finally in hols!!!

The semester has finally come to an end!


For sure, the semester was not so easy going with those assignments but it was much nicer than in Year 2!
But the coming days are not going to be so cool as

  • Big final year project to work on
  • Assignments
  • Revision for a test scheduled in first week of next semester
  • Some web site re-design for that of and also
  • Update my personal web site which has been left abandoned since beginning of semester!

Apart from that, hope that i can at least go for a mountain climbing wiz friends… and among some of the plans already organised, we gonna to the seaside on the coming thursday
also i hope that i can pass some time wiz my only one
Happy Holidays to myself and to all my friends

but still one last semester to go & then, for sure, am gonna miss that uni life!

4 thoughts on “finally in hols!!!

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  1. Wai happy holidays!!!
    ene xtra holiday p atane nu la :dizzy:
    En passant mo p gagne riyer ek photo la….1st yr ca??? guet nitin so cv :tongue:


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