Wearing My Nomad t-shirt in Infotech

Today, i went to the Infotech 2006…

lol, nothing interesting there as usual !

Except perhaps me, who was trying to make some fun out of nomad with my t-shirt!

Not really fun, koz i was promoting nomad..haha, in my own way.

The Nomad agents were very friendly koz most of them were from uni & i knew some of them. They could not tell me anything, btw, what could they have told me? lol They just admired that new design on the tshirt…

As from now, if the tshirt doesnt get spoilt while in the washing machine, i will put it quite often to show how I love nomad

Apart from nomad, the hostesses of Emtel Stand were too good and that BMW in the Nokia Stand was superb except the large amount of dust on it. btw, did u know y it was there? Well, to promote the use and sale of Mobile Kits while driving! The other stands were not that great either…

To those who think am mad to do this, perhaps yes koz nomad made me like zat… At least I got the guts to do this… N u did what???

Any comments about Nomad or Infotech 2006???

18 thoughts on “Wearing My Nomad t-shirt in Infotech

Add yours

  1. Wai to pane amen mwa ensam pli tne deman mo sis neha laid pu ecrire dan to t-shirt,apr to p fer acteur ar ban hostess emtel hmm..


  2. Thats brilliant buddy way da go! I wish i was there to witness the looks on the face of the nomad people loooooooooool ..really funny am gonna link to your blog entry..excellent!


  3. hmm, latest design…, t-shirt la tro top….., clearly displays the immense lov zat u hav for nomad…lol…
    keep it up…, nomad deserves it….


  4. went at infotech today
    wish i read ur blog first
    coz nothg was interesting…. except the cowgirls at emtel
    and u rite the car with lots of dust on it !!!
    n nomad i clearly refused it pamplet coz IT REALLY SUCKS!!! so well said on the tshit hihihih ihihih 🙂


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