Village, la ville…pourkoi cette attitude?

Note/Attention :
This article may bring prejudice to us, thats is u and me, the ‘villageois’!
Also, i apologize to anyone feeling bad about this article since i know, it does has an effect on ‘villageois’!
The behavior described below is not generalized but it unfortunately does exist among us, mauritians!

Sa piti la sorti Triolet sa ou meme ene villageois sa! Pena maniere

mo sire, zotte fine deja tan dimoune koz koume sa or meme, zotte meme fine deja dire something like that to someone¦perhaps without really meaning it or hurt the person in question.
Or just like now, u r telling urself :
a b non, b sorti village sa, li p koze creole lo so blog! Li pas cpv ekrire en anglais or fransais!
Don’t worry, be happy!
mo kozer n comprend tout except language villageous (bhojpuri) ki mo pas kone kozer

What I don’t understand is why is it that some persons still have the perception that those living in “la campagne” are inferior to them.
Don’t all of us have 2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 ears, 2 feet, 1 nose and 1 mouth?
Or those living in towns have something additional? Brain? Not always…

What do us (or perhaps this concerns only me in mauritius), ˜villageois’ lack?
Were all the big ppl in Mauritius born in the towns?
Does it make any difference when u have to die?
When falling in luv, do u first of all verify if the person u r falling for, lives in a village or town? Or perhaps u will first of all check if the guy/gal is someone who can be trusted, well mannered and blablabla.

I don’t deny the fact that there are still some ˜Villageois’ that lag far behind…
Are they the one to be blamed? Perhaps yes, but not all of them, especially if they were brought up in a poor family. Not everyone can be born in the skin of a “blanc”
Everyone (at most, a majority) does his/her best to lead a peaceful and happy life.

Its sure the bhojpuri song “Gown ke chokri” is very funny but it exposes the bitter truth of the fact that someone from the town marries someone from a village ( or vice-versa!)

L’habit ne fait pas le moine – remember this.

Ya, I’m a villageois!
Does it make any difference to you?
To You, who have been to this blog, may be several times, since perhaps you like me as am i, the way i behave, i post what i think or what i do…
Do you think that living in a village makes me different for others?
Do you think that if i lived in a town, my blog would be better or perhaps i may be a bit more ‘well mannered, social’ ?
Do u think yourself concerned by this subject?
Don’t hesitate, u r not the only one!
Because in the (apprx) 1.4 million of mauritians, not all of them were lucky(?) to be born in a town!


8 thoughts on “Village, la ville…pourkoi cette attitude?

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  1. I find it you are currently being attacked on the basis of racism. Please bear in mind you have my sympathy if you are being tagged as “villagois”. I went to some “villaz” and what i found is people on sundays , what they do is mostly be at the local bar. No , sorry this is just a provocative point. You see people are not seeing “villagois” as people on the same “pieds d’estale” but more as an inferiour race. It’s like this in maurice. Fear not my fellow blogger. Don’t create a false pareto theory also ==> about the luck of people living in “village”. Just think that it’s a prejudice that’s been here long , and it’s being vehicled by some people that don’t understand what’s a town and what’s a “village”. Both have their specificities and both have their flaws.

    En bon entendeur ,

    “the mellow man “


  2. It’s true that there are many people who categorized “villageois” like people that are no good or still lagging behind.
    But may be it is the vilageois themselves who have created this perception…But things have changed…I used to live in Le Hochet long ago and now when I go there it is not the same…


  3. Well .. maybe coz village kids are far more superior.. have bigger dicks and have lesser “gay’ish” habits.

    Those town kids just hide themselves behind their leet french speaking styles and all their life they have known only what the system wants em to see .. in a village.. you experience life as if should be and you are closer to the nature of things. You become a true man when you have been brought up in a village, you grow up and learn life the hard way and not as if in a cocoon.

    I have never ever submitted myself to any sucker who tries to talk to me in french when he tries to make his smartass (not even to my rector).. either he listens to in creole or just shut the f**k up coz i will never abide to the rules set by someone who tihnks life is just what his parents told him is or what he has seen on TV.

    en+ they live in a place which smells, which is polluted by car smokes, which has lots of noise, a place where you can never see people but slaves of the system :p

    aaaahh i prefer my village where i can smell fresh air and life live as i wish and i know who my neighbour is plus we learn to live in a community. Also :p big advantage pena tax laville :p

    end quote:
    you laugh at me coz i am from a village… I laugh at you coz you are from a town



  4. Strange debate…

    Just to let you know: i’ve recently read in the papers that a guy committed suicide because his girlfriend’s parents refused to let their daughter marry a villager like him.
    Strangely enough, the parents of the girl seemed to ignore that they themselves lived on the outskirts of a town, surely not within its official limits…


  5. ya, strange debate mais actualiter oblige, plitot my life.

    anyway, just as Selven said,
    we laugh at them because they r from town!

    dimoune vivre dan ene le monde moderne et zotte encore pense “village, la ville” :dizzy:

    Letemps ine chanzer, nu nepli lepok margoze mes freres et soeurs… :alien:
    :ninja: al cachiette zotte parla!


  6. hi every1,

    well enkor ena 1 difference entre la ville et la campagne. avant mo pa ti fer la difference mai depi ki mo work et in uni oci to remarke ca. well u r talking abt villagers, to koner ena village ena dimune 1 certain caste ki kpav rentre dan 1 leglise et lot caste al lot leglise. pu marier, dan village bane parents enkor guet caste. zt pa pu guet dimune la so maniere, mai si to pa meme caste to pa meet requirements. so kan bane villageois enkor p pense kumsa en 2009, li normal ki pu ena dimune la ville et dimune la campagne. et en + kan dimune sorti la campagne li vine dan la ville, li declare li + ki dimune kine vivre dan la ville depi tou le temps. sanC zt zt pena tel tel maniere, o faite zt gagne honter c ki zt ti p fer avant tou ca. bn ena enkor pu kozer mai mo atane 1 2 zt bane reponse avan cntinuer


  7. @ kavin :p sincerement.. mo pensE pena grand difference.. parseki sa zaffer caste la existE meme dans la ville… et si to get bien…. :p laville moris li wadirE village dans bann grand pays :p


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