Village, la ville….Ca continue!

After the debate about my previous post regarding “la ville & Village” and some interesting comments collected there, below is an extract of an article appearing in an issue of L’express.

village, laville2

«My parents don’t accept my boyfriend because he comes from a village»

My name is R and I am a 19 year old woman. The first time I met L, we fell immediately in love with each other. For eight months, we had the most wonderful relationship, he was sweet and caring, always there when I needed him.

Unfortunately my parents got to know that I was dating L and that he comes from a village. We were so much in love that we wanted to carry on regardless. It was mostly my mother who objected. My father did not care either way and we were hoping that one day we would look for his help to persuade my mother. Unfortunately, my mother found out that I was still dating L despite her objections.

My father then decided to sort things out and agreed to meet L in my presence. When my father asked him where he has decided to live after we marry, L said that he was going to live in his village at his parents’ place. My father tried to dissuade him from that idea. When he asked me what I thought, I said that I agreed with my father and we should live in town and also because of the possibility of relational problems between his parents and me.

He became very angry and told me that he did not love me any more. His parents heard what had happened and told him that my family was not worth the bother. He even told me to check where my next boyfriend lives before going out with him. What should I do? Wait for him or move on. I love him with all my heart, please help me.Â

Well, its sure that despite living in a modern world, some people havent yet removed this perception that ‘villages are inferior to towns.’

One thing for sure, i advise everyone that the next time they gonna fall in luv with someone, please have a look at either the student pass or a CEB/CWA bill before deciding on anything… This will help a lot !

One thought on “Village, la ville….Ca continue!

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  1. lol i can’t seem to see whats the difference between living in a village or la ville??

    IS the problem really about living in a village or with in-laws??

    enfin.. si bolom la ti pou ask me same question.. bein mo ti pou reply mem zafer ki sa garson la ine dire..

    mo pou reste avek mo parents
    :biggrin: :biggrin:

    bein plis ki 28 ans ou 30 to parents gette..prend toi soins.. et ziste quand arrive ler pou ki toi to fer something pou zotte.. bein.. some rode move away.. ki serti..


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