Nomad… nouveau cazotte..

well, my nomad gallery series continue…

This time, an exclusivity!

well, its the modem of my x-classmate, Kunal, a real pro in inventing things, doing great animations with his maya software and much more…

without forgetting his special speaking style with a lots of “f***” words..

well, here is his funny modem!

Funnier than mine !!! tire sapo r sa piti la!

U can have a look at mine here..

some quick facts :

  • His modem is installed on the roof (2nd floor)
  • Security : a simple ‘cadenas!’ lol !
  • Cables : a 30 m LAN cable together with its power cable
  • Connection : depends upon probability and cloud coverage

I will soon put new pics of my 2nd nomad,yah 😦

Just before i return it at the end of the 1 yr contract…

Sure, it will be memorable since it is in a “condition pitoyable!!!”

Comments welcomed


48 thoughts on “Nomad… nouveau cazotte..

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  1. i think it must be water proof or else, the modem would long be drenched in the rain!
    well, the nomad is for a friend but i think u can do the same thing while using a “CEB box”…
    or there are other electrical boxes that can be used since they are waterproof…

    another modem picture would be soon online too 😛


  2. nice idea! But hey Yashvin would all this effort do a great change, what’s the use of *trying* to get full signal when the speed is most of the time the same? My cousin is on a 128kps from Nomad and I’m on a 64kps but the browsing speed seems the same.


  3. it doesnt not do anything to the connection speed…

    in fact, we try to make the modem directly in the “ligne de mire” of the antenna..
    in this way, we hope that we will not be disconnected due to loss of signal…

    the speed depends on the saturation of the antenna from which u r receiving “high speed internet”


  4. Well friends, you see what happens when you get a shitty service!!! I’m kunal, the creator of the nomad box i made.
    The signal is 8/8 and quality is 7/8!!! But the connection is shit/shit!!!
    You “HAVE” to find some shortcuts, right now i’m looking for a balloon that the meteo people use. I think that shitty line of sight is directed into space. Maybe they are trying to kill the UFO’s with such a connection!
    Anyway, thats why i’m trying to send that piece of f*** high up on that balloon, and see if i get a better connection…


  5. Kunal kifer to pa amen to boite r toi infotech???

    to presente to service toi si
    mo sire tou aboner nomad pou intereser pran 1 box

    tone pense PME???
    to kav fer to prope business toi si 😛


  6. Weh,
    Just a little help from you experts on Nomad would really help:

    I’d like to get a decent connection to internet without the fuss of ‘bricolage’, nor too expensive (allowable budget: MAX. Rs1,100.00 monthly)

    Alors, do you recommend me to go for Nomad or T+??

    Merci boukou d’avance!

    – AGG


  7. lol, si to envie economiser, go for nomad…

    bein sinon si to bisin a connection 100% reliable n fast, go for myT!

    aster si to envie try wireless, lol, go for nomad again with all its inconveniences…

    good luck for ur choice


  8. Splash November 17th, 2006 10:11 pm

    preciser par wireless

    im on MyT + Enjoying Wireless LAN
    Good Choice

    U have Wifi capabilities for nomad also?
    No, Wimax but slow

    does it provide u with router?
    No Not at all just a modem for one computer


  9. for MyT b it with Wireless LAN or Wired LAN – u dont c the difference – u can surf at same speed even if the signal is very very low :p


  10. Hey les z’amis de Dodoland!

    Hier mo’nn prend mo ti rabbit de Nomad.
    Apres avoir fievreusement entrepris de monter the truc, wow, mari vite ça installation la.

    mais zis après, autant mo ti impressioner par facilité installation, autant mo’nn gagne deception quand mo’nn trouve so “vitesse”…

    Mo’nn alle check hotmail: c enn test revelateur sa. Mem GMail, download speed ti a-peu-pres correct.
    Mo’nn lance 2 bittorrents pou download, et la…

    Et la, ct la vraie deception, cher compatriote Dodolandais! A-soir dowload rates as follows
    8pm – 2kbps
    9pm – 1.6kbps
    10pm – 1.1kbps
    11pm – 0.8kbps
    03am – 0.1kbps
    04am – 0.0kbps
    06am – 0.2kbps
    07am – 0.1kbps

    Ayo, pou resumer… Bizin resumer? 🙂

    Enfin, i’ll rate it on a daily basis, until the deadline for returning the thing.

    More to come soon…


  11. haha…welcome to the nomad world mr akash!

    sure, check out the Nomad Forum on, to pu cpv express to contentement koz ena centaines other users ki p plaigner kouma twa…

    to encore bon la to p ressi gagne 1 or 2 kB/s.
    kant to pas pu gagne connection ditout, then to pu pli content encore

    anyway, thnks for using new technologies, lol


  12. two weeks left till i return my nomad but I am using myt from now no problems at all.

    As for nomad modem i am bring it to my friends place to see how slow it is and advise them not to take it


  13. I see many people stating that they are waiting for their subscription to expire before they can return that piece of shit to their shitty owners!!! (Falou +)
    Nomad can shub their shitty contract up their shitty ass, i say, whenever somebody wants to return that piece of shit, he may do so WHENEVER he wants!
    It wasn’t mentionned in their shitty contract that the f*** modem has a below-shit connection speed!
    Plus, that shitty modem heats up to such an extent that i can heat the whole house in winter…


  14. Mes chers compatriotes du Dodoland,

    Enfin libéré du jour dominateur et esclavagiste de Nomad.

    Nargnié à dire: marketing Nomad imbattable. Aster mo’nn koner ki-faire bann candidats No Limit Challenge ti ena figir zombie apres zot parcours dans sa marathon televisé la: c parski tellement connection Nomad lent, zot bizin veiller mem, veiller mem, veiller mem… Ziska lizier vinn kouma-dire pomme d’amour Taiwan!

    Bon, resumons:
    1- I took the Nomad rabbit from the Nomad stand at Infotech out of curiosity

    2- I started noting down the download rates achieved over more-or-less regular intervals

    3- tired of waiting, i dropped the monitoring of the download rates.

    4- calculus simplex: if CWA promised to supply you a 1,000 litres of water per day with a pipe diameter 5cm, and then u effectively receive only a half-full glass of water per day, what would you do to CWA? Same reasoning applies to Nomad: they promised 64k/s. I would have agreed to get AT LEAST half of 64k/s, but i barely reached 4 k/s for some seconds, peaks of 6k/s at times, but never more!! Not even 10% of their promise! Si marketing ti rempli ventre… :ermm:

    5-I’ve dropped the rabbit at cyber tower (well before the expiry date of my trial period) with a huge sigh of relief: i just hope no-one gets embroiled in such a huge waste of time :wassat: they promised to send me a cheque to reimburse my deposit. Mo ti preske envie dire: “non merci, keep the change!”

    6- Armand sez that he’s exceeding speed limits! 🙂 Well, are you trying to buy ppl like me into MyT (by the way, strange word play here: ‘MyT’ = “mighty”? Somewhat macho/egocentric, hein?)

    Allez, enough Nomad bashing! They’ll die on their own because the recent price change of high-debit connections will surely knock them out…

    Cheers les z’amigos!


  15. hi akash! 😉

    too good ur comment!
    lol, franc tout, mo tire sapo r seki tone wite :whistle:

    as for the myT thing, lol, i never took it as “mighty” :devil:
    well, badinage apart, meme zotte ti pu appelle sa “Mari” ti pu bisin accept, telecom so service top n thats y li cpv call itself whatever koz u get what u pay for…

    Nomad = No, its Mad :angry:

    bein, sinon, merci pu to visit ici, n hope to pu be back soon 😛


  16. after reading all ur complains about nomad , am soooooo happy am on myt…..:happy: koi ke moi ossi mo ti p gagne prob r myt mai tou in dresser ek la mo ena data cable,usb ek wireless on it (wi wi 2 pc ek 1 laptop) connected to that live box and guess wat?? the connection is PERFECT, kan tou les 3 ordinateurs lor full capacity download ben connection is 15kb parla.:biggrin:
    moreover that thg on myt that ur connection drops after 1 gb is shit!!!! it stays at 256kb!!!! guys wat u waiting for??? throw ur stupid nomad away, ena mo tand dir p use ballon de meteo pu gagne connection :whistle:.
    zot p payer pu gagne quality so y not pay telecom instead of nomad? bon marcher coute cher 😎

    p.s saleman de nomad mem dir , cav retourn modem la kan zot envie coz pane dir nanien dan contract ke u have to stick to 1 year
    cheers Avishna


  17. :whistle: 240 !!!!!!!!!

    wow… :w00t:

    as for the contract thing, it depends on the contract u made…for me its 1 yr n am currently dealing with them to get a waive off on my monthly fee because of the slowness :ermm:


  18. Well I downloaded DU Meter to rate the speed, Use someone who has MyT then you can tell me if its is good or best. If Telecom guarantees you speed then they mean it.

    Not Nomad all they said my computer has a spyware, virus, other programs using the net thats slowing it down. why do they plug the modem on their pc to show me the speed. They did not.

    As from comments by Akash November 28th, 2006 10:54 am P6


  19. My nomad subscription of 1 yr is almost over now & i’ve already switched on to My.T. Well well.. what to say about NOMAD?? Its just a bad experience… no more comments !!! Those who have been on the forum of knows what i’m talking about. Anywayz, let bygones be bygones !

    Now for My.T, it’s just perfect…. no need to stand near yr window with yr modem or having to call customer care every time or install ballons :silly: to get signals (Download: ~240 kbps, download speed: ~30 kbps) :w00t: . I’m having a small technical problems for the tnt channels but that will also be resolved soon.. just need to re-position my antenna !

    I was reluctant to go for My.T due to an overdoze of problems with nomad, BUT BUT BUT after having My.T installed at my place this week-end, i’m more than satisfied with the service !!!


  20. to kevin:

    pour commencer, c YASHVIN, lol, tout sa places kot mo nom ine ekrire la ici lo sa blog la 😛

    na, to pas pu cpv increase li par to lekipment meme, mais c dan zotte office ki dresse sa settings vitesse la, koz r meme modem, to cpv gagne ene connection 128 and 512…
    hope sa repond to kestion.


  21. I don’t see the point of all this spending to get a decent connection. It defeats the purpose of having a wireless modem that you can move around, whenever you feel like it. I use the 256kbps myt connection with utorrent and it works flawlessly. I also swapped the livebox(which do have wireless capability but only for 15-20m) for a dlink high power wireless modem and thus have a wider range for my wireless connection for all my computers and laptops everywhere in my house and garden. your setup whilst is is very interesting, cannot be moved and has no option for multiple wireless connection. So why not use the myt connection?


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