My Days in Saint Joseph College

Saint Joseph College7 years in a wonderful college : 1997 – 2003
its not only a college
“un institution qui forme pour la vie,
les hommes de demain”

etre un josephian, c pour la vie

what u get in saint joseph?
certainly not,
the freedom u got in other colleges!
i mean,
keeping away from classes is something
difficult to do (except for me in the last yr)

still missing those teachers n non teaching staff
with whom, we, josephians have created a family bond…

Quotes like

  1. no man is an island
  2. J****, on the blackboard pleaseeee

and so more, miss all of us…

Discipline…le mot qui reigne !

  • Get into the college premises @ latest 08 30 or u get a “late” note…
  • Absent ? letter of absence please on the next day
  • Tapaaz dan classe? take a seat near the rector’s office
  • bourer? mo croire bien bien negligeable sa
  • break rules? some hrs in the afternoon after school hrs will bring u on the right track
  • and so more….

however, after the 7 yrs there, u dont mind having gone through these…

they r more like brothers, especially when u got to leave them after those years, each one making their own futur somewhere, in this world…so many friends, yet the contact is difficult to maintain…
btw, :P, since we r talking about the brothers, lets talk about those “sisters”…
haha…lets call them as “filles” koz sisters will close some doors…
loretto college of curepipe, zis vis a vis saint joseph….
meme school bus, meme street, preske meme start n end time…
nevertheless i came to know some of us, lol, in uni…

u can have a look at some pics taken on the last day @ SJC (from my site)
mind u….am not the same 😛

the last day was memorable with the traditional “ekrire lo chemise so camarade”
without forgetting the “craze disef session” but at that time, fortunately i was already far 😀

since i left SJC, well i mean officially, i have been there only a few times & each time, i try to plan to go there with other josephian friends, but finally the plan gets cancelled.

long live sjc !

11 thoughts on “My Days in Saint Joseph College

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  1. Hehe collge life is memorable for all of us!! basically its the place after home that we spent most of our “zenes”

    lets test this josephian




  2. St Joseph’s College is more than a simple college… After leaving St Joseph’s i realised how much this institution has moulded into what i am now. I am really proud to belong to a generation of Josephians. Long Live St


  3. U wanna test a josephian 😀




    Plus Haut Avec Le Christ!!!

    Those 7 years were crucial in our life!
    I learn programing at SJC. Was lucky to have ‘modern’ computer room to work n play BZ flag!!! apart kan robert ti p kas nissa

    Est Que Cest Possible Sa????
    Sa phrase la in fer nu develop 1 ta application ensam! lol

    Dont forget the teachers who r very friendly!!!
    “Bon mo pa trouve zot la – kisanla pou dan class tanto? Mo p al bonheur moi!!!”

    The rector is very cool also!
    Not in every college u can c the rector in front of his office early morning talking to the students personally!!!

    Enfin Kel Vie!

    LCC n SJC voisin voisine since very old days!
    ti ena rumeur ki ena sou terrain enba commerford street!! lol
    vrainmem sa?


  4. lol, pas ti koner sa…
    sa meme explik la presence de bane garsons en uniforme Loretto kant arrive end of yr!

    wai, sa prof to p dire la, to meme cpv gagne lift dan loto r li pu bourer, meme avant zeleves!


  5. No east no west, St Joseph is the best!!

    Yashvin, splash ek moi ti dan mem class during our lasr 2 years!! Mo enkor rapel sa ban class la kouma dire her!! Hav got so many memorable things in that college!! N hav learn a lot about life too!! Our journey in SJC hav really developed us in being better human beings, wiz certain moral values (mem si pa tro parait 😛 LOL) that we would never have had in other colleges!! The college not only developed us academicaly, but in so many different spheres, such as sports, ek zouer satate!! :p I still remember those lunch break spent wizout eating bkoz we were playing cards!! lol.. We had so much fun…!!

    Also, I still remember our next door neighbours..LCC!! Wow, spent so many sleepless nites bkoz of them!! Most of St Josephians 1st love, happens to be a gurl from LCC!! Mine too!! N i was only in form 2!! LOL!!But unfortunately, i never got the gurl!! :

    I will also recall some phrases that will make us remember old days:

    “The sky is the limit”
    “Try, try may b u will succeed(SUCK SEED)”
    “Diaré mental”
    “Constipation cerebrale”
    Mr Davay’s class was 1 of the best we had!! All zose gestures infront of the class!! Always ready to take us by surpriz and have a good laugth!!
    That was our St Joseph!! The St Joseph that will remain in our Hearts for ever!!

    “Josephien pour 1 jours, Josephien pour toujours!!”


  6. est-clair? wi, c clair…

    automatikement….. malade today, nu pas pu faire grand zaffaire

    hmm…taler mo p al lakaaz early….gueter ki zotte pu faire 😛

    those were some dialogs of my davay !


  7. …”since we r talking about the brothers, lets talk about those “sisters”…
    haha…lets call them as “filles” koz sisters will close some doors…
    loretto college of curepipe”…

    hmmmm to ti fini coner ki to pou ale gagne 1 tifi loreto curepipe mem pou to marier saem to pas accepter dire “sisters” lol DESTIN!


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