Tagged Again by Kyu!

Unexpected tagging by Kyu
But its a rather short tag wiz only 10 simple questions, nothing to worry then!

  1. Pseudo?
  2. Pourquoi ce pseudo?
  3. Dernier coup de coeur littéraire?
    aucune idée!
    le dernier bouquin sur ma table etait ….., oops, il n’en a jamais eu!
  4. Anime, manga ou comic US préféré?
    pas branché télé, mais j’adore malcom et 24 hr chrono
  5. Gouts musicaux?
    hmm, techno, dance, sega et compagnie…
    surtout pas de hard rock!
  6. Groupes écoutés actuellement?
    pas de preference, tous ce que je peux télécharger gratuitement 😛
  7. Suis tu la mode
    plutot non…la mode me suit 🙂
  8. Comment te decrirais tu?
    sa va etre difficile…
    plutot cool & amical…
    pourkoi vous faites pas un tour sur mon profile sur hi5?
  9. Comment as tu trouvé ce questionaire?
    simple et court!
  10. Qui vas tu tagger maintenant?
    Tout le monde car il n’y a pas de limite…
    la liste va etre plutot longue…on commence par

Maintenant on va voir qui va repondre favorable a ce tag!

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9 thoughts on “Tagged Again by Kyu!

Add yours

  1. lol, ya seems so…
    really :dizzy:

    on ur main blog page, the 2 other questions do appear but in the post itself, magic :blink: , those 2 questions are nowhere to be seen :alien:

    anyway, lets the tag continue like that 😆
    cheer up!


  2. Thanks for tagging me pal. For the moment, I’m not able to access me blog. I don’t know. For any blogs hosted on the blog.mu domain, there appears a Council of Country Code Administrators page……

    Are you able on your side to access them like mauritian.blog.mu and kyusphere.blog.mu?

    Does anybody know what’s wrong?


  3. hi hans…
    thnks for the tag but u r a bit late, james tagged me with the same thing, some days before…
    dont worry, those 70 answers will be right here in this blog in some seconds, minutes, hours, days or may be weeks :devil:

    am just a little bit busy right now…



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