Nomad…Become mad!


Some people dont even want to talk about nomad…
the name itself says it all…
no, it mad

Y? think that am the best person that can write a bit about nomad since i have been using nomad since its creation as a tester…
at the begining, nomad was phewwww….a real nightmare…
i dont tell u that it is not nowadays but there has been “some” progress…
I am sure that u want to know what a real nomadien user says!
and most of the nomad users know these issues!
Lets talk about the real advantages of nomad

  • PRICE…the main point
  • Mobility..thats true
  • ehhhh…thats all

and now the inconveniences

  • Connectivity ( u always have to get the “right signal” )
    u want a correct download rate thats equivalent to what u pay?
    well, its not Xmas everyday !
  • Placement of the rabbit
    The modem must be placed near a window…
    its not always true…right NOW, my modem is inside the wardrobe!!!
    Sometimes, its above and sometimes…errr..on the terrace or even on the “Ovent”!
  • Unreliability
    Someone truely said, “Dont wait for the last moment to complete your work!”
    well, its 200% true for nomad!
  • Customer Care Service
    i dont blame them but sometimes they are helpless as in some “covered” regions, they cant do anything…
    the last time i called them (a friday), i complaint about the slow transfer rate and guess when they called back to inquire if everything was alright? well it was on monday(after 3 days!)
    anyway, before calling them, make sure that u restart the PC, switch off and on the modem, ping several web sites…koz these are what awaits u there…

Now i tell u the real issue with the rabbit system…

Apart from coverage problems, if you want to get a good transfer rate (bandwidth), then ur modem must be connected to a remote BTS antenna…that is, if the antenna to which u r connected is saturated, then, good luck ! If u succeed in connecting to a less saturated antenna, then sure, u gonna enjoy what u paid for…
for instance, the antenna with BTS ID 230111 (plouis) and that of Butte aux Papayes(230055) well, u can get a maximum of 5 KBps if u r paying for a 128 Kbps Connection and if u succeed in getting connected to that of Triolet (230121), which is in my village, well, u can get upto 17KBps…

How to get connected to a specific antenna? well, play wiz ur modem until it gets the signal !
and also make use of the Navini Diagnostics Software so as u exactly know from which antenna u r receiving…btw, the navini software is not available when u subscribe to nomad, i downloaded it from the net… the customer care agents are always surprised and inquire how i know from which antenna am receiving! thats gr8!

3 thoughts on “Nomad…Become mad!

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  1. as requested, there is some more interesting facts about nomad…

    well, that was some months back during the rainy season…
    nomad? no, i was mad!
    the modem didnt receive signals because of clouds n rain ! ya, its true..cant tell u anything for now, since it has not been raining since long…
    what i did? use a plastic bag(btw, its rs 1.50 now!), put the rabbit in it, hang it outside the window…

    also, since some months my nomad display( the led on the modem) is khalaash! it broke after a fall of about 2m…how? well i had placed it on the top of a door, n it fell…simple! the guys @ nomad havent been informed but they will in 2 months when my contract ends…
    bye bye to my rs2000 deposit !


  2. hahahahaha thats all i can say as im in the same shi*t as you lol

    as for customer service,errh how can as say in better words…..pityful or regretable

    when you phone nomad…this is what you can expect

    1)the phone rings,rings…did i say ring…did i?? and then you get the answering machine for some minutes and then the phone is cut on your face…
    quit nice since we do pay to get there

    2)before you get that damm answering machine,they simply cut on your face

    3)you seem simply impatient and cut the phone,with the probability of them answering you in the meanwhile is like 0.1%…oopoppss i think i have rated to much…

    4)when you do get someone…its like hopeless as before..i mean yeah don’t blame that right…they do some STUPID show on the tv and they cannot get money to train some ppl out there…yeah as if i would buy that…

    i for sure will njot get to nomad again or at least not so soon as even though the service might be coming better,as for customer service there is still a huge gap that they need to bridge and they should know by now that an unsatisfied client is bybye client


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