Nomad No Limit Challenge?

Is it really a challenge???

i dont think so !

y ? well, i did went to the casting, everything was ok…

i know some people who got the opportunity to go to the “seance photos” and one even got a “rendez vous” with a psy in order to proceed further…

the problem with the system is that i got the impression that they r not looking for people with the good qualities in regard to the use of internet but its rather that they are looking for people that will only n only look good on tv..thats all…
it was expected that it would be commercial but not at this extend…
according to a friend who went there for the seance photos, those who were called there were :S, not fit for the challenge…

I was told that one of the chosen (among the 15 best) did not even know how to use the net properly…
i got nothing against those selected but that friend of mine, simply got a chance to be there.
for instance, she knows only how to chat n keep a skyblog that she created.

when i subscribed myself to the competition, i was asked if i could make web sites, small programs, etc…
well, dont seem that the ones they chose know how to do all these :S !

well, we will c….
lets wait for next week and

Let the Show Begin !

21 thoughts on “Nomad No Limit Challenge?

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  1. KI SERTI!!!!

    an ISP promoting its image by those who r at ease with camera -> commercial

    knowing web design, programing seems to b too pro to take part??? lol

    hope to have a good time enjoying the show
    esp after watching the costume 4 casting 😀


  2. wahooo!! :P:P
    hehe am expecting a high standard of competition

    it would be really wasteful to see lame boys and gurls chatting for 6 days (if its all that they know :P)

    we’re talking about cyber island etc, it would be a real set back if such a mediatic event when on with easy challenges and not really showing how mauritians are at ease on the web!


  3. i was expecting something highly professional 2 but seems my expectation was too high…

    we’ill see..remains 3 more days for the casting on tv to finish…and till now, am :@ !
    they were unfair in choosing the right person with the right qualifications!


  4. hello there,
    nice blog
    Am not really, into computers and internet but government was putting lots of emphasis on cyberisland,

    its sad to see, mauritians have limited use of the internet which resume to chatting,

    i’ve been to talking to a friend at uom(doin computer science),lots of guys(worst for the cse people) who don’t even have a place for them on the net,

    i’ve been to france and spent some time in Uk,
    young people out there are really very at ease on the net, have elaborate websites at a very young age and even making money from advertisement


  5. hi patrice…thnks for ur comments…

    ya, u are right…
    we dont have the web culture in mauritius, not yet!

    to start wiz, blogs should be encouraged, promoted…
    y not organise some competitions, not like that nomad one! disgusted by the casting !

    4 yrs back telecom plus, organised the web d’or for the 2nd time n since then, no more competition!
    the nomad challenge has in some way, opened a new era by making internet more advertised for a large audience through the tv…

    chatting n only chatting!

    y not adding these ;
    > maintaining a blog
    > participating in forums
    > making web sites
    > promoting some activities through web site
    > and so much more!

    well, is someone ready to promote a real web culture? in mauritius of course?


  6. Hi everyone, want to talk about the Nomad Challenge!
    I was there too, the question they ask me was if I was able to write a program? As my answer was yes, i think that I loose all my chances in participating in the final!
    I think that they have chosen the candidates randomly!
    I think that it is blackslash who will win the challenge!

    Your commrnts…..?


  7. Well it seems that the nomad challenge is a real fiasco, izzyladoo is more opt to winning this competition because i think nomad is looking for some who will be able to represent them for some coming years being like an ambasado to them.
    Anyway i think these challenges should have been opened to everyone and not from a closed space but to all mauritians able to connect to the net and use it properly. Who call it the first tv reality show when u are not able to see the people live 24/24.
    Anyway thats my view.
    take care..


  8. to ena raison Rasgoola…cute name 😛
    ki serti passe tele realiter, kot li pas meme montrer twa ki zotte p faire apart ene koup montrer zotte google earth…le reste time, nek ena interview! pas meme dire, ki bane challenge ki zotte fine faire n how zotte decide who will go out!
    bon, aster mo pas chagrin pour le fait ki mo pas fine selecter pu al there…ti pu ena vilain..
    mais mo penser, backslash ki pu gagne sa since li deja dans le domaine et d’apres mwa raison zotte fine select li pu forme parti these 6 is the fact that he showed so much luv n respect towards his parents..this was his
    main point!
    mais izziladoo ossi ena so chance…
    btw, zotte pas 2 freros? zotte name ressembler lol…

    anyway, thnks for ur participation in my blog…
    a +

    To Patrick :

    wai to ena raison, r mo si zotte fine ask mwa ki mo kone faire, programs, web sites etc…

    mo croire bien si mo ti declare kouyon mo ti cpv selected!
    par example mo kone zis chat n surf imper ici, imper labas…mo croire sa meme requirements pu select sa..
    en plus, mo ti bisin kouma dire al labas, koz imper nimporte, beze creole Karer Karer r zotte a la place reste imper formelle!


  9. ya peut etre…
    a good reason…
    another good reason is that perhaps i got a bit too much experience in internet?
    y ? lol, cpv mwa mo pena boukoup hair, mo accept, mais mo ena 2 cams from uni, zotte si zotte fine aller!
    alors, kifer zotte pas fine accept? trop boukoup hair perhaps 😀


  10. Nomad No Limit Challenge is the best part of my life!
    Mo ti pense pou fair final avec Boglas (Backslash) lol!
    Mais spyder fine rente dans final.



  11. Alors, mo pas penser to bisin bitter lor le fait ki to pane selectioner Yashvin. Let’s not over-estimate your assets here 🙂 Mo penser ki selection ine fer dans l’esprit d’egalite dans la limite du possible ek zote ine prend bane dimounes ki pou capave ena plisse l’impact lor television. Et zote fine ena raison. Izzyladoo c ene competiteur a part nette, d’ailleurs mo trouve ene site ine fer so interview tout – ki imper plis detaille ki bane sa ki ena lor lagazette. Anyway, prend li simple. Le meilleur a gagne je pense. Well done Izzy.


  12. hi ‘Izziladoo’…
    hope u r the original n wi, to ena raison, the challenge was really gr8 n u did excellent well!
    pena oken doute, sa pu reste dan to memoire for ever…

    to Gatoroche…
    ya, normal pu feel a bit better and as u well said, zotte fine rode dimoune ki ena plis impact lo tv…100% dac r twa…
    mais kifer lors de remplisage kestionaire lo telephone zotte ask twa si to kone ekrire programs in diffrerent languages, faire ene site etc…?
    ou encore, Are You An Internet Champion?
    apart Izziladoo, Backslash n ‘peut etre’ Spider, mo pas truv lezotte la internet champions…
    enfin, le meilleur ine gagner, no regrets, mais mo ti penser ene finale entre li n backslash as expected by all…

    thnks for ur visits…


  13. I feel sorry for u that i came to know abt this topic so late but nevertheless i’ll bring some clarifications to your lack of information concerning the NNLC. everything done was real. the questions set was a hard time for the challengers. if you want to know abt the challenges that the six participants underwent, rendez vous during the infotech where u will get the opportunity to play the challenges with the challengers themselves. the challenges will be on during infotech.


  14. hey folks.. wass?? hmm sry yash..i noticed ur page some mins back! concerning the nomad no limit challenge..well waznt dat tough! its true vat u werent required to be formal dere for the casting.. so everyone carried on as they deemed good! as for me, there werent any if!lol! im quite used to it since i participate in concerts etc.. ! and as for the challenges, it was smthing realy unexpected! it waznt professional at all! u jst had to hav a gud knowledge, not of the internet, but about the ‘id rather say, encyclopedia’! i agree wid u man! i dun c or find a proper reason y they asked if i cud write programs or build websites etc… i answered yesss..though i dnt kno much… only sme CSS, HTML, FLASH, ACCESS, FOXPRO! summary: quest about sites, programs was stupid there.. i agree wid u! challenges waznt professional at all. it waznt realy a TV REALITY…(reason: as rasgoola said). but i do think vat they were lookin for participants having a knowledge of the internet, easy on tv, nice appeal and vats all! sites n programs werent necessary..then y those questions??:S… nway.. just hope dat the next one will be a rockin one.. and a bit more REAL INTERNET versed!lol! i respect all ur opinions coz its true vat the show wasnt clearly elaborated! wel, lets hope 4 the best now! atleast, i won it and went to dubai, my laptop and 10yrs of free ‘internet'(if deres sm1 who uses nomad here, u shud be knowing y i put, internet in inverted haha… i dun care.. i use myT!lol! mo conseil zot tou participe dan sa show la… nek pu prix la… lol! si zot truV mo p koz kmsa lor nomad, its koz i got ma dump out of it.. pa internet la.. mai company la em!pfff! dommage ki mo pa kav met tousa lor internet.. ! wat iv got to say.. its simply a company.. a NON ETHICAL company!pff! btw.. ena 1 izzy kine met comment lahaut la.. pa moi sa! premier foi mo p vine lor sa site la la! cya mate!;) cheerz!


  15. lol, is it really u or someone else? :wassat:

    anyway, was nice to have ur comment here since u seem to agree with wat we said….

    haha, 10ans tracas r nomad ? :sideways:
    plitot myT meme, mo p rode casse mo contract la 😛

    aller, keep tuned here


  16. to izzyladoo(think the original one)
    i forgot to quote something u wrote lol

    “i won it and went to dubai, my laptop and 10yrs of free ‘internet'(if deres sm1 who uses nomad here, u shud be knowing y i put, internet in inverted haha… i dun care..”


    haha, trop bon sa :silly:


  17. :alien: mwa j`ai aimé la pub, mais je te comprend, ta pas été pris.. suis vraiement triste pour toi, mais t`inquiet se serai pou la prochaine fois, mais je pense k pour la pub du nomad no limit challenge, les juries ont bien choisi les participants, car se serai vraiement pas amusant de voir des internauts k sur leur pc, sans communication, sans blagues, se serai vraiement chiant tu vois…
    sinon sur cela, je voudrai remercier mon ti hero spyDER pour cela :kissing: un ti cadeau pour toi mon ti spyDER cheri.Ct vraiement osé de donné un bisou a puppechen en direct à la télé.

    sinon mon preferé était silverboard… :happy: et backslash ki a su joué son role. puis Izzy et les autres…
    sinon chaoi chaoi :wub:


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