My blog… Am back!!!

for 3 days, i was helpless since my hard disk was gone together with everything i had n which i hadnt done any backup yet. Meanwhile, I managed with Kubuntu Live but the problem is that each time, i used the laptop i had to install amsn, xmms for mp3, and other things i needed…it was a pain striking process! But today i bought a 80 GB Samsung Laptop Hard disk @ rs 3900…

Earlier i though to go for an external normal hard disk. In this case, i would boot my system from usb. Reasons for this was high hard disk price & also because of the fact that i could carry the external drive anywhere ( to copy things from here n there). In addition to these, given my battery is worn out, my ‘laptop’ does not run for more than 45 mins with its battery!

But then I abandoned this idea as the price difference was only rs1000.

laptop hd
So, here I am, with a brand new 80 GB hard disk compared to my earlier one of only 30 GB !

4 thoughts on “My blog… Am back!!!

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  1. Have you tried calibrating your battery by using it unplugged until it drains out completely before recharging it fully? This works for the battery on my MacBook Pro; maybe, the same technology is in yours.


  2. ya, eddy, i have been doing the calibration since i bought my laptop but i think that its worn out after 2 yrs as vicks says 😦

    thnks for ur suggestions!

    n to vicks : donne mwa ene battery kdo creveur! lol 😀


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