Planning for a picnic

well, those mails we send among class mates are always a pleasure to read, except when it concerns assignment things, delays etc…

here are some extract for a picnic to be held on thursday:
from organisatrice(zainab):

mone fer ene list tou ban zafer ki zot bizin amener, check out…

  • Snacks (e.g biscuits, chips) : Mantasha + Yashvin + Dhotah + Fadil + Frederic
  • Goblets : Yasmina
  • Tissue paper (pack of tissue carrer or rouleau kitchen paper; pou souille la bouche sa, pas amene toilet paper!!) : Yashvin
  • Natte : ย Zainab + Yasmina + Kevin
  • Couto pou coupe di pain + 1 cuillere + 1 fourchette : Sandra
  • Soft drinks : pou acheter
  • Di pain : pou acheter
  • Ketchup + piment : Fadil
  • Salade : Jaya
  • Petit plat inp fond pou melange salade : Sandra
  • Cooler bag : Zainab
  • Parasol de plage : Zainab
  • CD pou ecouter en route : Yashvin + Fadil
  • Van : Kevin
  • Manger (poule frire) : Zainab

well, here some replies following that mail:

From Yashvin:
bein sinon, mo ena ene pack papier “sablette” kot mwa…
no prob, mo ammene sa pu zotte avec plaisir ๐Ÿ˜€

From Fadil :
well we be having ketchup fights?
ou bien zouer telephone ek ban goblets la?

From Yashvin :
or nu pu ena jaya pu zouer pot ๐Ÿ˜›

From Zainab:
goblets pou to boire! lol! to capave boire la lagoule si to ler…

more to come but i wont mention those…

Now next post on thurday to describe our day at Le Morne Plage…
Activities : swimming, playing pot, zouer telephone r goblets, pousse van si en panne, batte soffeur n hmm, lets be imaginative for that day! we will c!

4 thoughts on “Planning for a picnic

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  1. ya, i forgot… :tongue:

    the most important thing is the van!
    if van=present then
    une journee a le morne :whistle:
    une journee a bassin canard, reduit!:dizzy:
    end if


  2. Hey buddy, forget the programming a bit, it’s holiday man ;P

    hope you’ll have a nice time ๐Ÿ˜‰ and yeah it’s the greatest occasion to hang outside with this temperature ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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