Nothing to post? then?

lol, i feared this moment since i started to blog:
“What happens when u got nothing interesting to post?”

This situation is unpredictable and the solution is either to dig into your mind to get something out or give some holidays to your blogging hobby until you get something new to write.

Coincidentally, seems that i got nothing good to blog too…
but i finally landed with this post, a post with some words which mean nothing…

But dont worry, u wont be so bored after all….

Have a look at this blog :

Am managing that blog since now more than 2 years and will be doing so for some 5 months more….afterwards, i dont know yet to whom of my uni-class-mates i will “passe le flambeau” since probably and hopefully i will end my 3 yr course…

The blog is a way for me to show how my friends and myself have been & are living as uni students, with lots of pictures and comments…
Check it out!

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