Powerful Herbicide-Pesticide lol :P

lol, something quite funny happened today… Well, it all started on Sunday morning on which my uncle came to see meif i had any product to spray on his lemon tree so that they could grow better n kill other unwanted insects (bof, pu aide limons la grossi). I spotted a bottle fitted with its spraying equipment in the store and thinking that it was the same product that my dad used to spray on our lemon trees, I handled it to my uncle.

What I didnt know was that the bottle in question was a herbicide or some pesticide, haha! It was used to kill wild grass in the garden!

Well, today, 2 days after, when I returned back home from uni, my uncle called me. When I went there, lol hahaha, his lemon tree was in a pitiful state! I laughed a lot at the sight of the lemon tree since some days before it was flourished with lots of leaves and lemons growing here and there!

Half of its leaves were lying on the ground with some lemons together… Any gust of wind caused more of them to fall down. Below u can see how the leaves have withered!

Here, the state of the healthy lemons after having sprayed the magical product 2 days before…

It was then that my dad told me that it was pesticide or herbicide that i gave my uncle! But I told them one thing that is 100% sure. The Pesticide or herbicide turned out to be very efficient as in a matter of only 2 days it reduced a healthy tree to nothing !

7 thoughts on “Powerful Herbicide-Pesticide lol :P

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  1. tousa laplein ki mo papa fer,tou le jours li aroz li,pran soin e twa,tne fer li vin tourni,pied la kuma ban actrice ki p pran poz dan bikini.


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