Nomad….ene lot encore!

lol, this time, the nomad is for another classmate, Yogesh!

this nomad is in a 5 star hotel, lol
(hey yogesh, paint sa boite la kant meme! imper respect to the
High Speed internet without wires!!!)
check it out!!!

All these, to show u how reliable nomad is…
thanks nomad !!!

ps: if u have ur modem in same conditions, do send me a picture!

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  1. hi,
    its the first time i come to your blogg and its really amazing concerning nomad:So my experience is that 1 year ago i’ve been pentesting nomad network and find many vulnerabilities and a good guy i just got a meeting with shankar and the other crazy guy name vishal and i explained all the vul.. “et zot fine promete moi bocoup de chose et li fine remercoie moi” how stupid vishaal is he set up the network and put all the device on http with default facory settings like there router ect… and after this guy “line rode piege moi parceki line per li perdi so place parceki li pa fine securise naniee”so he set up a fake page so as when i get in i will be monitored and how stupid i was i enter the clone site of the router and after when the director was abroad he and a woman some of the customer care i think hey suspend my nomad and they gave me a rendez vous and at my great surprise vishal with his samrt smile told me things that i didn’t do and accuse me of have made a denial of service and that they loose about 1000 clients and i’m sure that he made that just to conserve his palce.anyway nomad is really cheap coz you cannot as an isp use a server 2003 to feed over 10000 client that for a lan not on wan.And i cn still say that nomad is still not safe coz thay have many hole in there system but “mo pa pou refer meme erreur to report again apres mo gagne coup de pied dans F…” but i hope that the director come across this little introduction and they can contact me for details.Mauritian company is really cheap they don’t even know whats a white hat or”hack” we are not those black hcrackers we are just here to resolve problem.
    again thanx for this blogg you want to know more about vulnerabilities of nomad just mail me


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