University Of Mauritius On Econo Mode

A lot has been said in less than one week regarding the financial state of the University Of Mauritius (Express)

Initial Amount missing was 49 millions rupees but after negociation with Authorities, 18 millions have been arranged and most important of all, 11,8 millions of rupees are estimated to be saved if the running costs of the university is reduced. Seems that another 2.5 millions will be saved through arrangements made over the extra duty hours, allocations etc…
According to the article, only 14.2 millions will still be missing
(lol, pu ene fois, mo poor maths p dire mwa ki calcul la pas bon!)

Also, that, if so much can be saved, then surely, much more resources are being used carelessly !

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«Nous allons faire de gros sacrifices sur de nombreuses choses.
Beaucoup d’actions seront réduites au minimum pour les cinq derniers
mois de cette année financière»,
confie un membre du conseil

Now, if u dont want to read the following, u may close this window/tab since the remaining part consists of simply some “stupid things” directly from my mind

My happy hours start here!

(only my close friends know what kind of things happen during the happy hours)

So, how can we reduce running costs of the university of mauritius?

Inspired by the most popular Stupid Political Group
GLOBE – Aneerood.Gajadar

  • Switch Off the Elevators (lifts) – Everyone use stairs!
  • Switch Off those hundreds of lights that are uselessly kept On in the engineering tower!
  • Switch Off those few working fans and Air-conditioners, Everyone must bring their own “L’evantaille rs10!”
  • Use those rs2000 paid to the CSE Department Labs to get something done!
  • Instead of screensavers, cut down electricity consumption by switching off the monitor after amount of inactivity
  • Make adequate use of resources (UoM Vehicles)
  • Dont trim the grass, put cattle. etc to eat them!
  • Provide “Dal Pourri” to visitors or during official functions instead of those costly “pattisseries”
  • Use Students’ Projects to recycle waste materials n for re-use on campus!
  • Make Use of Renewable Energy, again students’ final year projects
  • Lecturers wont like this : Instead of Projectors, use the whiteboard or even blackboard and chalk – “la craie” and students wont like it too, coz they will have to copy in the notebooks 😛
  • Save Money on Photocopy & Official paper works, send mails and provide all lectures on softcopy
  • Make Parking Payant for students…
    This will make them use the facility provided by the government and at same time, money can be collected by those students!

Do you have more ideas to save our uni?

26 thoughts on “University Of Mauritius On Econo Mode

Add yours

  1. TEC v/s uom..

    bein saki mone comprend dan article la.. TEC pas ti connE uom pe fer face banne problems financier.. et tandis ki uom pe affirme ki ine notify banla.. lol.. banens official letter pas garde backup sa.. ti bizin publiE sa ousi dan article l’express la mo penC..:ermm:

    Hehe.. TEC still pe contesT banens chiffres ki uom pe avancE.. eski uom pe zouE role ziste pou augment fees??

    ene comment about the crappy management of uom enkor..
    Bein d’apres uom.. li pe fer lost depuis some years a suivre!!

    bein si asterla li pe capave coupe so depense by 11.8 millions.. pas ti capve fer sa depuis avant mem!!

    since the last 3 years, uom pe fer defaite.. mais combien new employees line recruiT dan sa period la??
    when fer lost.. aulieu diminier cost zotte recuite zotte?

    enfin these were some things that keep me puzzled? :ermm:

    to add up to the list of stupid things that might decrease cost of uom or increase revenue:

    1.Increase library fee for those people who use it!!
    kifer ena special seating arrangement (reserved places)
    for LAW students?? they must pay more library fee

    2.Servi computer labs to give tuition and certification
    courses after 16hr. we already have the hardware and
    insfractructure, y not benefit from them??

    3.Stop financing clubs at uom, some of them don’t seem
    to exist (let them find their own sponsors)

    4.Some courses practically never have students, y keep
    staff for those courses, if ever enough students are
    obtained, we could still look for partime lectures

    5.Too many useless administrative process at uom, cut
    them short, trouve ene facon rapid pou accelere sa banne
    travay la.. less paper work, less people to process
    those paper work and eventually less cost!!

    6.Like library fee is imposed on every student, so should
    the computer lab fee, mo trouve sa pas corek, ki nou
    cse students paye pou lab alors ki cits reste rempli ek
    zeleve ki pas mem paye sa service la (lor hi5)

    7.UOm capave rode sponsors maybe avek ban private
    companies.. fer training vien indispensable, that is
    students all travay pou banens company la.. et instead
    of the students getting paid, uom collects the paychecks
    * uom gagne cash
    * zeleve gagne l’experience
    * Companies gagne cheap workforce
    A win win win situation :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


  2. Hahaha! Good idea the cattle thing! Then there will be a panneau saying “Do not walk on the grass’,or “beware of fresh shits”.
    The issue is why did the govt cut UOM budget and gave it to MGI. Surely there must be some reasons behind. May be the govt is slowly stopping subsidising UOM, and it has to start walking on its own feet. Good bye free education!!!


  3. Mo croir bien, ena mesure pou cut cost fini commence implementer, last week quand mo rente uni about (8am), lights still off in Phase II building…
    And I still remember one of those projectors in the “new” engineering tower going off every 15minutes of activity and it can’t be switched on for the next 5 minutes. So you save 1/4 of the amount of electricity used by the projector :silly:

    As for the lift…plzzzzzzz let it be on, cause i enjoy jumping in them…You guyz can try this too, it’s pretty fun :p Instead, I propose that we implement a paying lift system. talking money, recently there was an article about paying for the toilet, a service provided by some company…I forgot where in Mauritius itself and I heard it’s implemented in various countries as well. So why not introduce paying toilets at the university of mauritius too? Most of us use those toilets 😉 I visit them, minimum twice a day for liquid uploading purposes :p

    A+ :devil:


  4. Ena trop bocu issues involve ladan.. mais mo pa croire ene institution kuma MGI bizin plis d argent ki faute dedan mo penser c politic…


  5. “Dont trim the grass, put cattle. etc to eat them!”

    :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :whistle: :whistle:

    nice this one :biggrin: :biggrin:

    enfin .. UOM could try looking for some sponsors or something like that .. :ninja:

    I dun think that increasing the fees will prove out a solution [ though it really seems that fees will climb :cwy: ]

    enfin .. :whistle: :whistle:


  6. :ninja:
    Banne camarades, mo p suivre saki p arriver depuis ici, mo finne trouve ene grand solution!!!
    Dire UoM ecrire ene “Letter of Incompetence”.
    Pas bizin gagne honter pu fer sa.

    Lerla, vende universiter la a ene autre examination body eg. Cambridge ou ene univ dans Australie!!!
    Niveau banne cours la pu monter ek peutetre administration pu meilleur (Acoze mo ti bizin PAYE Rs 500 Pu gagne mo transcripts!!!)


  7. ola
    zot croire MGI pa gagne prob argent :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
    blieve me mo in work laba as stagiere , ban bez zot mama la pa encore paye mo mem!!! bref MGI p fer so travail , li p increases courses which is on demande, ki pu fer bizin donne li cash pu paye so lecturers etc ek btw zot ena 1 cost cutting policy laba ki p work.

    now for ur prob of financiere, ben i have a solution
    kifer donne ban grand palto la duty free, fringe benefits,allowance kan zot all fer mission aborad, reduce their missions premierement ki pa vo 1 clou, then uni louer so otavier la li gagne mari pitaye r ha.
    i blieve ena ki steal the money for their own personal expenses. ena 1 dimoune kot zot , kelkun de haut placer ki ti p use gardener de UOM pu fer des travaye kot li pendant les heures de travail… :ninja:

    N LIFTS PA PU ELIMINATE ( y?coz simply eleves pu montent 6 storeys, arrive dan classe zot body temp in increase, they r hot, wat they will ask for? MET VENTILATERE resulting in more electricity consumption!!)

    mo ban compatriotes, mo laisse zot , mo pu continue imper pli tar….kan mo ventilatire re commence travail :silly:


  8. tone blier ene zaffaire Avishna, fodait ventilateur in 6th level la work…zamais mone al try sa 😛

    et mo pena intention aller, attention kant arrive lo 6eme, zotte switch off the lifts! :blink:
    lerla mo pu bisin desan 6 levels :dizzy:


  9. MGI pa kav bizin plis l argent ki uom…li ena bocu moins zeleve ki uom.. :getlost: bane gran palto la, zot pa bizin uom pu zot vivre zot, si aret donne zot sa bane faciliter la, zot bien kav kitte pays la aller, coz dehors zot pu gagne bocu plis frik ki zot p gagner dan morice, then pu ena bane professer ki ti p fer class Hsc ek nou ki pu vne fer class dan uom… :getlost:


  10. Uom can stop to employ so many part time lecturers ,im doin bsc political science i have only one full time lecturer.MOreover ,their are many people in the staff who are tutors to note that some of them pena experience and by times we have to teach them . will be more easy to employ full time lecturer aster si pena lecturer kave employ the graduate who are leaving uni ..yeah idea of cattle is great ..we do have them in agriculture dep ..cows as well ena and i say nu bisin faire class under trees pas pu bisin ventilateur ni electricity .Enplus de ca in eng tower 8th floor ,infinity has taken some room for to train people..i guess they should be payin some rent for that ..kapav give some more room for rent there pu gagne imper kass …


  11. Yashvin 1 lot idea…

    zours octavier /lecture theater free kav broadcast film labas kuma la salle cinema [mank sa lor campus]

    since Stars/ABC n so on billet tro cher kav profiter fer li environ 3/4 normal price :w00t:

    ki zot penser???

    dan class ki mo eter la nu abitier amen film nu geter dan common… selma ena tro tapaz labas
    pa ti pou mal sa idea la… :angel:


    En passant as Roushdat said Phase II had no electricity on Wed Morning!
    Alors class pratik pa tiena…

    only Phase II was out of electricity – where most of the computers are [Lab 1, MCIT, ICT incubator, project Labs, CITS] – in fer mari economie even if for some hours only!!!

    si sa continier kav cut cost of electricity more n more!!!


  12. Ok 1 original idea for fund raising…

    Le 14 Feb FoA can do a fund raising activity selling Roses on the campus :angel:

    Dan place ban diff club rode sponsors pou finance zot club bizin rode sponsor pou finance UoM aster!!!


  13. to Splash:
    to bane ideas top! :tongue:

    another idea to be added:
    si Faculty of Agriculture ena cocotiers,ti cpv vend the cocos during lunch:P
    n marketing students could help to find buyers
    n finance students would keep the accounts
    n law students will ensure everything is legal
    n we, cse students, we will buy them :cheerful:


  14. Delo coco during lunch time sa???
    Mari bon surtout during summer n the high temperature!!!

    Gagne la creme tou lerla

    En passant ena pou kav acheter coco banane tou sa pou al Grand Bassin lerla 😉

    CSE students will buy them???
    better create a program for Stk control :biggrin:


  15. :blush:
    c domage uni morice ti ena an image
    aster its breaking :cwy:
    i still have one great idea ki personne pa le ecouter make me the director of studies!! weweeeeee :silly:
    actually increase the fees of entry is 1 step coz face reality in dcdm we pay huge amounts of money per month mai zot c ke 1 fois lannee!! so 1 increase (pa pa hugeeeee increase ti pu ok)
    DONT HINT ME its just a suggestion fioufs kan coze casse zot tou get gro gro eyes :blink:


  16. Hi…

    Mauriciens pa content payer pou tout zafer ki zot gagner.. la aussi zot pa reconnaissant are saki zot gagne gratis…


    1 mesure pou UoM kave survive c essaye fer 1 lobbying envers ban compagnie privees pou finance ban cours specialisees… ex: CMT and RT KNITS LTD pou textile… and Advertising AGencies for Communication STudies Students…

    parski, en tant ke Commn students we pay for tution fees and once, it happens that we were without a lecturer for 7 weeks.. finally, we had a to do another module from 2nd semester when we were in Year 2-Semester 1… et sa aussi dans 1 temps extraordinaire de 6semaines+ submit project!

    electives aussi pareil.. commn students never get apporpriate electives… and even the faculty SSSH… zot staff la mort torat net! pa kave conter sa kantiter laguerre nous ine gagner are zot!



  17. Bein.. policy at uom, si pas gagne letemps fer kitsoz dan class.. zotte ziste tire li dan examen.. as if it was never in the syllabus..

    i STILL think the best idea is the training program i suggesteD

    :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
    mette tuition fees.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  18. turn off the lifts, some people don’t want to go to one floor by foot.

    Besides the lift used there is 3 phase 215V US type elevator which 400V ceb passed through a stepdown transformer.

    The motor does not heats up like ordinary 400v motor only a warm temperature with NO internal fan to cool it down .

    I am talking about the Mitsubishi elevator


  19. tousa specs la about nou lift!! :silly:

    mo ziste connE.. when tro ouvert fermE sometimes alarm blows off :angel: :angel:

    et aussi when sauT ladan.. at times li arreT in between floors :angel: :angel:

    anyway.. ine arrete servi de toute facon.. stairs are a nice and healthy way :biggrin: (Quicker also )

    another dump idea.. capave send longane!! ena imP these days pres cot excommon..


  20. lol, i didnt know that a mitsubishi engine was driving that thing :sideways:

    nor that longanes ine commence rapporter!

    demain longanes dan classe networks haha :tongue:


  21. bizin ferme luniversite paye ban lecturer bel bel lapaye acoz sa cot bien high.. nec check combine ene lecturer gagner par mois. ene part time lecturer gagnes de fois plis lapeaye ki ene full time lecturer


  22. to mcofee:

    thnks for ur comment but i sincerely think that u r not getting to the real point here…

    wat the lecturers get is the award of their studies…
    perhaps u dont acknoledge the hard work being done by most of them, the studies etc etc.

    its about the handling of the university here, the management of everything.

    i dont think that if u have done an bsc, msc, mba or phd, u will agree to get a salary which is given to a sc r hsc holder.

    sorry, but u r correctly wrong here.
    perhaps u can elaborate more on your point for us to confirm if u r right about ur view…


  23. Hey guys i think its great time to build a green society on the campus of UoM. A team should be buid who would sensitise/educate the students about making UoM green.

    I am already working on such a project and i am looking forward to create this society. I need a very dynamic team and any ideas is welcomed.


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