soT jt bcoz sm1 there has phn u n excuse himself …


    bon.zats nt a fght.jt gvin u my views.

    kunal>>pa bsn dire taste in kone imagine

    sinon who amng u encore use nomad/????


  12. @ tushal 1st of all u dont no the nature of my “prob technik which i had”
    customer care pa ti cav solve my prob , instead told me to use dial up (who gona pay for the bill)
    i read my contract , am alrite with it since am no longer paying for the service of myT (figure out to mem kifer boug dan telecome la in call ek kifer mo pa p paye myt).
    just dont give me the shit that gals are bhind guys in watever circumstances
    this is not a fight just my views.
    have a nice day


  13. lol, :blink: very nice discussion wiz wat mo siposer content koz mo p gagne ene tas comments…

    anyway, it was supposed to be “nomadlife newsletter ”
    not MyT Forum :tongue:

    :biggrin: thnks to all of u…
    mo croire mo bisin donne zotte imper kdo!
    ki zotte dire free internet wiz my nomad?, enfin kant li work :silly:


  14. bein its a wrestling ring in here!!

    hey calm down boys and gals..

    both are fighting and by just adding “this is not a fight just my views” won’t change it

    to pou etonnE pou connE couma avishna resourceful et touP la bein li ena li
    :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


    to pe gagen pou servi myT.. sans payE?? samem mo ine comprend la?? cooll :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:


  15. vicks>>nt a fight nothg.jt givin my views..oh jamais mo in target her in ti gv my views in general.
    “bein its a wrestling ring in here!!” mo pe rode ring la! ! kot li eter! ! ! ! :silly:

    Avishna>> sorry if u felt targeted by my ti pe jst gv my general opinion.sorry again…

    yashvin>> mo pan envie join in our discussion! ! !taler gagne baT..kiddin man..wai.nomad newsletter sa.oh yashvin.merci 4 ur gift mais traka prefer pa prnd sa gift la! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol. :biggrin: taler mo pou bsn ale pouce clouds 2 b able 2 use internet! ! ! n thnx,..infct mi glad 2 b here.

    mo croire bsn write 1 myT newsletter tou! ! ! ! ! ! !lol.quan mo gagne time kpv write un peu story lor nomad n myT n post sa lor my website n faire zot gagne add la! !coz webpage, blog under maintenance la! ! !lol.i mean.both r down acoz pa pe gagne time update them.exams dan 69 days mo croire..kpv less meme! ! !n mo pa encore study! !bez nek play online…download reste 2vant pc 18 hrs everyD! ! ! !only god kpv koner ki mo faire sa! ! coz mo meme mo pa koner! ! ! :devil:
    1 more competition nomad la.winner la ti gagne 10 yrs free internet connection bon?10 yrs! ! !

    smthg more 2 vicks n ena myT 2puis un peu letemps.mais 2puis ler mo pa encore pay myT..! ! ! ! ! mo croire 2puis 3 or 4 months mo ena myT! !mo pa encore pay as mo pa encore gagne bill myT meme! ! ! !in faire cc koner..mais comment zot in dire mwa administrative error! !b sa zot problem..

    myT users>>zot connection krk?coz mo kone un peu ban dimoune ki pe faire petition..wai yashvin..same comment ki ti faire quan ti ena nomad! !mo croire sa petition ti faire la.banla pan prnd konte sa.coz mo ti pe follow case la bien.ti pe phn ICTA every week..each time to phn.jamais dimoune responsible la ti dan office! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! this time mo croire banla pe faire smthg else.zot pe met rendez vous telecom tower..faire sign petition la ba meme.drop sa in person..apres dnt knw.coz many pe dire ki parfois durin z D speed drop par mega much..myT 512 vin lor environ 100 kbps! ! !myT 256 vin environ 50 kbps! ! !mwa ena jour mo speed vin meme 70 kbps! ! ! ! mais phn cc tou 2 pe pe ale watch prison break saison 2 episode 20! ! !fek sorti..chaud chaud! ! !lol..a+


  16. lol :silly:

    kot to aller to ramasse prob meme twa, kifer to pas try MTML :ninja:
    kouma dire to soy, kan tone aller, nomad ine ok, enfin preske 😛

    10 ans internet? lol, li ti write a comment in one of my posts n line dire li pas interesser r sa “internet” la since li servi MyT !!!



  17. mo ti ena a doubt lor la.coz a frd ti dire mwa ki li ena in confirm koner.quan mo ti fek prnd ti ena many users.connection was rockin.
    above 120 KB/s download! ! ! imagine twa! ! ! ! !max speed mo ti KB/s! ! !pendant 4 nights..penser hw much download mo in faire! !ti faire environ 35 gb osi.1 week mo pa ti use internet! ! !acoz mo pa ti hm.sinon la.telment ena dimoune ki in prnd myT dan environ sa! ! bez.speed……plito pa coser.speed faire ping pong aster! ! !frm 1KB/s to 50 KB/ pa stable ditou.bien rare mo pe gagne above 40 KB/s! ! !most of z time li pe b btwn 10KB/s a 20KB/s! ! ! ! ! ! ! !nt my fault si many pe prnd sa.! ! ! ! !n mo kone many ki pe kit myT pou adsl.coz ban ceki ena adsl..gagne zot 15KB/s square square! ! ! ! mo ti mit to frd kone ti vin kot bien in prnd 1 resolution..non.revolution! ! !lol..pou study pou sa ban 69 jours la! ! ! pou try 2 mange r sa studies koner who z hell made exams ! ! !!sa osi so tough… 😦


  18. wai..quan mo in kit in faire many kit nomad! ! ! ! ! !to rapel list petition la???many in prnd myT! ! ! ! ! ! !


  19. wai mo koner sa la liste la, mais lol, pane arrive narien as u said laO :silly:

    mwa mo dire twa, reste kot to eter, o moins mo pu koner nomad pu work! koz to ti p block sa forum nomad la la sitan to reste online there :dizzy:

    lol, :sideways: gd luck for ur exams!


  20. non..laise pou vin prnd nomad! ! ! lol..wai..coz sa le temps la.only forum nomad ti pe mo ti lor forum 15hr+! ! ! !lol.wai.merci..n twa osi gud best wishes wiz ya.last yr at uni la?mange r li meme mo in plein r studies..


  21. Hello.
    Just browsing around and noticing the Vanilla Forums script being used by Nomad Live Forums without giving credits to the Vanilla guys 😦
    They suck. They should have credited the Vanilla guys for their hardwork. Sure, they can remove the credits since it’s open source but Vanilla is very good.
    Anyway, you get the point.
    Enjoy the weekend 🙂


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