kozekk.tk : The Mauritian Jokes Forum

Do you like jokes?
more especially “Bane dialogs moriciens?” or those jokes which sometimes are funny with no meaning at all, the “koze kk”?

Try this search :

Well, i think that u should have a look at http://www.kozekk.tk, a phpBB forum, with lots of jokes in Creole, English, French and we even got a polish girl there 😛

There are hundreds of jokes & am sure u will love them just like the existing members there… but u got to register yourself freely in order to be able to read those jokes!


7 thoughts on “kozekk.tk : The Mauritian Jokes Forum

  1. kozer kk!! si mo soeur in vin met un dialogue lot koter,tou ban dialogue fail.
    tellemem kk li kozr,zot mor ar rier :tongue:


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