Congrats 2 our lecturer!

today in our “Distributed Systems” lecture, we did something which i think made everyone pleased and satisfied for those who were in lecture ( physically at least 😛 )

we offered a gift ( glass-trophy) to our lecturer, mrs Dr Sh.Baichoo for 2 main reasons

  • she got her doctorate
  • for her patience toward us since the nearly last 3 yrs as lecturer and also as course coordinator

The ceremony was held at 1430 after the lecture in the engineering tower, room 4.2 – The famous one, with all its fans working at full speed now!
sorry for the sound quality and the small video pause on me (found at the end 😀 )

Or Watch it here

Fadil (‘classe capitaine’) was kind enough to hand over the gift to Dr Sh.Baichoo and he assured greatly as the “maitre de ceremonie” wiz his small speech !

10 thoughts on “Congrats 2 our lecturer!

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  1. HEHe. the trophy idea was nice.. i think originated by fadil..

    and the best part of the video was when Dr baichoo said.. “apres tousa zouRe mone zoure zotte la” lol :tongue:


  2. Hmmm was a nice moment! 🙂 Think she was agreeably surprised by the gesture, and didn’t really know what to say…

    Lol yeah… just before that she accused me of grinning too much in class! :cheerful:


  3. very pleasant moment indeed… both for madame baichoo and for us also.

    samem zafer ki vicks in dir la, ki mo pa ti compran kan madam baichoo ti dir sa.

    thx vicks, sinon mo ti pu res kalkiler mem



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