Download the internet!

Has any of you tried to download the internet?
{check out picture below}

I let you imagine the headache if you are using or even for the ADSL users who are bearing the consequences of the earthquake…
Many of you are still complaining about the slow internet…but this doesn’t seem to be a problem with nomad as its always on “Slow mode”

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  1. lol same here, The speed is not stable at all, sometimes its very fast, and sometimes i feel like i am back to plain simple dial up! 🙂


  2. Strange, I am getting better speeds of late! I am currently tweaking TCP settings on the computers and routers to get better performance. So far changing the MTU has helped.

    Alternatively, the fact that I use telecom plus staff as a form of stress relief by shouting at them regularly may also be a factor in improved speeds 😛


  3. to ‘dev/random’:
    exactly the same here….
    when i need to de-stress, i call nomad customer care n have a long chat wiz them,
    up to the point that when sometimes i call them n announce my name,
    they even hold the call n say to others
    “Yashvin has called! :dizzy: ”
    but forgot that i could hear what they said!

    ya,it happenned a few times! :silly:


  4. hmm.. not really having problems :whistle: :whistle:

    still downloading at an average of 48-52kbps with both flashget and dc++ :angel: :angel:


  5. i think theres a problem at mt. when my connection speed is at its minimum, i have observed that my ip address shifted from……. to adsl tplus…….
    dont know, maybe i should adopt the mt staff as a form of stress release too 🙂
    :angel: :angel:


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